Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondee morning

Morning, all.

Harps and I had a tea party (mine was coffee, technically) and then she took a huge gulp and clothes were drenched (so much for dressing her in clean clothes under her sleep suit at night) and so then she was naked. And then requested glue and there was a glue party. And then it was all over her and she started to completely lose her mind. (When it dries and starts to stretch and feel/look weird, she goes nutso.)

So up to the tubby for a lavender bubble bath, way heavy on the bubbles. Out she comes, and into her room she goes. Naked and reading books quietly, while I eat leftover pasta and George sleeps. For 9:57, I'll take it. (Tho truth be told, I'm nervous she'll fall asleep up there naked. That will be an awkward fix.)

Nice weekend with my dad/Joie in town -- beach time, Shake Shack time, coloring over pancakes time. Girlfriend thrives on grandparent love.

Other thoughts: It feels that for most of my life, most of the time, I am both hungry and needing to pee. And often cold. How frustrating?

Also: I am so deeply confused about where we are in the seasonal calendar. I cannot stop thinking about pumpkin picking and apple cider and naps-during-football. What? It's almost summer, me. Get with ze program.

I just found out that when we drain her tub, the downstairs toilet bubbles and talks. Glad we're renting tralalala!

I hope she's not peeing in her bed right now.

(No, she's not potty trained yet. Planning on doing an intensive week this summer. Can't handle the long drawn out training style.)

My favorite thing she does lately is a very dramatic, but weirdly who-gives-a-f*ck shoulder shrug with "I don't know!" 

But closely followed by her last sentence of the night a few days ago: "No poopie in the bum, Mummy. Just gas in the bum."

When she's tired/hungry/angry, she'll yell "I need to push Mummy!" Oh. Hey, thanks. I love you, too. Also, no. You can't.

She's listening to a singing birthday card (frogs) right now. "Bye, bye, frogs!" No sleepy in the bum. Just reading in the bum.

Off to find more foods.


  1. haaaa! i love this post!

    as far as glue goes, i think i was the opposite of harps. i would deliberately pour it on myself and let it dry just so i could peel it off. peelpeelpeel.

    i'd do bad, bad things for some shake shack right about now.

  2. That's so strange! I've been obsessing about apple picking the last couple days!


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