Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Harper's world

You know...(or maybe you don't) liiiiike Elmo's World? With the crayon and the goldfish, too? Lalalala. Oh, Dorothy.

 (p.s. One of my favorite moments in all of children's television was: an Elmo's World where Dorothy was "talking" to a child with Down Syndrome. And afterward, Elmo said: "That baby was gorgeous!" I think about it all the time and still get choked up.)

She's feeling almost entirely better now and was happy to be at school today (I get a little thrill/chill down my spine when I realize she'll be there without me for 6 hours a week starting September) and there's a new session of music starting tomorrow and tiny little purple flowers popping up all over the yard.

She's been really chatty lately (especially at home, pretty quiet in public -- which I think is how I was) and it's fun to hear how she's getting more and more reliable/offering up details when cc asks her what we did that day. Oh and she busted out with one of my favorite word combos yet a couple days ago:

(Running out of the bathroom, holding up her sleeve): "MUMMY! I have boogers in my nose and I wiped them!"

It's so weird when they are just making big ol' sentences that make sense and are gross and then they laugh.

"I funny!!!!"

Oh, so, here are a few pics from her day-to-day.

Pink lady. (Dude, it's COLD again.)
They built her cottage together tonight while I cooked dinner. She is PUMPED.
Morning walk.
Shaving cream at Quaker school.


  1. I think the Cottage Construction Crew union has unfortunately started to fall apart. Harper was saying something about "just baby's house. no dada's." which may break up our partnership.

  2. That Harps continues to get cuter... I'm back out from under my rock and first thing's first - I must catch up on her doings. Comment assault likely to ensue.


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