Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Part 3!

Last night of the vacay-ay. (Did I just turn a happy word into a crotch joke?) Will be sad to say goodbye to the cousins and this ocean view (and all the room service pancakes), but I've got a toddler who's dying to get back to "baby's house" and I won't mind cuddling up under my covers tomorrow night either.  I never sleep quite right away from home...

And onward! This is fun for me, hope I'm not boring your pants off...

Do you have any plans for working outside the home someday? If so, what would you like to do?

I do want to work outside the home eventually. Probably when the kid/kids are in their early elementary years. Though if something super ideal came up before that and the hours were minimal and doable, I'd consider it for sure. I'm definitely a part time kind of lady, as I always want plenty of time for things around the house (I hate the feeling of no food in the cupboards or a million nights of takeout in a row or just disarray in general), personal downtime (oh, does this mama needs her downtime), and plenty of hours to just hang at home with the kids and cc.

Of course what it'll be is the question! Eeeeeep. As I mentioned, I'm definitely considering doing the Masters thing (so school would be my outside thing for a few years) and working in probably some kind of school or private practice setting. I have a romantic vision of a cozy office in an old New England house... wearing funky outfits and meeting with clients. But I do worry a job like that might be too emotionally taxing (I'm a hothouse flower!) and might not give me the social outlet I really need. If I'mma be outside the house, I want to have a group of friends to share breadsticks with at Olive Garden, not just be in a room by myself. I think?

However, I always try and remind myself that the happiest I ever was in a work setting was my copy editor job. But I guess I'm just not sure how much of that was the actual work I was doing (though I did like it) because really, I just adored the people and setting. And so is the real lesson find a place where the people are awesome and what you do won't matter much? And if that's the case, how do you find those people again? Focus on the same industry and the same kind of people will be there?

You can see I get obsessive. But yes! I wanna make some moneys and have a life outside of my kiddos once they're older and I'm not wiping their bums all day.

On a regular day at home with H, what do you wear? I live in yoga pants and crewneck longsleeve Ts, so I'm just curious if other moms actually put on jeans or something more "dressed up" everyday?

I'm always wondering about this, too! I think the answer is, I wear a few outfits throughout the day. If I have nice yoga pants that actually fit and are clean, I'll put those on and keep them on. But usually, I wear a weird outfit for a few hours in the morning (super old sweatpants from my BU days, a longsleeve tee and a hoodie with probably also a cardigan on top, wool socks and slippers) and then I usually put on my "going somewhere" outfit (this will be jeans and cute sneaks, a tank and cardigan type combo) and maybe even put on a little mascara if I'm feelin' sex-ay. cc never sees me during this part of the day, but I swear I look okay for at least two hours a day! Then we come home and I get comfy again in a weird outfit and...that's usually it for the day.

I think I need to accrue more items that are both attractive and really comfortable, so I can just wear the same thing all day. It's sad that I consider jeans really dressed, right?

I know you are meatless these days, I was wondering if you could share any good vegitarian dinner recipes. I'm always looking for ways to cut back on meat in our house.

I just cheated a million times on this trip, so I feel guilty saying I'm meatless, however -- I never cook meat at home, so I can answer your question honestly!

My favorite things to cook these days are whole wheat pasta with vegetables as the main oomph (we're addicted to this Jamie Oliver recipe), portabello burgers (on a really good toasted roll, with melted swiss cheese, and sauteed spinach/red peppers on top), quinoa blueberry pancakes (recipe here), quesadillas with a black bean/pinto bean/cheese combo served with avocado, and going to Trader Joe's for Indian food packs that I serve with brown rice and yogurt. Oh! I also like making polenta (with some goat cheese melted in) and putting sauteed mushrooms on top, served with a side of sauteed kale. It's usually pretty simple, but tasty (I hope!)

Also, after reading the above comments (and because I love the name Harper June), I am curious, if you were to have more kids, what would their names be? Or what other names "strike your fancy" these days?!

Thank you for the name compliment! We kind of tortured ourselves back and forth and it's a relief we like what we finally chose. I have to admit I don't have many ideas right now, but I've always loved the name Iris for a girl and Ezra for a boy. (Don't think cc would agree tho - heh.) I also hope to use March as a middle name -- it's my mom's maiden name and I think it would be cool to have two month middle names for my kids!

What happened to your family this past year that you mention so much about in your blog?

I wrote a guest post 8 months ago that gives the low down. You can find it here. I still like to keep this blog mostly free of the details, but it's not this huge big secret in our lives. And since that was last summer, cc is all done with treatment and doing well; we hope to cruise through the next year or two and then relax some.

What type of job did you have before having Harper? What type of job did your hubby moved to Connecticut for?

I had a lot of different jobs. In order: Special Education assistant (doing Applied Behavioral Analysis), marketing/permissions/sales coordinator at Beacon Press (a publishing company in Boston), Intern/writer at a yoga magazine in LA, Intern at McSweeney's/Believer magazine in SF, Account Manager at a big advertising agency, a sales assistant at method products, and finally a copy editor at Ubisoft (a video game company). Sadly, I feel like I missed something hmm... Oh! In there somewhere (post publishing job, pre California move) I decided I wanted to try and be a professional actress again and did a play and started to think about moving to New York and then, well, I decided no.

I have a hard time making up my mind, obviously. But I was lucky to get to work at interesting and creative places, even if I was probably a pain in the ass.

cc is a strategy dude/idea guy. He runs the online/digital business for a hotel company called Starwood. Thanks for the discount on our pretty Florida room, jobby job!


  1. I just read that guest post, and holy hell, you and your family are super heroes. I have no end of admiration that you not only have been dealing with something so nightmarish but that you have been dealing so well, figuring out how to hold on to what's important, find what makes you happy, and change your life for the better. You are amazing.

    Also - love March as a middle name. Just saying.

    1. Thank you, friend :) Tho very far from superheroes! Just tryin to get our love on whenever we can :)

  2. Ha! Sometimes I do the 3 outfit switch-a-roo in a day too! Remember when jeans WERE comfortable clothes? Now I can't wait to get out of them and back into my yoga pants :/
    Thanks for the meal ideas. I'm going to attempt that Jamie Oliver recipe tomorrow night. Of course, I LOVE mushrooms, but my husband claims an allergy to them (I've snuck them in dishes before though and he was fine, sooooo). Do you think I can substitute some other veggies for the mushrooms? Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe just some halfed grape tomatoes. And maybe some asparagus?
    I think March would be a very cool middle name, and it works for a girl or boy. I like the name theme too, especially since it isn't an overly obnoxious one. Oh and I love love love the name Iris. I threw that one out at the husband while pregnant last time, but he vetoed it. I remember liking Iris, Ivy, and Hazel, but he hated all of them. Picking names is SO FREAKING HARD! Of course, now we have 2 girl names we love and 2 boy names we love and no plans to have a baby any time soon, LOL!

    1. I'd be in trouble if cc didn't like mushrooms -- I cook with them waaaay too much. :) You could substitute whatever floats your boat... trying to think of what would complement the cheese/lemon flavors. Broccoli or broc rabe? Cauliflower... And I think the grape tomatoes/asparagus would work great. Oh! Another fav veggie pasta recipe I use (from Pioneer Woman) is spaghetti tossed with a really simple sauce of: Diced tomatoes + garlic + onions + cream + artichoke hearts + parm cheese. AWESOME.

      And...I bet you'll be preggers within the year ;)

  3. I don't know how this biz with cc passed me by, I remember when you said he'd had surgery. Wow, you are strong, mama. All the best for the future.

    1. Thank you, lady! :)

  4. Let me just say for the millionth time how much I love you. You (and your fam) are so amazing. You are so much more than just a person going through life...you're an inspiration to the rest of us and a declaration that life is rich and wonderful and sometimes hard work, but so so so worth it (see "so" emphasis throughout)!

    1. You make me blush! We love you, too. xoxo

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