Sunday, January 22, 2012


The ankles crossed is just too much for me sometimes.

While I sit here under a bulky quilt, sweatshirt hood up over my ears (the oil bill was a lee-ttle intense for me this month, so I'm trying to keep it chillier when I can stand it; just two more months till spring...), cc is zipping down the street to Stew Leonard's to buy us cold treats at their ice cream stand. I realize this makes no sense -- but that's what New Englanders do, friends. Eat ice cream from ice cream stands year round. It's our therapy.

We had a good weekend. Pretty quiet (very snowy) with a trip to the Children's Museum and some dada/daughter swimming (love the Y!) and watching the birds eat at their feeder (huge evidence of my impending elderly status = my newfound love of birds) and the deer trample through the yard and also quite a bit of... SLEEP. That most precious commodity, absent from my life for a couple weeks.

And so yes! A combination of things has gotten us back on track and I couldn't be more overjoyed. I broke out mah Dr. Ferber book (which I highly recommend for any/all sleep issues -- but you gots to read the book, yo. Please don't Google and read psycho hippie forums who claim they get it! Dude is director of The Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children's Hospital Boston...not a boob off the street. Sigh. Off soapbox) and followed it to the letter. It was much much much easier than our first go around a year ago and did the trick after a couple nights. 

I also took his advice and started leaving her door open, with the hallway light on. (I've always closed it up tight, which was fine before...not now.) And I think we've finally nailed the temperature in her room. And she's not sick anymore. And... it was probably just time for a new phase. I have no doubts this one will end, too! But I'm enjoying it. Oh yes, I am.

Oh and hey, look! A pretty picture of our backyard in the snow. Want to come over?


  1. Cute,little snuggly shoes...thank you so much for the pictures. I also love seeing the birds come to the feeder, and I think I am getting 2nd, 3rd generations returning. Document in a bird book; you will see patterns and times of the year they visit. Harper is such a pretty, delicate little her sweet face!

  2. LJ has those same slippers! Last year she had the bears and wore them till they were threadbare.
    I haven't personally utilized Dr. Ferber's methods because we haven't needed to (yet..fingers crossed!), but everyone I know who has, RAVES about how well it works. It really (really really really really) gets under my skin too when people get all judgy about different parenting choices, especially sleep training, without having the knowledge to back it up.
    Glad its working for you guys!

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