Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy rainy Tuesday night


Thank you, thank you for your really kind words of support/love/high fives. It means a lot to know we've got a cheering section out there! Yep, it's a good time for my little fam. 

I've been super sleepy lately, with all this rain (and rain and rain and rain) and an early a'risin' toddler lady. (She was on such a good 6:30 stretch, but 5:00 this morning wha? Also a very short nap? No thank you, ma'am.) And I've been super on alert with Monsieur George, who got a visit from a dog trainer yesterday. Lotsa new rules for the pup around here and it's exhausting staying consistent. Zzzzzzz.

It can be crazyhard filling 15 hour days spent inside, but we're getting by. When I just can't take another fun-filled playdough/puddle splashing/puzzles/sinkbath/"cooking"/tea party/reading/painting moment, we've been putting on The Red Balloon -- that 50s French movie that is ohsosweet. I had no idea if Harps would take to it (it's not exactly action-packed and doesn't have any tunes...), but oh my. She is enamored.


Other deep loves of hers right now, before I forget: Billy Joel jams (specifically "Piano Man" -- aka "Man Song" -- and "Only the Good Die Young" -- aka "Drum Song") and saying "so, so, so, so, so" about many different things. As in: "Daddy your face is so, so, so, so, so, so prickly." It's awesome.

Okay. Zonked. Hearts.

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