Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sometimes I take it a step too far

Harps is on a massive, massive arts 'n crafting kick. There's collaging, there's making-costumes-from-construction-paper, there's covering-her-body-in-facepaint, there's gluing-of-puff-balls, there's crayons and markers and stickers and yarn and yow. I have total oversensitivity over Not Being Good At Art, so I'm really letting girlfriend go crazy with all this.

At 5 tonight, with 3ish hours till bedtime, and cc not coming back (no idea where he is) (kidding, he's on a bi'ness trip and we're joining him tomorrow), I needed to get something going to get through the evening. It was gorgeous outside and I'd already pulled out the materials for a bizarre project earlier. Seemed like the perfect time.

Opened an old can of sweetened condensed milk, poured out little divisions, then swirled in food coloring. She was all "Oh wow! Looka that purple! It's so fancy!" And seriously? It kinda was. The colors were super bright mixed with the, uh, milk and it was fun watching them pop.

Then I stripped her down nakie, pulled out a big piece of paper, handed her some q-tips (she's not always into sticky hands) and she went to town. The milk painted smoothy and shiny (would look neat on wax paper for a stained glass situation) and she got all Pollock on it, jumping up and splattering and sure wanted to draw a lot of fruit. "These grapes are so tasty!"

A fun mom would be all "Take a taste!!!" but I figured that would just confuse matters for, oh, the rest of her life when every other paint is not fo' eating. Also... that can was mighty old.


Tomorrow we're off on a big 10 day trip to Boston, then NH, then Maine. Will try and post a little here and there (I can never stay off Instagram), but I need an Internettles detox in general so. Kisses!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mondee, gluedee

Friday night we grabbed a quick dinner at the Whole Foods three minutes away. (It's only redeemable quality, really.) She didn't eat much and as we walked out, I noticed she was delicately holding her hand over her stomach. She didn't complain about pain and it wasn't in your typical stomach ache territory (like, lower down in the guts) so I just watched her.

We got home and it was late and she wasn't that stinky, so we skipped bath, threw her in some pajamas and into bed. She went down easily and slept thru till 6.

Up we all got the next morning and headed out to breakfast. (Contrary to available facts, we don't eat every meal out, I promise ye.) After we had our strawberry waffle and caramel pancake and ketchupy eggs and bacon (for her) spread delivered, she took a few measly bites, started holding her stomach and asked to leave.

Because this is a girl who has never complained of a belly ache, I started to get a little nervous. Took her into the bathroom and started poking her tum. "Ow! Ow! OW!!!!!" My own little tum dropped. There was obviously something terribly, terribly wrong.

Shoving a few more carbs in our faces, we gathered up cc and headed to the car. She held her stomach through the parking lot and then doubled over when we reached her door. Clay pushed on her tum, too, and she let out a howl.

"Is her doctor open today?"

"They'll have someone on-call, " I said. I felt sick.

"Let's call after she rests a little."

He strapped her into the seat and we buckled our belts. My mind raced with the exciting possibilities. A tumor, obviously. And appendicitis. And Celiac. And an even bigger tumor than the first one I'd imagined. I collapsed against the window and tried to catch my breath. I really couldn't believe this was happening to me. (To me! I know.)

As I closed my eyes, I suddenly thought of something.


"Excuse me?"

"Glue. She has a patch of glue on her stomach from her arts and craft binge. And we never washed it off because she never had a tub."

He wasn't completely convinced, but I knew that was that.

We pulled in 10 minutes later and I hoisted her up on the kitchen counter. Dampened a tea towel. Lifted up her tiny tee shirt and took a peek. A big blotch of dried, amoeba-shaped glue pulled at her tawny skin. You know. Glue Skinitis. Kind of like cancer.

(I really need a therapist.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

cc day

Someone really, really loves her dad. (And I do, too.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fridee!

This is my giant toddler on a tiny swing.

Girlfriend keeps growing and growing and, well, you get the point. She must be getting it all done during naptime, tho, because oof. Her nighttime sleep ("sleep") is killing me softly. I do believe it's the work of those two-year molars poking through so... should be short-term? Ruh-right?

Oh, also: She won't wear pants right now (scraped her knees and she's afraid pulling them on will take off her "bam-aids"...) and so her legs are freezing and goosebumpy and that's not ideal for sleep either, is it? No.

In other news, we are both obsessed with our new favorite movie -- Tangled. Lovelovelove.

That's really all I got, friends.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A day to put in my pocket

Um. Kinda hot.

 So...I'm tired tired tired. (Nope, not knocked up.) (I feel like whenever I say I'm tired, peeps think ooohhhhh? No.) But I want to jot down yesterday so I can look back and go yes! That was a very non-mom and awesome day. After a group nap (George and Jones and me), I got the missus lookin' all cute, drove us south, and dropped her with cc at work. A little unofficial Take Yo' Daughter to Work Day. She was so cute and so proud in her yellow rain jacky and apple boots, coloring on his dry erase board with markers, waving me off with a confident "Bye bye, Mommy! I coloring in my apple boots!"

And I hopped in the Subie and drove (thru the rain rain rain) to Manhattan, parked in Times Square (dawg, driving/parking might be semi-pricey... but it is WONDERFUL) and met up with my dear old friend Matt. He'd invited me to a supa hot show (closing in a few days and the main chick just won the Tony... at 2 years younger than us, we were disturbed/depressed to discover) called Venus in Fur. Ow ow! Spicy and yummy and I really did love it. (Even if it made me question my every career choice/decision to leave theater...)

Then we ran thru the rain a few blocks to a Mexican restaurant and climbed stairs to a lofted area and ate pomegranate guacamole and cricket tacos (he made me!) and tres leches cake. It was all cozy and warm in there and the food was delicious and we gossiped and took our time and the rain fell and I yawned and got full and felt all giddy I was there. Then Matt walked me to my car and off I sped to Connecticut.

Usually I feel mopey leaving the city and tho it started that way, lights and towers behind me, as I pulled into my little cottage under the trees, with the rain pitter pattering around me and a deer giving me the fish eye, I felt this overwhelming happiness. Because woah; I can zip into this amazing city and sit with an old/true friend and zip back and here is my beautiful sleeping toddler, curled in her bed, and my dog asleep in his and my cc -- who'd taken over the homefront and shooed me into the city -- waiting for me under quilts, and thisismylife and tho there are challenges and bumps and hey, maybe HJ woke me up at 4:40 for the day this morning and I wore a gigantic Homer Simpson shirt and dirty hair all day and ate McDonald's for lunch  ... it's all mine and all real and all so very good.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Some "fings" as she says

In no particular order, and because my battery's about to die as usual and Blogger HATES ME, here are some pics from my life with HJ. And then some words after. It's not pretty but IT'S SOMETHING, people.

Doin' her letters.

Kitchen love.

Bertucci's! Where you been since 1999?

1) On Saturday we went to a bouncy castle/slide birthday party in the next town over. It was crazy cute -- but also brought up some pretty vivid flashbacks of sweaty afternoons at Roller Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire.

At one point, they turned all the lights off and the kids had glowy sticks and there were black lights and Beiber was blasting and hold up -- is HJ 2 or 12?! Hilarious. She wasn't super into the bouncy stuff past a certain point (the boys were getting a little nutso), but oh boy did she love the dark/lights/music. She danced and danced and danced and danced.

In the middle of all the dancing, this song came on and she turned to me and, so excited, yelled: "Just like Anni!" and shook her booty something fierce -- because her cousin Anni loves that jam and we had a dance party to it once. Oh, it was awesome.

But seriously. She's only 2... slow this ride down, kthx.


2) Sometimes Harps gets my phone handed to her when I need a quick distraction. (Long line at the DMV, etc etc)... And each and every time I'm astounded and scared by her activities. She starts Words with Friends games with people I haven't spoken to in years (and might even be kind of on awkward terms with...) When she plays the game I've got going with my mom, I'll hear about it from mom -- "Harps played her signature move: swapping all your tiles." Doh! She's also emailed people about cool things she likes on a design app (this is not a joke) and texted Clay. It all makes me laugh, tho the Words with Friends habit has got to stop.

3) She is obsessed with this British craft show for kids. It's called Mr. Maker. Ha! Tho she calls it Mr. Baker. I love her. No idea how we found it, but we did and she's over the moon. And now she's in this naughty habit of pretending to stub her toe or chin or skin and then saying "Feel so better with Mr. Baker?" Oh oh oh my. I'm onto you, sista.

4) I just found, via Wikipedia, that Samantha/Darren from Bewitched (oh, did I ever watch the hell out of that show as a kid) were supposed to live in Westport. This thrills me wa-hay more than it reasonably should. Also? The Ricardos (Lucy, Ricky, Babaloo) moved to the 'port after they left the NYC. Sure, those episodes were lame-o but hey! I'll take what I can out here.

Goo'night, lovelies.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

This, more often than not, is how Harper eats

A few months back, outside Quaker school, while the kiddos played on the (slightly terrifying) playground, a couple of the moms and I were chatting. We were just getting to know each other and our parenting styles -- "OH! You nursed till 18 months!" "Ohhhh you hated babywearing?!" etc. etc. etc. ohmygod how are we still able to summon the strength to discuss these things?! -- and the topic came round to mealtime.

I think the specific discussion was surrounding whether you make your kid eat what you eat or cook something separate. And my answer was -- well... neither?  Which isn't exactly true. Because I tend to "make" her something different, but I sure as hell am not cooking it.

So I explained how her suppers (and lunches...and breakfasts) are usually little plates of things. Like above: Cheese slices, apple slices, a spoonful of peanut butter. And then a glass of water or milk. Or she'll have a dollop of sauteed kale, a pile of raisins, and some whole wheat bread. Some tofu cubes, sliced strawberries, and a pile of Cheerios.

You get it.

I felt a little sheepish admitting my ways -- not because Harps doesn't often eat/like what we eat (which she does, for sure, at least a couple nights a week, even if it's only a small portion) but because so often her food isn't even cooked. It's like weird little piles of cold or raw or whatever things.

But then my friend Amy was all: "Oh, that's totally European!" And I fell in love with her. And then last week she told me about this new restaurant in NYC that's super popular and they serve small little piles of things, including a dessert of Nutella on a spoon.

So...yeah. I'm just very hip on purpose, natch. Look for my method on Pinterest starting never.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

In the life of Harps

Holy mother of gods am I zonked. Another 5:15 wake-up call from the boss, but this time I was asleep at midnight (or later?) after a late night rabid furniture moving spree via cc and, begrudgingly, me. I used to get much angrier than begrudged when he'd get a bee in his bonnet for redecorating...but then I saw it usually worked out for the best. And so 8 years later, I roll with it. Our bedroom now looks infinity better and our combo living room/eating/crafting room does, too.


Of course, today would be the day we're going off on a big city adventure (Children's Museum of Manhattan woot woot) with pals ... le sigh. It will probably be easier to do something super busy while tired than keep her happy inside while it rains...while tired. 

Here are a few pics from the past few days before I fall asleep typing/before Kipper ends:

Kale ripper/taster.

She begged to go inside. Seriously. (Also -- WHY, downtown Westport?!)

Storytime focus.

Cousin dance party.