Tuesday, June 05, 2012

In the life of Harps

Holy mother of gods am I zonked. Another 5:15 wake-up call from the boss, but this time I was asleep at midnight (or later?) after a late night rabid furniture moving spree via cc and, begrudgingly, me. I used to get much angrier than begrudged when he'd get a bee in his bonnet for redecorating...but then I saw it usually worked out for the best. And so 8 years later, I roll with it. Our bedroom now looks infinity better and our combo living room/eating/crafting room does, too.


Of course, today would be the day we're going off on a big city adventure (Children's Museum of Manhattan woot woot) with pals ... le sigh. It will probably be easier to do something super busy while tired than keep her happy inside while it rains...while tired. 

Here are a few pics from the past few days before I fall asleep typing/before Kipper ends:

Kale ripper/taster.

She begged to go inside. Seriously. (Also -- WHY, downtown Westport?!)

Storytime focus.

Cousin dance party.


  1. i love these pics! especially the storytime one--i wish i had that kind of focus!

  2. Such a big girl!

    From that kale picture, I LOVE your kitchen. Even just the tiny little bit I can see.


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