Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A little sunny studying.

Chips ahoy!

Sure, I'm writing this before 6, but! I definitely had a real rest this past week, what with my mom staying for a solid 5 days and then the extra holiday day before cc has to travel for a bit. I could go back to sleep, work on unfurling my bedroom, drink my milky tea and... inhale the first two Hunger Games books in between starting season 1 of Downton Abbey. I'm getting caught up on the last two years, people! Or trying, sort of.

(Quite a bit to say on both series, but for now -- Hunger Games, to me, is pretty thrilling but also pretty much a total mishmash of A Wrinkle in Time + The Wizard of Oz + The Giver + Something else on the tip of my tongue... I can't tell if that hurts or helps it for me.)

 All these little treats and extra sleeps were much needed, as HJ has decided her new wake time is between 4:30 and 5. (I'm hoping this is a holdover from Sleep Hell and not really her new wake hour. But if it is, I'm adjusting my bedtime to, like, 7:00.)


I also got a couple walk/runs in on the treadmill, as I'm feeling especially cabin feverish lately and moving my appendages actually sounded good. The best part tho, by far, has been discovering I can re-download music (through the magic magicness of iCloud, which has taken me months to grasp) from the early years and groove out/wax nostalgic as I jog.

I've made many strange music purchases through the years, so I don't really know where to start with my journey through them... but I can say this weekend's favorite find was mos def Missy Elliot's "Work It." Oh yes it was. Brought me right back to junior year of college -- watching the Osbournes in Matt's bed, wearing ripped-up jeans from Delia's, drinking Boba tea like it was my job, and (I talked about this once on here, I think) standing around, all of us, in our underwear, all the time. Because it was sodamnhot from our roommate and her need to spent 5 million pennies on oil each winter. (The thermostat was in her room and no matter how many times we snuck in to change it...she won.)

I guess we were all young and fit and thought this was no big deal? Huh? Even when my b'fry came from across the river to hang out, we'd stay that way -- and he'd join! So it'd be 3-4 ladies and 2-3 guys standing around in undies and boxers, getting milk from the fridge or watching Felicity on the papasan chair or reading a play at the kitchen table. Oh, life.

I'm glad this is more the direction clothes-free living has taken these days:

Bath back.
Plenty of bubbles, please.

And Thomas is now wrapping up and m'lady calls. Happy short week, pals.

Then kick back with Corduroy.


  1. I love all these things.

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