Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Shrimp" cocktail

Got the latest Bon Appetit last week and couldn't wait to try this recipe. Most of the issue was dedicated to heavy duty southern cooking (lots of fried chicken and bacon-infused collards) and while it all made my mouth water... not how we roll these days. (Tho I'm now obsessed with the idea of sorghum syrup and want a jug. Birthday coming soon. Just sayin'.)

So! Was happy to see a recipe posted for the most magical sounding dish. "Shrimp" cocktail made with...cauliflower. Insane and awesome.

Bought up the ingredients and got to cooking. Basically, you make a spicy pot of water (with crab boil spices and lemons and onions and garlic) and dunk the cauli in for 5-10 minutes. Cool it completely and pair with cocktail sauce. The mild taste of the cauliflower picks up all the shrimpy spices and the texture is weirdly...shrimp-like.

I loved it. And tho cc looked a little bit...perplexed by my efforts, he liked it, too. Did you know cauli, tho not colorful or otherwise thrilling in appearance, is one of the healthiest veggies? It's true, it's true.

Think I'll pull this one out as a party trick now and again. Just maybe not for my Texan in-laws.

Num num, eats up!


  1. Oh, if only I could make shrimp taste like cauliflower...{;>) Just "joshin" with you, this looks like a great recipe.

  2. Just printed out the recipe:


    Can't wait to try since we like cauliflower and shrimp.

    P.S. The crossed legs pose is one of my favorite Harperisms.

  3. christie8:14 AM

    Wow. This sounds delish. I must try it.

  4. I saw this in BA and wanted to try it too! I was skeptical it would taste like shrimp cocktail, but it sounds like a winner.

  5. I love it! Totally doing that!

  6. Girl, you done lost your mind now....JK! Mom

  7. Good idea on keeping this away from us Texans. Now if you fried the cauliflower, we would totally go for it!

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