Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not fully accepting this yet, but


I think Harper needs to stop napping.

*hangs head*

*dies a slow death*

*realizes she can't watch British-TV-on-Netflix during the day* and *dies again*

It's not that she won't nap. Oh, no. She'll nap. Usually 2-2.5 hours. It's glorious! However. What's quickly being revealed to me, the main benefactor of such slumber, is her nighttime sleep is gravely affected. Graaaaaaaaaavely. Also? While definitely sleepy and a little... brittle without a nap, she's overall in a better mood, too. Say what?

I hate this. Hate! Naptime is my time to shine shine shiiiiine. (That's a song, right? I'm too tired. Is it Paul Simon? Help!) I only have genetics to blame, tho. My mom stopped napping at 2 and so did I. (But she's not even 2 yet?!) WHAT IS WRONG WITH US.

This isn't to say she'll never nap again. With weird travel stuff and long car rides and sickness and all that, of course. But the regular, drop-her-like-a-hot-biscuit nap thing? Think I'mma have to man up and pull the plug.

Should I start drinking?


  1. Oh man. That's a tough call. What about cutting her maps short first? Like wake her up after an hour or so? Lilah is phasing out naps too, but she has never really been a great napper anyway. But I still put her in her crib for up to 2 hours each day and some days she sleeps, other days she won't....even if she dubs around and plays, at least she is resting.

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    So - I went through this same thing a couple of months ago with my two year old. And we did stop naps, for awhile and it was okay (except for me really really missing them) and then suddenly he is back napping again. I can't explain it. But it seems like he was able to nap in the summer and then stopped when outdoor play lessened. But then he made an adjustment and found ways to wiggle indoors and we made and effort to get out when we could and naps are back back back. Something to think about....or hope for.

  3. This is what happened with Bowie too. He stopped napping regularly around 18 months and by the time he was 2 it dawned on us that the reason he didn't seem to want to go to bed until 10 or 11 was that duh, we'd let him sleep all afternoon. So, if he does fall asleep, we have to wake him up. Or suffer the consequences. It sucks, but only for a short time. You'll adjust, I promise :) No naps can kind of be good too, you're not house bound for those hours anymore. My husband is a big fan of that on the weekends.

  4. Another data point:I never napped and still can't - only in the Army and that was a survival thing.

  5. Friend from the Mile High9:36 PM

    Yes, start drinking!! I have no advice on napping because we are going through the same thing:( on the other hand I'm certain a glass of wine will go along way in accepting the inevitable:) miss you guys!

  6. Thanks for chiming in, everyone! Helps to know this is a common phase for the two crowd...

    I think the confusing thing is she WILL nap, she just...shouldn't? Or, rather, she does well on really short naps (like 30-45 minutes). So maybe I plunk her down, but then poke her after a bit?

    I feel like there's a LOT going on with her right now and sleep is just taking a major hit. She's annoyed by a wet diaper, she's going thru a growth spurt and always eating (think she wakes up HUNGRY around 4), and yes -- probably not getting enough exercise/sunshine. We get outside everyday and use the indoor pool for swimming and have dance parties inside, but it just can't hold a candle to the HOURS we spend running around outside in warm weather. :(

    This too shall pass (sooner rather than later, mehopes!)

  7. Anonymous8:31 AM

    This is Anonymous chiming back in one more time. The other thing I keep thinking about related to my little guy is that the naps stopped briefly when baby number two came a long (talk about a double whammy that made my head explode!). But the thing with your little one is that you did just go through a move. She is growing and changing and the move happened right at a time when fears are emerging and changes in schedules are really noticed and so it all might just be a crazy tough time of transition that will settle back down soon.

    My rule of thumb with motherhood is that you will spend all of your time worrying and fretting and trying to decide what to do and just when you think you have come around to knowing how to handle this - something else will change and throw you off kilter again. Oh kids.

    And yes, it is okay to start drinking. I recommend coffee for the first half of the day and wine for the second.

  8. I'd take away the nap only if she was getting an uninterrupted 12hrs of sleep at night. That's generally what is recommended at this age. Aiden cut his nap out at 18mths and it was a rough adjustment for all if us, but it eventually worked out. Or maybe do the short nap to give her a break.

    Growth spurts are so annoying, right? Right as things are swell, this shizz happens and throws a wrench in our routine. but then they turn out brilliant and wonderful little beings. Hmm

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