Thursday, February 09, 2012

A little party for my little lady

I've got a few minutes here, while HJ is watching Curious George and trying to eat a crayon. (She may be 2, but she's still a nut.)

Last weekend, we threw HJ a cozy brunch party at my mum's house to celebrate the big 0-2. I made quiches and salads and cinnamon rolls and a couple cakes and we popped balloons and opened presents and played with new toys and watched the big kids put on many "parades" and smiled a bunch.

Here's what it looked like:

Harps and cousin Libs focus on the dollhouse.

Opening presents, surrounded by the cousins.

Vintage toys rule.

You want to hire me, right?

Showing Big Grammy her new stuff.

And this, Ben, is how the farmer gets down.
My best, best girl and me.

Thanks for keeping me company while I do this whole mama thing with my biscuit. Onto year #3! <3


  1. Sweet, sweet. Do I see some little curls in her hair?

  2. We have that vintage merry go round and the teacher. Looks like she had a fun day!!

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