Monday, May 07, 2012

Mondee again

Hmm. It appears I've only been updating my corner of the 'nets once-a-weekly. For shame! I think? Or maybe that's a nice flow for me, for now. I feel very, very behind on communications with the outside world; I feel myself slipping into a former bad habit of saying yes please! to things and then not being able to follow through for various and sundry reasons, followed by having to say no, I'm sorry ah! quickly after.

In general, I need to keep a much lower profile ... Just accept the goodness/limitations of my current life (toddler and husband and puppy and house and yard and family and maybe-working-on-a-career-plan) and realize the extras can't happen as often as I think they can. And then, when I do say yes: mean it and stick with it and enjoy it.

Oh, but you probably just wanted to look at that glue stick picture, right?

Funny Harper things (these are more for my benefit to look back on... I love looking back at these things and never seem to do them enough):

- Girlfriend loves to glue. And has the skills! I stand back and let her do her thing (with either real glue and a Q-tip or a stick) and it always shocks me when everything is actually stuck on there, without major overflow. Maybe she'll be a glueologist when she grows up?

- Her love of music is intense, dude. Twice now, we've climbed up the stairs at the library, snuck to the back corner and found the sheet music for Broadway shows to "read the music notes" together. (Per her request.) She loves to run her finger along the notes and listen to me sing/try to find the right tune. She also loves to try and guess what instrument is playing in a song and is often correct. (At IKEA this weekend, she stopped in her tracks to yell "trumpet!" while a muzak song jammed on. It was a sax, but hey! Not too bad.) Never stops singing, has about 20 songs in her repertoire. Often when we pull into the driveway, she requests we sit for awhile so she can stare out the window and listen intently... And music class is the highlight of her week.

- She loves scary things. But then gets genuinely scared. But loves that feeling of oooo creep! This is so obviously inherited from me, it's weird. Tonight, we sat on a chair together and listened to the same Pippin song ("Glory") over and over again, because she thinks Ben Vereen sounds like a ghost at the beginning. She jumps into my lap and hides her head in my chest. "Mummy, I scared! A ghost singing ooo! Ah!" But then as soon as it's over she yells "Again! Again!" Nutcase.

- Obsessed with her "apple boots" (rainboots) and putting them on herself. Wears them everywhere.

- Another inherited thing (from both of us) is her night owldom. No matter when you start the routine (vitamins, bath, brush teeth, jammies, stories, song) she won't fall asleep before 8:45 or 9:00. She pretends to lie down (for cc that is -- with me, she just outright sits up when I walk away) before popping up to read and read and read. We always think she's asleep way before she is, till we suddenly hear a tiny little voice waft down, reciting a favorite book by heart. Sneak.

- Just learned how to use her fingers to count and thinks it's hilarious/fascinating/the meaning of life. And how I love watching her chubby little digits spring up one at a time...
Speaking of counting... She is very, very into me being the Count from Sesame Street. "Be the Count, Mummy!" and then she tells me what I'm counting and I do my borderline fantastic impression. We start out with normal things (toes, apples, cars) and then she gets into complicated verb-y things. "Mummy, be the Count! One baby pretending bubbles are cupcakes!" "Okay... Er. One baby, uh...pretending bubbles are cupcakes... HAHAHA!" Rinse, repeat.

Okay. Brain emptied of that stuff.

George is snoring and I'm kicking myself for not buying Trader Joe's donut holes this afternoon. Picked up some dark choco covered cherries, but those are basically health food and I need some serious starch in my mouth. Amirite?


  1. I love this post.

    And if you have time, I love your blog - so post!

    1. Thanks, mama! I'll take the vote of confidence -- I'm mopey today :)

  2. She is such a smart cookie!!! I love it. "One baby pretending bubbles are cupcakes" - haha. I'd love to sit and listen to her and see her do all these things. Definitely write it down more. I'm so glad I did the way overboard letters with both babies. I look back on Everly's a lot now - you really do forget a lot of stuff... or maybe it just runs together and so it's hard to recall at certain times? I don't know.

    What vitamins do you use with her?

    1. You're so smart to have done those! I just never got into it, tho I tried a couple times. At least the blog has been fairly steady and I can jog my memory about things. My favorite is looking back at times I thought she was soooooo grownup and obvs was a teeny, tiny infant.

      Gummy vitamins! Some hippie brand. Was using them kind of sheepishly until the pediatrician said those are the best kind (I don't know what that means, but I'll take it) so now I'm all duh, totally on purpose. She gets two before bath -- it's how we lure her upstairs every night...

  3. holy moly, i love this! hey, we do the hippie brand gummie too! and some hippie brand vit. D. sounds like sista is growing like crazy! sounds like mama is busy busy busy...thinking of you all!


  4. <3, mama! Owe you communications big time! thinking of youuuuu, xoxo

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