Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy rain

A good weekend had by all! Harper felt much, much better and I felt...better. And thank you for your well wishes on Friday -- felt the vibes, my friends.

The rundown: 

George helped me meet the neighbs next-door. By being a total punk and running away, but still. I was nosy and he helped his mama.They are French and have a Frenchie named Croissant (oh my) and invited me to the pool for the summer. Win.

Got a nice long sleep this morning while cc took the morning shift. The most important part of thisness was getting Jorge off my hands ... He's been driving me nuts today (and yesterday).

I made good progress on Harper's purple cardi. I need to shop for some cute buttons ... Etsy perhaps?

We looked at some fun houses up for sale. We may, may, may be interested in buying something. But we also may completely change our minds and rent forever and till eternity. Keep you posted. The nutty thing about houses in this area of the universe is, they have so many stories. "The man designed Disney theme parks..." or "She designed costumes for Radio City Music Hall" or there's huge canvases half-filled with paint or rooms filled with architectural blue prints. "Martin Luther King came here to help her with a poetry translation." Oh. I mean of course. Makes me feel a little softer about this town... seriously interesting people have made their lives here, so. I can roll.

We finally started watching the new Sherlock Holmes. I LOVE IT. What took me so long?! Headplant.

Harper was begging cc to take her to the "Prosithia, prosithia!" And he was wandering around, confused and desperate to crack the toddler code. She's pulling on his hand and I come down the path with George to see the scene. And then "Pretty yellow flower, Daddy! PROSITHIA." Like duh. And then he gets it -- Forsythia. And we all find one creeping over the stonewall and she looks so pleased and proud and right with the world. Thanks, Grammy/Botany proff!

Oh and. Harper fell in love (deep, deep love) with heels:


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  1. She wears mom's shoes, and mom wears dad's socks. Interesting...


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