Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy new yearz!

First off. Happy new year, people friends! Muah.

But secondly: Oh, b! I'm tired. Some restaurant down the street thought it wise to put on a huge a%s firework display last night and it scared the bloody hell out of my baby. She woke from a dead sleep, shaking, convinced...we were being bombed? I don't know. But she was not okay. Many many many many hours later, she collapsed in bed with us for a few fitful hours, leaving me roughly 2 square inches to sleep. (Why does she snuggle cc, but kick me and shove me and all but ask me to take the couch? Unfairness squared.)

However! We're always a little sad she won't sleep in bed with us ever and there was something sweet about being tangled up together in there, ringing in the new year as a family.

But then... No nap from her today (wouldn't let us leave the room for 5 seconds) left me dee-pressed. I NEED THAT TIME, PEOPLE. So tonight -- after wise counsel from my mom via Skype and some group brainstorming -- we: Gave her a super long/hot bath, put her pack 'n play in our room, added some Mozart, let her read till she was beyond exhausted, and made it all seem over-the-top cozy and special. By the time 8:30 rolled around, she was so spent she could only manage a feeble "okay..." when I said it was time for sleeps. Much improvement over last night's manic and incomprehensible: "NO NONONONONON NO NO ah! LOUD NOISE no no nono MAMA DADA HERE?! NOISE AWAY noise all gone NOISE BYE BYE?? no WAY!! HEY!! oh b!! BABY OKay?!?!"

And then she went immediately and quickly and silently to sleep hurrah! She didn't even need/want me there; I walked quickly out the door and...shhhhhhh. But woh. She only bought it because of the pomp and circumstance we gave to the whole thing.

So yeah. Toddler fears/terrors/horror. They're a thing! But as cc just said to me, gleefully, "I'm sort of glad she's in our room! I like it!" Oh, you.

(This is only for a night or two, then we'll slowly move her back into her room. Lest you were worried about my sanity.) 

Here are a few pics from our weekend at home, ringing in 2012. I'm a little too tired for comments-on-2011...I might work on those for later or I might not? I might make resolutions and...I might not?  Lalala!

Tea party, al fresco.
Headbands, like I'm still working at Johnson's Drive-in circa 2001.
NYE smooching.
While I made lunch, she unwrapped/licked an entire pack of Juicy Fruit.
Very serious mural painting.
These still exist?! Albeit, with a weird/bad chocolate cookie part.


  1. Poor Miss Harper! :( Happy new year to y'all. :)

  2. Christie6:56 PM

    Oh b! Toddler/preschooler fears are the worst! I'm glad she is settled and cozy with you guys.

    Co-sleeping always sounds lovely in theory, but I have yet to achieve blissdom. Punch, kick, smack, elbow to the rib, no covers, no mattress, and stinky breath in my face. Um, no.

    Happy, happy new year! Good riddance 2011! Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2012!

  3. Happy New Year! Hopefully the fear has worked its way out of her system. I um, have to do the same thing with my dogs? But it's mostly limited to just keeping them inside and turning up the music so I am clearly no help here.

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