Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I cut it all off.

Wednesday night means it's almost Thursday and Thursday is almost always my favorite day. A little bit less now that I'm not a workin' woman (in the traditional sense), but still I like how they feel. Mmm. Thursdays.

Yes, so I chopped my hair. Mostly because the bottom 8 inches or so of my hair was (were?) terrifying. Crunchy and twirly and alien. The new style is cute enough (though it tends to flip up and make me look cuckoo), but I'm mostly just happy my hair doesn't feel like straw. I'll probably grow it right back out again, but it's fun to have something different for a bit. And I like the teeny tiny pony it makes in the back.

Oh and -- the lady who cut my hair was all "Um... do you use professional shampoo?" And I actually laughed in her face. Which I feel bad about in retrospect and she didn't take well. Uh. But then she was like "Listen, you don't have to buy it here -- but you should buy something else." Oops? I guess hippie bars of soap and strange vinegar rinses kind of ruin hair?

The weather has been just delicious these past couple days. Like... 70 degrees? We've been playing outside for big chunks, which feels like the old days and kills much more time than playing the same weird dollhouse game she forces me to play. (I pretend to be the mom/dad/baby/chair/table, ring the doorbell and yell "I'm coming!" and then she tries to block the doorway and yells "No way!")

On the hunt.

I need to get her some better outside toys, tho, but dang! Expensive! I want a little house thing she can piddle around in or maybe a slide or a water table. Currently, we've been hunting for "bugs and worms" most of the time.

She wanders around and says:

"Hmmm. Let's look around! Where's-ah bugs and worms? Under da big rock? Let's see. No! Nothing here! Aw. What's next? Hmmmm."

Lots of dramatic hand gestures, finger to chin, shrugging and heavy sighs. 

Rinse repeat.

And then she smelled a "dassodil."
Spring! I love thee.


  1. Love the hair! Looks fantastic on you!
    Did you color it too, a little red? Maybe it's just my screen...? So fresh like spring!

    Did you ever watch Fred Penner's Place? Roaming around outside always reminds me of that PBS show...those super adorable pics of Harper do too. Enjoy the sun!

    1. Thank you! cc teased me about that pic because the red isn't really there -- just from the Instagram filter ;)

      I did, I did! So true, too -- we're pretty much an episode these days, living amongst the logs. <3

  2. Craigslist always has great outdoor stuff! I'm all about the mini plastic pools and weird sprinkler stuff that looks like animals or rainbows. But water guns and the water table are my boys hands down favorites! It takes time to accumulate this stuff, but soon you're drowning in it...
    Cute hair! Is Suave professional hair care?

  3. Yes yes, thanks for reminding me. I was searching Craigslist and definitely found some good things -- just have to one that isn't too far a drive...

    I love Suave.

  4. SUPER CUTE CUT!!! Whenever I see someone else get their hair cut in a fun short style, it makes me want to cut mine too! But I have big features ...big eyes, nose, lips, so I don't know if I can pull off short hair :/ Someday, maybe!
    I was going to recommend craislist too for toys. That's where I get a lot of outdoor toys and trikes. Also, hit up some yard sales this spring. I love yard sale shopping and have found some amazing deals on kid stuff!

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  6. Your hair is the best...I like the little flip going on with it. And the picture of Harper: wonderful.

  7. Your hair is the best...I like the little flip going on with it. And the picture of Harper: wonderful.

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