Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We took a road trip to Maine

French fries! Fist deep.

Harps and I (and a little bit of Santa, too) loaded up the Subie yesterday morning and hit the road. Was planning on making an afternoon departure, but after a 5 AM wakeup call, I knew I needed to use my hours wisely. We made a bunch of stops this go, but that was fine and broke it up nicely. When there's no big rush, it's cool to stop at Wendy's for some fries (and some milk we spilled all over, followed by a clothes change in the parking lot -- you're welcome for the show, Southboro!) and then an hour later stop at Dunks for some much needed caffeine and then stop at my cousin's house for a quick chat and a lovely cup of tea.

DD. One of my truest loves.

I just love texting her and saying "You gonna be around at noon?" and her texting "Yep!" and then easy breezy, we're there sipping chai! East Coast livin, yo.

She poured an entire box of Goldfish out. Felt a bit remorseful.

And now we're at my mum's house and it's icy and foggy outside and I have got to get dressed and do some shopping in Portland. Unless everyone's cool with some cute IOU's for baked goods? ...no?

 Oh and a quick PSA! See how Harps is almost 2 (in 6 weeks ah!) and still facing backward? The American Pediatrics Association changed the recommendation last year (of when to flip them forward) from 1 year to 2 years. I've heard lots of complaints that a kiddo is too tall (ahem -- at 12 months, no kiddo is too tall) but oh, friends. I birthed a giant and she's still hanging tough a year later. She's never known any different and so she rolls with it. (We plan on keeping her this way for as long as we all can do it, but that's just us.)

Did you know facing your baby/toddler backward reduces the risk of serious injury or fatality in a crash by 75%? That number is...huge. This is (very) sad, but EMTs refer to that seat as the "orphan maker" because often the baby is the only one in a crash who makes it.

Also! See that clip on her chest? That needs to be way up near their armpits/nipples, not down by their tummy or crotch. And none of the straps should be twisted. Each one of these things makes a huge difference in safety.

Just a quick reminder! Lots of peeps out on the roads for the holidays and feel pretty strongly about this one. Kisses.


  1. these are all good things to know! it seems like everything has changed since we were little--pretty sure i was out of the car seat absurdly early!

  2. I'd like to do some East Coast Living. Northeast anyway, I hear Maine is generally beautiful. And this Canadian does not concern herself with the cold, eh?

  3. Although I have a 7 yo cousin who still rides in a car seat... That can't be right?

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous of your Portland shopping. My favorite place on Earth, possibly?
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Christie10:17 AM

    That was the best treat ever to get a text from you that you were in the area! Woot! *happy dance*. Loved the visit!!!

    I'm a nut about cars eats, too. Twisted straps make me cringe.

    mm: 7 yr old kids should still be in a booster. They help to position the seatbelt correctly.

  6. So I changed B's chair to forward facing (2.6 years old) because I wanted to fit her seat next to Oliver's in the car and she has requested it to be rear-facing once more. So we will switch it back. And I will continue to get the questions from my MIL (sigh) and the weirdly intense "YOU GO GIRL!"s from the overzealous. WHEE!

  7. The article you sent me made a forever impression. I totally went over to the firehouse with my infant carseat, had them install it properly, and check it like a freak every time I get in the car.

    I have had SO MANY people complain that the straps are too tight ("I'd cry too! He can barely MOVE!") but I hold firm. He's not supposed to move. That's kinda the point. The rule is one finger's-width under the strap, people! THE FIRE FIGHTERS SAY SO!!! -- sigh. -- Parents just don't understand... parenting.

  8. I told this to our ped and she contacted our local
    Children's hospital. They are still giving out the one year recommendation to parents! Thx for reminding me so I can send her the info.
    I still have my 5yr old in a five point harness. He's small and so skinny. All his classmates are in boosters. Whatevs. I researched extensively and feel confident in keeping him in a regular carseat.

  9. @Celina: Wow! That is amazing. Thanks for spreading the word! :)


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