Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondee morning

Morning, all.

Harps and I had a tea party (mine was coffee, technically) and then she took a huge gulp and clothes were drenched (so much for dressing her in clean clothes under her sleep suit at night) and so then she was naked. And then requested glue and there was a glue party. And then it was all over her and she started to completely lose her mind. (When it dries and starts to stretch and feel/look weird, she goes nutso.)

So up to the tubby for a lavender bubble bath, way heavy on the bubbles. Out she comes, and into her room she goes. Naked and reading books quietly, while I eat leftover pasta and George sleeps. For 9:57, I'll take it. (Tho truth be told, I'm nervous she'll fall asleep up there naked. That will be an awkward fix.)

Nice weekend with my dad/Joie in town -- beach time, Shake Shack time, coloring over pancakes time. Girlfriend thrives on grandparent love.

Other thoughts: It feels that for most of my life, most of the time, I am both hungry and needing to pee. And often cold. How frustrating?

Also: I am so deeply confused about where we are in the seasonal calendar. I cannot stop thinking about pumpkin picking and apple cider and naps-during-football. What? It's almost summer, me. Get with ze program.

I just found out that when we drain her tub, the downstairs toilet bubbles and talks. Glad we're renting tralalala!

I hope she's not peeing in her bed right now.

(No, she's not potty trained yet. Planning on doing an intensive week this summer. Can't handle the long drawn out training style.)

My favorite thing she does lately is a very dramatic, but weirdly who-gives-a-f*ck shoulder shrug with "I don't know!" 

But closely followed by her last sentence of the night a few days ago: "No poopie in the bum, Mummy. Just gas in the bum."

When she's tired/hungry/angry, she'll yell "I need to push Mummy!" Oh. Hey, thanks. I love you, too. Also, no. You can't.

She's listening to a singing birthday card (frogs) right now. "Bye, bye, frogs!" No sleepy in the bum. Just reading in the bum.

Off to find more foods.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy rain

A good weekend had by all! Harper felt much, much better and I felt...better. And thank you for your well wishes on Friday -- felt the vibes, my friends.

The rundown: 

George helped me meet the neighbs next-door. By being a total punk and running away, but still. I was nosy and he helped his mama.They are French and have a Frenchie named Croissant (oh my) and invited me to the pool for the summer. Win.

Got a nice long sleep this morning while cc took the morning shift. The most important part of thisness was getting Jorge off my hands ... He's been driving me nuts today (and yesterday).

I made good progress on Harper's purple cardi. I need to shop for some cute buttons ... Etsy perhaps?

We looked at some fun houses up for sale. We may, may, may be interested in buying something. But we also may completely change our minds and rent forever and till eternity. Keep you posted. The nutty thing about houses in this area of the universe is, they have so many stories. "The man designed Disney theme parks..." or "She designed costumes for Radio City Music Hall" or there's huge canvases half-filled with paint or rooms filled with architectural blue prints. "Martin Luther King came here to help her with a poetry translation." Oh. I mean of course. Makes me feel a little softer about this town... seriously interesting people have made their lives here, so. I can roll.

We finally started watching the new Sherlock Holmes. I LOVE IT. What took me so long?! Headplant.

Harper was begging cc to take her to the "Prosithia, prosithia!" And he was wandering around, confused and desperate to crack the toddler code. She's pulling on his hand and I come down the path with George to see the scene. And then "Pretty yellow flower, Daddy! PROSITHIA." Like duh. And then he gets it -- Forsythia. And we all find one creeping over the stonewall and she looks so pleased and proud and right with the world. Thanks, Grammy/Botany proff!

Oh and. Harper fell in love (deep, deep love) with heels:


Friday, April 20, 2012



 Junior year of high school, I went to Johnson's (we all worked there, you get delicious fried food there, you wear red shirts and scoop ice cream and hand out french fries and clams there) one afternoon after classes and sat at a picnic table with some girlfriends. I ordered a girch plus t (grilled cheese and tomato) and a mint chocolate chip frappe (milkshake) and pepper rings (green peppers fried into onion ring goodness). I ate it all and then drove back to one of the gals' houses and promptly fell asleep on her couch for 16 hours.

I woke up and felt semi-alarmed, but blamed it on the food bomb and general exhaustion after a long week of...whatever juniors in high school do. (I felt very put upon by my life of ballet classes, play rehearsal and failing pre-calculus.)

I got home and started moping around, feeling 100% strange. My family was on a trip and I was free to watch trash and lie around. An hour or so into this, I got a phone call from the doctor's office I'd visited a couple days before for a routine lady exam.

The nurse led with: "How are you feeling?"

"Terrible, actually." What in the world? How'd she know to call.

"Oh my. Well... you have Toxic Shock Syndrome."

".... .... ...."

"So... you'll need two or three weeks of medication and you shouldn't be alone right now. Someone needs to wake you up every few hours to make sure you're..."


Anywho. So I had this crazy rare thing and I took the meds and was fine and it was all pretty crazyville. But I know now when the doctor calls you with "How are you feeling?" they're not inquiring about your existential/career quandaries. 

Which brings me to these past couple weeks. (I'm making this way more dramatic than is called for, we're both fine, I'll just jump to that now for the grandparents' sake.) We've both been feeling baaaaad since a few days before Easter. Colds and coughs and sore throats and tireds. Then a week ago, my general malaise kicked up a few notches (sore neck, aching joints, super sore throat, losing the will to live) and I convinced myself I had Lyme/meningitis/flu/plague/consumption.

My mom cruised into town to help us sickies and I immediately headed for Urgent Care, where they looked me all over (including my bizarro/raised bite that is probably a spider bite ahahahaha GROSS THE HORROR) and did a Strep test and it came back negative and the doctor asked me if I'd like to be admitted to the hospital? Um, no. If I have a choice, no thanks? He shrugged and said well, I guess it's some kind of viral thing dot dot dot ...

Two days pass, get a phone call. "How are you feeling....?" So I really do have the Strep plague and they got me hooked on the meds stat. We also got Harps checked and I'm waiting to hear back on the results tho they started her on Amox, too, since it's likely she's got it and her ears looked red and her throat looked red and she's still hacking up a lung.

I'm not 100% (maybe I'm 75%) and I'm surprised since usually 2 days into meds and I'm like woo! Party! But I don't feel worse and my throat is considerably, considerably better. But the aching and the neck stiffness and tireds are still there. Maybe that's just called Being a Mom? Harumph.

Long sicky posts always bum me/bore me out, so apologies for inflicting that on ye. Just wanted to say hello! And sorry it's been a quiet week and sorry if I owe you an email or three... I will get back to you, I will, I will!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Some things in no particular order

I'm eating a stale doughnut and Earl Grey tea for breaky. Why can't I just throw away a doughnut at the end of the day when it hasn't been eaten? Because I just can't. Must be my Depression roots. 

Oh and I feel like a genius for two Harper food-related things:

1) For her lunch, I make individual portions of Annie's mac and cheese instead of the whole box. Just boil a little bit of water, pour in a kiddo's portion, and pour the cooked macaroni into her bowl. Sprinkle in some of the cheese, add a drop of milk, done. The pot doesn't get messy, just one bowl to clean, no weird leftovers that turn hard and tasteless, and it cooks up much faster. (Yes, I know there are individual microwave packs, but those things have issues of their own.)

2) Frozen sweet potato pancakes from Whole Foods and frozen french toast from Trader Joe's. 30 seconds in the microwave, smear of agave, cut into halves on a plate. She inhales.

I've become obsessed with the Princess and the Frog soundtrack. Because I'm 11? But mostly because it's written by Randy Newman. I came upon it through Harper's little YouTube routine: Watching "Mermaid, then Belle, then Jasmine!" (We put on "Part of Your World" and then "Belle" and then "A Whole New World" and she's in early 90's ecstasy.)

I was just Googling ballroom dancing lessons. This worries me, but I also think I might need to do it. (I've been doing a lot of Latin inspired moves when the Dora theme comes on.)

I've started eating Uncrustables again. More like...unforgivable.

I bought some scratch 'n sniff stickers for HJ at the dollar store. This is a very difficult concept to get across to a two-year-old.

My entire yard is covered in violets. Beautiful, actually, but probably not Westport lawn material. I will be having many garden parties this year, of course. Really, tho -- is there anything I can do with violets? I hear they're edible -- are they tasty? Can I, like, candy them? Dye a towel? Sprinkle them in my bed? (No.)

Happy Friday/weekend/warm weather, hopefully!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Harper's world

You know...(or maybe you don't) liiiiike Elmo's World? With the crayon and the goldfish, too? Lalalala. Oh, Dorothy.

 (p.s. One of my favorite moments in all of children's television was: an Elmo's World where Dorothy was "talking" to a child with Down Syndrome. And afterward, Elmo said: "That baby was gorgeous!" I think about it all the time and still get choked up.)

She's feeling almost entirely better now and was happy to be at school today (I get a little thrill/chill down my spine when I realize she'll be there without me for 6 hours a week starting September) and there's a new session of music starting tomorrow and tiny little purple flowers popping up all over the yard.

She's been really chatty lately (especially at home, pretty quiet in public -- which I think is how I was) and it's fun to hear how she's getting more and more reliable/offering up details when cc asks her what we did that day. Oh and she busted out with one of my favorite word combos yet a couple days ago:

(Running out of the bathroom, holding up her sleeve): "MUMMY! I have boogers in my nose and I wiped them!"

It's so weird when they are just making big ol' sentences that make sense and are gross and then they laugh.

"I funny!!!!"

Oh, so, here are a few pics from her day-to-day.

Pink lady. (Dude, it's COLD again.)
They built her cottage together tonight while I cooked dinner. She is PUMPED.
Morning walk.
Shaving cream at Quaker school.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Sickies and Easter

Oops. Radio silence following a post about an ER rash. And then she got an entirely different rash (lacy and all over her abdomen) three days later! Party time. This time, it came alongside a brutal cold and a fever, yada yada. So I knew it was probably viral (Fifth Disease, I'm thinking) and that other rash was probably a harbinger of the sickness en route. WHY AM I STILL TYPING ABOUT RASHES. Sorry.

 I also got sick with super congestion and runny nose and a sore throat. And it was cold and wet and I had brutal, brutal cramps and had to do that whole putting on a happy face when I really want to hide under the wool blanket thing. Cue a very small violin.


 Suffice it to say, we've both been having a rough and stuffy and crabby few days, but we're definitely on the slow upswing. And we had a nice Easter -- she loved the can'y (tho I'm not sure she actually ingested much -- she really got into a ladylike stuffing-in-mouth and chewing, but then spitting it all out routine) and coloring the eggs (cc has all those pics, hope to post them later) and the egg hunt. But please, please. Don't mention the Easter Bunny or she'll lose her noodle. Eeeeeep. (He is a terrifying notion, honestly. And I never believed in him myself, so don't plan on doing him up much...)

And now, while Elmo wraps up and I have a few minutes, I'll go knit a row or two on the purple cotton cardigan I just started for her...

A few quick pics!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday, go away.

Today was so stressful I'm eating an ice cream cone in bed.

But we're all home now, snug as bugs. George had a last minute trip to the vet and got antibiotics. Harps had an ER visit, fresh out of the bath, in bare feet and a strange pink and yellow outfit we pulled hastily from drawers. She came home singing Aladdin songs and cheering: "Baby's fine!'

I can't even make a funny story out of it because, well, kids and sick stuff and potential sick stuff just make my heart heavy. I've been there when you show up at the ER and suddenly your worst thoughts are coming true. So it's not really easy anymore to brush things off, to remind myself the stats, to stay calm during the unknown.

She's just fine (knock on wood) if not completely pissed at us for taking her to the hospital at bedtime. I freaked out about an under-the-skin rash I saw during bath and while I was quite certain she was showing signs of Leukemia or Meningitis or about to lose her leg due to blood poisoning... the docs say it's probably nothing/keep an eye on it. Of course, I'll be watching it and every other spot on her body till she's 100 and I'm I'll never really feel total peace. But right now, tonight, I'll let myself feel a little bit.

Please let me remember how I felt tonight when it's 5:30 and she's screaming her head off about wanting another Wonder Pets and a slice of honey bread and dinner is burning and George peed on my foot and I just want to run away to a small village in France where I'll ride my bike in a flowy dress and pick out baguettes from the farmer's market while people sing about my head being stuck in a book. Please let me remember my life is pretty much perfect right here.

Oh and if you want to see my Jones in all her glory, check this vid.

Now to finish my cone before cc comes up.