Friday, April 13, 2012

Some things in no particular order

I'm eating a stale doughnut and Earl Grey tea for breaky. Why can't I just throw away a doughnut at the end of the day when it hasn't been eaten? Because I just can't. Must be my Depression roots. 

Oh and I feel like a genius for two Harper food-related things:

1) For her lunch, I make individual portions of Annie's mac and cheese instead of the whole box. Just boil a little bit of water, pour in a kiddo's portion, and pour the cooked macaroni into her bowl. Sprinkle in some of the cheese, add a drop of milk, done. The pot doesn't get messy, just one bowl to clean, no weird leftovers that turn hard and tasteless, and it cooks up much faster. (Yes, I know there are individual microwave packs, but those things have issues of their own.)

2) Frozen sweet potato pancakes from Whole Foods and frozen french toast from Trader Joe's. 30 seconds in the microwave, smear of agave, cut into halves on a plate. She inhales.

I've become obsessed with the Princess and the Frog soundtrack. Because I'm 11? But mostly because it's written by Randy Newman. I came upon it through Harper's little YouTube routine: Watching "Mermaid, then Belle, then Jasmine!" (We put on "Part of Your World" and then "Belle" and then "A Whole New World" and she's in early 90's ecstasy.)

I was just Googling ballroom dancing lessons. This worries me, but I also think I might need to do it. (I've been doing a lot of Latin inspired moves when the Dora theme comes on.)

I've started eating Uncrustables again. More like...unforgivable.

I bought some scratch 'n sniff stickers for HJ at the dollar store. This is a very difficult concept to get across to a two-year-old.

My entire yard is covered in violets. Beautiful, actually, but probably not Westport lawn material. I will be having many garden parties this year, of course. Really, tho -- is there anything I can do with violets? I hear they're edible -- are they tasty? Can I, like, candy them? Dye a towel? Sprinkle them in my bed? (No.)

Happy Friday/weekend/warm weather, hopefully!


  1. I love this post because:
    - I can't wait to try sweet potato pancakes for lu. she loves cakes of the pan ilk.
    - I also am a kitchen scavenger. I eat what is going to go bad if i don't eat it, not like what i want to eat or what i cook for everyone else.
    - i too felt like a GENIUS when i realized I DONT HAVE TO MAKE THE WHOLE BOX OF PASTA! kept them in a resealable canister (dry) and only made lucy sized servings. also helped with the scavenging that i didnt have to eat a pound of pasta after she turned it down.

    Might I please come to one of these garden parties??

    1. She will love the pancakes!! Go get them. Harper ate THREE the other morning.

      Isn't it sad how poorly we let ourselves eat, but treat the others like royalty? It's all freshly juiced juice and organic edamame for them and I'll be eating a stale Mallomar in the corner.

      Let's start a genius pasta company that really capitalizes on this idea. I have no business sense, so it'll mostly be you. I'll just...proof the copy or something.

      You will be event planning the parties, m'dear. So yes.

    2. Kid-sized pasta packs! Love it! LOL'd at eating a Mallowmar in the corner. I picture us facing the corner in shame, hiding the mallormar (because I eat crap in hiding all the time)

  2. I love how my comments on your blog are longer than the blog posts on my blog.

    1. Me, too. Altho... I'd like long comments AND long posts, kthxplzbye.

  3. The Princess and the Frog movie is actually outstanding! I lived in New Orleans for awhile, so it was so great to see such a colorful fun film...But the voodoo bad guy, which makes no sense, might give her the heebie jeebies. Otherwise I love the classic singing and dancing animals.

    1. Oh, good to hear! I've been loving the YouTube clips. For once, Disney has a little soul! Thanks for the heads up re: bad dude. Reminds me of when my 3-year-old (at the time) brother lost his MIND over Ursula when we saw The Little Mermaid in the theater. She can be so strange about fears, tho... Something I find super creepy she'll giggle at, but then she's terrified of Santa Claus. Go fig.

  4. I've found if you microwave a stale donut it becomes a bit better. Or maybe I'm just in denial. But yes, I would totally eat it because donuts are too good to throw away :9

    I really wish I liked instant Mac and Cheese, because making bechamel sauce is so much effort (even if the end results are really tasty). My mum does it so well and makes it look so easy, it must be some kind of inbuilt skill people have from being alive in the 1970s.

    1. Wow, girl. That's a genius tip. I could get some serious extra mileage out of my donuts this way!

      I think everyone whipped it up back in the day! I love homemade, of course, but really do enjoy Annie's cheddar shells or parmesan noodles (tho I'm not sure they make that one anymore...) Do you guys get Annie's over there? It's a lot better than Kraft, tho still nowhere close to the real stuff ;)

  5. That is pretty genius with the mac and cheese tip. Although, I generally just make a box and eat what Bowie can't finish :) Keeping this in mind, though, for the future kiddo who will have a smaller appetite. And mama will be trying not to get as chunky as she did after having the first babe.


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