Friday, April 20, 2012



 Junior year of high school, I went to Johnson's (we all worked there, you get delicious fried food there, you wear red shirts and scoop ice cream and hand out french fries and clams there) one afternoon after classes and sat at a picnic table with some girlfriends. I ordered a girch plus t (grilled cheese and tomato) and a mint chocolate chip frappe (milkshake) and pepper rings (green peppers fried into onion ring goodness). I ate it all and then drove back to one of the gals' houses and promptly fell asleep on her couch for 16 hours.

I woke up and felt semi-alarmed, but blamed it on the food bomb and general exhaustion after a long week of...whatever juniors in high school do. (I felt very put upon by my life of ballet classes, play rehearsal and failing pre-calculus.)

I got home and started moping around, feeling 100% strange. My family was on a trip and I was free to watch trash and lie around. An hour or so into this, I got a phone call from the doctor's office I'd visited a couple days before for a routine lady exam.

The nurse led with: "How are you feeling?"

"Terrible, actually." What in the world? How'd she know to call.

"Oh my. Well... you have Toxic Shock Syndrome."

".... .... ...."

"So... you'll need two or three weeks of medication and you shouldn't be alone right now. Someone needs to wake you up every few hours to make sure you're..."


Anywho. So I had this crazy rare thing and I took the meds and was fine and it was all pretty crazyville. But I know now when the doctor calls you with "How are you feeling?" they're not inquiring about your existential/career quandaries. 

Which brings me to these past couple weeks. (I'm making this way more dramatic than is called for, we're both fine, I'll just jump to that now for the grandparents' sake.) We've both been feeling baaaaad since a few days before Easter. Colds and coughs and sore throats and tireds. Then a week ago, my general malaise kicked up a few notches (sore neck, aching joints, super sore throat, losing the will to live) and I convinced myself I had Lyme/meningitis/flu/plague/consumption.

My mom cruised into town to help us sickies and I immediately headed for Urgent Care, where they looked me all over (including my bizarro/raised bite that is probably a spider bite ahahahaha GROSS THE HORROR) and did a Strep test and it came back negative and the doctor asked me if I'd like to be admitted to the hospital? Um, no. If I have a choice, no thanks? He shrugged and said well, I guess it's some kind of viral thing dot dot dot ...

Two days pass, get a phone call. "How are you feeling....?" So I really do have the Strep plague and they got me hooked on the meds stat. We also got Harps checked and I'm waiting to hear back on the results tho they started her on Amox, too, since it's likely she's got it and her ears looked red and her throat looked red and she's still hacking up a lung.

I'm not 100% (maybe I'm 75%) and I'm surprised since usually 2 days into meds and I'm like woo! Party! But I don't feel worse and my throat is considerably, considerably better. But the aching and the neck stiffness and tireds are still there. Maybe that's just called Being a Mom? Harumph.

Long sicky posts always bum me/bore me out, so apologies for inflicting that on ye. Just wanted to say hello! And sorry it's been a quiet week and sorry if I owe you an email or three... I will get back to you, I will, I will!


  1. Ack!! Feel better you two! Def not easy doing the mama thing while sick. We sympathize over here. FEEL BETTER!

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel better very, very soon. The same Strep thing happened to me once - negative at first and then a weirdly late positive, but it eventually made a huge difference when they figured it out.

    And I CANNOT believe you actually had TSS. I always read those warnings on the side of the tampon box and they scared the bejeezus out of me, but I sort of figured it was one of those long extinct diseases. Yikes!

  3. oh my gosh, that sounds kinda scary!

  4. Happy you two girls are on the mend. Maybe the weekend will be much better.

  5. Happy you two girls are on the mend. Maybe the weekend will be much better.

  6. Aw, I hope you all get better soon!

    I got the 'negative but then a phone call with actually positive results' when I had Swine Flu... I was like, thanks for that, I've probably gone out and infected half the world now because you told me it was just a virus.

  7. Hope you are feeling better by now. Wow! TSS!


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