Monday, February 06, 2012

My big girl is two

When I'm not typing on a phone, I'll say more -- but for now, Harper J turned two and it was fun and she's such a smart cookie bumble nut.

Also, how sweet is this pic of Harps eating birthday cake for breakfast while my Gram reads her a book (in a pink bathrobe)? They'd been reading together on the couch when H spotted the cake and wanted a little. She scooted up on the chair, then called over: "Read a book, Big Grammy, please? Again?" Be still.


  1. Ahhh, Happy Birthday Harper! Such a sweet pic too. Harper and Charlotte are both two now (well, at least for another two weeks)! There's something to love about every age, and two just gets better! ENJOY!

  2. Happy birthday little lady!

  3. Aww! Happy birthday to Harper J! She's growing into such a sweet lady.

    Love that she calls her great gran 'Big Grammy' too, that's just so darling.

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