Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, but felt like Monday, but glad it's not

Sometimes I look at her and say "You're so pretty! I love you!" But then clap my hand over my mouth because they're in no way related, obviously, and ah! Don't say them together, Maloof!

But, yeah. HJ: I love you!

(And you're so pretty.)

My favorite part of today was when, at 5ish in the PM, we were so hot after the nature center playground and were collapsed on the couch looking at things together and I said: "Want some kale?" And she said: "Okay!" And I sauteed it up real quick, brought it in on two bowls and we both inhaled it in 3 minutes. We were desperate for some greens after a morning of fatty diner breakfasts and macaroni and cheese lunches.

I also loved it when she did her usual: "Looka me, woman! I wearing my mermaid shirt!" at the library to a random lady on the stairs. She always introduces herself via clothing choices. And always calls random ladies WOMAN. It's awesome.

Apropos of nothing, but -- after reading many, many, many children's books over these past couple years it becomes alarming how 96% of them end with bedtime. Even if the book has nothing to do with anything remotely bedtimey. It's just, like, hey! You're probably reading this before they go to sleep, so we better wrap it up with a major nudge nudge wink wink! ... ?

"Claire and her buddy had so much fun at preschool that day, playing with dinosaurs and eating apples. But then it was time to go to sleep, so goodnight!"

Stop it, please.


  1. She is absolutely so pretty!

  2. Just thinking the SAME THING about bedtime books. They don't help get to bed any faster (except Baby's Bedtime - that one rocks).


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