Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A few things before my battery dies

Sometimes (most times?) I don't blog because the battery on my compy is dead. In general, my ee-lec-tronic devices have between a 2-10% charge at all times. When do ya'll find the time to charge these suckers? (I know, I know. Nighttime. But I'm busy then.)

Okay, so quick before this dies on mah fingers, these things occurred to my head today:

1) I suddenly felt REALLY RELIEVED that I never, ever, ever have to discuss after prom plans. Will we drive to York Beach? Will we have a bonfire in Stephanie's backyard? Will we have the bonfire at night and then drive to the beach the next day? The possibilities were endless. All I can tell you is, I just wanted to go home in my jams and eat Froot Loops. Stop touchin' on me, boys. (Or alternately, ignoring me and chewing gum like a cow for all our pictures. MOO-VING ON.)

2) Without fail, every single day of this life, I have that Monica song (I throw that in so casually, like I have any idea who in hell Monica is/looked like/is she alive?) where it's all "Just one of those daaaaaays. Don't take it personaaaaanal." Yes? You with me? Remember? I mean, this was roughly 15 years ago and it won't leave me be.

3) Remember how importantly hilarious blooper reels were? Like, getting to catch 2 minutes of your favs from Full House mess a line made your life complete? I was on the You Tubez for some reason or other tonight and there were a million options to click on for, of all things, Will and Grace outtakes. And my old self was all "Click click click! The comedy gold!" but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I've come so far?

Okay, computer dying and George wants me to take him up to bed. Last night before cc's back from Dubai-ai-ai. (I can say that now because by the time anyone reads this, he'll be back and it'll be too late to steal us from our beds. Mmmkah?)


  1. Interesting. I'm personally more haunted by That Boy is Mine (duet featuring Brandy OBVIOUSLY.) Because it fits my life better I guess?

    Don't take it personal.

  2. Wow.

    And, I sing no, no, no, no, no, from Destiny's child (about the same era, I think) to my kid all the time.

  3. SO GLAD I DONT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT PROM ANYMORE! funny you should bring it up tho--the jimbo and i just listed to a fem podcast about proms on the way to work this morning.

    i miss york beach.

  4. Christie3:14 PM

    York beach? Fo realz?

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