Sunday, January 29, 2012

A good and simple one

Nothing crazy awesome rad woah sauce happened or anything, but we had a good weekend in the hobbit house. It's Sunday night and I feel ready for the week ahead and my house is lookin' pretty good and I'm pretty well-rested and cc and I are tiredpunchy at the dining room table together.

Case in point?


Harps was in a really good mood and slept well, cc took the early morning shift on Saturday and I lazed under the covers, we had lots of good food in the cupboards, Jones and dada went swimming and gave me some solo time, and we got a bunch of stuff done -- pesky errands (oh, like a birth certificate application for her TWO YEARS LATER I'M AN AWESOME MOM WOOT) and chores around the house.

Harps is still a solid independent player (will read her books, wander around playing with our shoes and bags, piddle in her kitchen, draw for long stretches), but she definitely needs more planned activities these days. Like right now, she is completely obsessed with having a "Tea party please!" and so I heat up the water and make her a brew (in her own little blue pot) with decaf and agave and milk. She chugs it so happily.

And then we took out the pack 'n play (reinstated when we moved into this house while we got everything super toddler proofed and worked thru the sleep issues...) and got her bed situation all cozy. She was thrilled. And I felt guilty for keeping her away from the place she can hoard every single one of her stuffed animals at once.

cc and I used naptimes and nighttimes to have a bit of a Law and Order: Criminal Intent binge. What was life like before Netflix streaming? Sad, if I remember correctly.

And tonight felt just like cozy Sunday evenings of my childhood. (Before I dreaded Mondays starting at age, oh, 11.) Think it was the smell of spaghetti and veggies cooking downstairs (thanks for slingin' the pots and pans, cc!) while Harps and I worked upstairs on making up our bed with fresh sheets and smooth blankies (Hudson Bay, marry me), grooving to The Mamas and Papas and Petula Clark, and smoochin'.

And now, and now... said bed awaits us. Ni' ni!

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  1. Like. Saw some little girl pink cowboy boots in the Western store today...luckily I did not know Harper's boot size. :) But the ones I will be sending Blue Jean Amy are over the top. JK


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