Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fridee!

This is my giant toddler on a tiny swing.

Girlfriend keeps growing and growing and, well, you get the point. She must be getting it all done during naptime, tho, because oof. Her nighttime sleep ("sleep") is killing me softly. I do believe it's the work of those two-year molars poking through so... should be short-term? Ruh-right?

Oh, also: She won't wear pants right now (scraped her knees and she's afraid pulling them on will take off her "bam-aids"...) and so her legs are freezing and goosebumpy and that's not ideal for sleep either, is it? No.

In other news, we are both obsessed with our new favorite movie -- Tangled. Lovelovelove.

That's really all I got, friends.


  1. what a tall little lady!

  2. What long legs! And pretty red lips. She is a doll.

  3. Rachel R3:13 PM

    kinda funny about the pants thing since you list it as one of your "hates" on the right side of your blog ;-)

    and thanks for the tip on Tangled - I must find it for my wee one now!


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