Friday, March 16, 2012


Please note her very, very tiny little bun.

On Wednesdays we go to Harper's future nursery school together, for a little mom+toddler class. I was a bit nervous this week -- she started pushing on our Florida trip (Sorry cousin Libs!) and now she'll give babies-in-her-way a little shove if she needs them to move. (She also likes to pick up their hands and move them to another, not-fun toy.)

She's slowed it way down since I've started my new strategy (removing her from the situation after a warning), but school is full of some fun sh*t and I was worried she'd get overexcited and overpushy.

After a small trial push with a look back at me, the teacher spoke gently to H before I could -- and that seemed to do it. (Dude, who wants to get in trubs with the teacher?) The rest of the class she kept her hands to herself and played alongside her pals without any moshing. She even painted for a long stretch next to another H, patiently holding onto her yellow brush even tho she was dying to use the blue.

Little Jones. All growed up.


  1. You've just killed me with cuteness over here...

  2. Yay for playing nicely! I've noticed my two-year-old Claire is much better behaved at daycare than at home, and her daycare teacher definitely has more clout than I do.

  3. Love it. Ever since he was born, my son has loved to climb up next to/on me, my husband, my mom and press his face right up next to ours. It is cute, and it seemed to be his way of showing affection (we often see it after a spate of hugs and kisses). I didn't think much of it until he started doing it to other kids at daycare (he's almost 2). Now they are working with him re: personal space. :)

  4. You can see her totally coveting the blue paint in that photo, hehe.

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    1. the egg of an owl is round....

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  7. How clever babies they are!You are so happy.I like your blog very much.I will be share it with my friends.


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