Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A couple of my must-read blahgs (here and here) have done this recently and I'm nothing if not a copycat. Wait, that's not really true. I'm nothing if not... lazy? Yes, that fits better.

Oh. What's "this"? As my dear old friend Michaela once said, "I love it when people ask me questions about me." (This was after we asked if she got nervous at interviews and she said duh, no.) So -- ask me some questions! Like, pretty much anything. Just not geography OR geometry related. And if it's really scary or disturbing I probably will ignore you and then phone the police, but might as well ask?

 Examples: Do I like Murder She Wrote or Matlock more? (Don't make me choose between my children.) Or: What did I major in or why are my feet so small or why do I mainly call my child Jones?

Post 'em in the comments section (anonymously is fine) or shoot me an email: amykcowan@gmail.com.

Don't be shy! I'm not.


  1. Must read! I feel like DJ must have felt when Full House was prime in the TGIF line-up.

    I will ask you a question similar to the one I posed to Mama T, since I also admire your parenting style.
    1. What is the hardest part of parenting for you?
    2. The most annoying?
    3. The most rewarding?

    Next question - what do you love most about your husband? Is that the same thing that attracted you to him in the first place.

    And go!

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I want to know if there is anything you intentionally do to allow "you" time amidst all of the parenting you do. Balance is a tough thing and you seem to have it down and I wonder if that is just a natural ability or if you are mindful in particular ways that make this balance happen.

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Also, will HJ become a big sister anytime soon?

  4. Do we have any dried mangoes?

  5. :D What do you wash your hair with? Goodbye.

  6. cake or pie?

  7. and...if you had to have three more kids, would they be three boys, or three more girls? haha

  8. Anonymous9:11 AM

    What is your dream car?

  9. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Do you have any projects planned for the future when
    Harper goes to school and you have more free time?

  10. Anonymous10:10 AM

    What song(s) do you listen to to lift your mood?

  11. Yay! These are so great, happy to see you are doing one!
    While I am also curious about the dried mangos, I was also wondering...
    1. Do you have any plans for working outside the home someday? If so, what would you like to do?
    2. On a regular day at home with H, what do you wear? I live in yoga pants and crewneck longsleeve Ts, so I'm just curious if other moms actually put on jeans or something more "dressed up" everyday?
    3. I know you are meatless these days, I was wondering if you could share any good vegitarian dinner recipes. I'm always looking for ways to cut back on meat in our house.
    Also, after reading the above comments (and becuase I love the name Harper June), I am curious, if you were to have more kids, what would their names be? Or what other names "strike your fancy" these days?!

  12. Anonymous10:57 AM

    What happened to your family this past year that you mention so much about in your blog.

  13. Rachel R11:19 AM

    What type of job did you have before having Harper? What type of job did your hubby moved to Connecticut for?

    also this is not a question...BUT the other day my friend was asking me for baby girl name suggestions, and I said "Harper." I told her it was on a blog I read, and she loved it and it is now one of their top contenders! (my daughter is Orly, which means "my light" in hebrew, so i love semi-unusual names).
    This is related to other questions above, but what were other top contender names when you were naming Harper?

  14. What is a normal day of food for you?
    Were you popular in High School?
    How do you think most people find your blog? (a former colleague of yours in San Francisco told me about it when I was pregnant and you were pregnant at the same time. She said you would have no idea who she was and it would be TOTALLY weird if you knew she was reading your blog :)
    Are you the kind of mom you thought you would be?
    What parenting decisions have you made that you NEVER thought would happen.
    How did you meet CC?

    This is fun! Thanks!

  15. Do you have any plans to answer these questions?

  16. Why do you hate pants? Do shorts and Leggings count as pants (Why or Why not?)? :)

  17. What are your biggest inspirations? Like books, movies, art, history, etc... I always like hearing about what inspires people...

  18. Are you going to look for your forever home in CT?
    What blogs do you visit, that aren't any commentators on yours?

    You and I have talked about theatre/theater...whatevs...What's your favorite play? What made you leave it? And did you ever do the forensics stuff in high school?

    Peace out.

  19. Do you make dinner and have sit-down family dinners every night? If yes, how do you make dinner with toddler toddling? And how does dinner work? (do you have adult conversations while HJ eats or work with her throughout dinner to get her to eat her veggies etc...)

  20. Will you please answer the forever home question? More specifically, the concept?

  21. sharon10:28 PM

    Do you want Harper to learn how to play an instrument? Will you start her playing on one and if so at what age? Or would you wait to see if she asks about it? (I know you two do music class but not sure exactly what that entails!) Or maybe dance?

    What has been the most surprising thing you've found so far about being a Mom?

    What are you most looking forward to experiencing with Harper as she grows up?

  22. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Did she go throught the bitting and hitting phase ? Mine is 18 months and is doing these things out of nowhere.... It is driving me craaaazzyyy and I am having a hard time disciplining her ? Please any suggestions are REALLY welcomed !
    PS: my little one has always been sweet ..... But now.....this "evil phase" has taken over

  23. Can you foresee you and Clay attending organized sports with Harper as the "star" athlete?
    What sport might it be?
    Would Amy or Clay be the coach or assistant coach?
    What is the best thing about your MIL? (Just kidding, really...Don't answer..."She lives so far away.")

  24. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Are you a feminist?

  25. What type of pets do you want someday?
    How often are you going to visit NYC :) haha
    What is your idea of an ideal "girls night" with friends?
    Did you have any "a ha" moments at turning 30... how do you feel?
    Did you watch Oprah's special on Hasidic Jews? It's sooo interesting.
    When you go back to work someday (if you do) what would you want to do?
    What is your favorite museum in NYC?
    If you could only eat one ethnicity of food for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

  26. Okay... how about... what has been your favorite place to live? How have your priorities shifted since you had a kiddo? Would your pre-mama and post-mama selves recognize each other?

  27. 1. what's your "death row dinner"? said another [less morbid] way, if you had to choose one meal to eat, what would it be?

    2. if someone gave you $1,000 to spend entirely on yourself, what would you buy?

    3. if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  28. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Why did you become a vegetarian? Is HJ a veg too?

  29. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Tell us a funny MIL story....Puh-LEASE?

  30. sharon4:50 PM

    i forgot i wanted to ask you about harper reading! did you teach her to read? did she teach herself? how!?

  31. Who is your favorite female cousin and why?

  32. What do you think HJ will be like at 10 years of age?

  33. Do you have any dried mangos?

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