Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling sort of bad because

Yesterday I signed up for our new semester of Music Together. We're still in the middle of this session, but you know -- 15 bucks off if you get in early for April yada yada. (Have I mentioned that MT here is literally twice the cost of MT in Denver? Oh, Connecticut.)

And I picked a different teacher, one I tried out during a makeup class a couple weeks ago. A teacher that was hip, played the guitar like a rocker, and let me, you know, talk to my child when she needed to ask me something.

In stark contrast to our current teacher, who, when I quietly answered a question Harper quietly asked today ("What's that say?" about a sign on the wall. "Music Together," I whispered back) bore her beady eyes into my skull and admonished: "Mama, please just follow along with me and don't get distracted."


She takes all of the fun out of it for the parents. All. Sucks it out. Yum yum yum, gone. Yes, she's pretty good with the kids (just pretty) and yes, she really really really cares. I can see that. But holy sweet Jesus. Enough is enough, sister.

(Also, she refers to me as "Mama Amy" which...no. Please do not.)

So yeah, I signed up with this other lady and felt just peachy about it. Imagined cozy afternoons of guitar strumming, minus the lullaby lectures. Until today, when Gypsy Teacher Lady told me these classes are her "life's work" and then Harper asked to kiss her goodbye and then she told Harper "I love you" and ... and then I felt a little bad.  Maybe a little more than a little.

(p.s. We're still changing teachers.)

(p.p.s. I'm heartless, I think?)


  1. Not heartless. Just the start of a string of teachers you will leave behind in the best interest of you and your child. Have I told you we have tried three different dance studios with Kailyn? My kids will also have gone to 3 different preschools. I have no pledge to anyone. I am sure people LOVE military lady music teacher. People LOVE the teachers we have left.(as I scratch my head)

  2. Oh, and awkward is when you run into the past preschool/dance teachers in your kids school. lol

  3. Heartless, Mama Amy. I'm disappointed.

    You should have seen me at this birthday party at Gymboree when the teacher started acting like an elephant and made elephant noises in my ear because I wasn't "doing it right". But of course the kids think she's super awesome and I looked dumb. Then she told me Everly was musically inclined and I got arrogant before realizing she was trying to sell me music classes.


    Little Harper asking to kiss her? Mwa mwa mwa! What a sweetie.

  4. Honestly, that lady seems off her rocker. I'd have to fight the urge to get up and walk out at that very moment. Small children, and their mothers, need a little more wiggle room than that, literally and figuratively :)

  5. Loved this one... Why are those teachers so crazy??? We went to a make up class last week and the teacher asked me to keep Calvin from running around. Um, he is 19 months old.

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