Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Things are better.

She looks...homeless?

Guys! All your thoughtful and thought-out comments meant so much to me. I was (and still kinda am) having some dark days up in here and it truly helped to get a little ping in my inbox with words of support. So thank you! I took all the tips and ideas into consideration and we pulled together a plan that, as you can see, eventually worked. And as it's now today (not last night) and she's actually napping in her room, in her pack 'n play, I think we're en route to success!

Last night, we gave her some Benadryl (Judge me! But it has mild anti-anxiety properties and can help ease along a rough sleep situation) and a long bath and lots of cuddles and chats and books. Then we snuggled her into her pack 'n play, positioned back in her room. We left a light on and we put on some Mozart. (Specifically, "Chilling with Mozart" which, just...oh my.) And then we each took up position in different corners of the room and stayed until she snoozed. It took about an hour and she wasn't happy, but she also wasn't beside herself or scared. She only mentioned "noises" once or twice and it was more in passing, looking to engage us, not like in the days before.

We tried to mostly read our books and stay neutral, but if she started to ramp up, we'd go over and hug/kiss/comfort -- we just didn't take her out. Eventually, she konked out -- totally sitting up. It was a little heartbreaking, but we're first and foremost paparazzi and had to capture the moment. Then we gleefully (but quietly) exited the premises and plunked down in our beloved chairs. The downstairs! At night! Forgot it existed.

A half hour later, tho, we heard her coughing/crying and ran back upstairs to find she'd...thrown up. I quickly picked her up and she threw up again, all over me and my grandma sweater. After a quick clean-up and jammies change and some dada singing, she happily snuggled back into her bed, then slept till 6 without incident. My own bed, without a little warm nugget nudging me out, felt so insanely luxurious.

We threw (ha) around the idea that maybe the sickies came from the funky sitting up position she fell asleep in, but now I'm just realizing she's been sick for a couple days. Which, duh, is part of why something that would normally be a blip on the screen became a bit more. Anxiety and nausea have a complex relationship (in that they can each cause the other) and I think she was dealing with some of that. Add to the fact she's at the my-imagination-is-really-churning age -- and also those noises were incredibly loud and extremely close -- and we had a perfect cocktail for disaster. A delicious cocktail of near lunacy!

Nap took a while to achieve today (I sat in there with her again), but she bought it and this time we rolled drug, tho not hug, free. Whew. Thank you again for the reassurance and encouragement and lovin'! Hopefully we're on our way outta sleep hellz.


  1. hugs not drugs.

  2. Good analysis of the evolution.

  3. Christie6:00 AM

    Oh love! She looks so warm and cozy. So glad she's doing better.

  4. What's Chilling with Mozart like?

  5. Anonymous2:20 AM

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