Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How'd it get to Wednesday whaaaa?

So rainy and humid and lush and strange out there this week... Like I'm a'livin in Florida instead of CT. We've been cooped up like Grey Gardens ladies, painting with sparkles (that never come off of anything, everever) and singing that "My Home is An Igloo" song from 1980s Sesame Street, but filling in different words ("My home is an igloo and it's made of boogers!" etc) and looking up many different pictures of her new crush (Obama, sorry, "OMama" and no -- this wasn't pushed on her by me. She saw him in the paper and from that moment on, wouldn't rest until his face lay on her bedroom wall; right next to her First Haircut Certificate) and making playdough pies and dancing to La Bamba on repeat. Whew.

And she's up at 5:45 again these days and so it just reaaaaaally stretches, stretches, stretches. These days. I kind of can't believe I enjoy them as much as I do, honestly. Like, I'll stop sometimes and think "This is fun, I think?" And I'm all, back to myself, "It is!" But then I realize I'm so tired and of course would wish 7:30 to arrive just a little faster, dear god, faster.

I had a really nice Mother's Day, the perfect combo of sleeping late, smushing my lovies, getting pretties in packages, and then solo time. (The first chunk I drove to McDonald's in cc's fancy car while they did swimming lessons and I ate salt, salt, salt. Was awesome.) (The second chunk, I took a restorative yoga class at the Y. Delicious.)

Oh and here's a video to show how the whole day wrapped up. Pretty typical evening.


  1. Wanting some alone mama time--FOR SHAME. Wow, people can be so judgy sometimes, oy! p.s. I love that Harper likes Obama's face, that is all kinds of awesome.

  2. A bigger blogger on my google reader wrote something about not judging other mothers who want alone time but she's "glad she is the kind of mother who wants to be with her family on mother's day." Not judging, you say?


    I did the same mix of alone time and together time and ducking out when the together time was cramping my style. Which meant crossing the street and walking by myself a bit and leaving Husband to chatter chatter chatter to Bella while we walked home from the park.

    Oh, and my mother's day gift was another hotel stay. And I was so happy. So for me, the best gift for mother's day was time away from my children. Time away is NEEEEEEDED. Because then you are way better at the mama stuff once you return.

    Anyway. I love Harper looking at the camera/CC at the minute mark. Cute, cute.

  3. sharon7:09 PM

    You guys rule. Glad you took some time out to yourself. I hope you get more Zzzz's soon!

  4. Hmm, judgey-lady must have a nanny.

    LOVE the vid! harper is soooo tall now! cute cute family.

    p.s. I also got some solo time for mom's day (30 minutes of sitting in the sunshine, crocheting, while m took the children on a nature walk behind the house: i love that man).

    love you too! xoxo

  5. The giant mittens on her hands are so cute. :)

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