Monday, February 20, 2012

It was my birthday and now, sigh, it isn't

First, thank you for all the birthday wishes! They made me grin. Second, I had a really nice birthday weekend! Clay's mom was in town, which allowed me huuuuuuge amounts of solo time (I got my nails did and went shopping and to the library and and and!) and she also scrub-a-dubbed my house up. Worth its weight in gold! And Harps had a total blast with her CiCi, so that's a gift to me, too!

cc (confusing, I know) came home early on Friday and gave me the purtiest necklace of ever (I'm seriously a total lady now that I'm 30) and we ate pizza and relaxed and I read nice messages and listened to nice voicemails and then I slept late late late the next morning. Joy!

Saturday afternoon, after Harps fell asleep for her nap, I dressed like this:

I still want to be Clarissa Darling when I grow up.

And we zipped into the NYC to eat scrumptious eats like this:

I really didn't know what this was -- except awesome.

But before the official sup, we walked around TriBeCa and shopped and drank coffee and held hands and had a totally for real, leisurely date. I climbed a ladder at a mystery bookstore to scan the shelves and we people-watched some crazies and shared a scone and talked about non-Harper things 60% of the time. It was perfect. We ate at Marc Forgione and my mouth was haaappy. We'd watched him win the next Iron Chef show and couldn't help but check him out a couple years later. Good stuff, yo.

Then we looked at books again and I bought a hardcover of Mary Poppins and we shuffled through the rain and zipped back, singing to Aretha in our heated seats and soaking up the last bits of date time. (All made possible by the MIL -- thank you!) I opened a bit more birthday cheer in bed (mind out of gutter please?), then put on my headphones and watched a Brit mystery. My feet hurt in that nice way, when you've trudged through the city and been busy doing good stuff.

We (he) got a bee in our bonnets Sunday night and did this to her playroom wall:

She yelled "GREEEEEN!" when she saw it.

We (okay, he) also painted our bedroom an almost-black/very dark gray color. And I love it to pieces. We've got a bit more to do, tho, so no picture reveal yet. But wee! Let's just say we're not afraid of some bold, or rather bold, up in hurr.

Oh and. If your heart wasn't fluttering from the birthday and paint tales...check this. My best friends just hangin' on the steps before work. Yeah, 30. It's a good thing.


  1. Meeting yesterday:

    "Is that white paint on your hands?" - 'Yes'

    "Is that black paint on your arm?" - "umm, yep"

    "Is that teal pain on your elbow?" - "hmm..."

  2. LOVE that wall - LOVE IT. What color?

  3. hey, thanks! it's behr and it's called "intense teal" -- ha! and it is very intense. hard to get a totally correct pic of it, but it's very very richly hued. i really love it now, but it's a little different than what i imagined. we only did the one wall, which i think works well. definitely recommend it tho!!

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful visit. I had such a nice time, and getting to be with Harper was tops. Glad Clay is exhibiting the decorating skills I passed on...(har, har, har). Great looking color on the sunroom wall. On to starring in Silver Sneakers so I will be ready to keep up with Harps on my next visit. :)

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