Monday, June 11, 2012

Some "fings" as she says

In no particular order, and because my battery's about to die as usual and Blogger HATES ME, here are some pics from my life with HJ. And then some words after. It's not pretty but IT'S SOMETHING, people.

Doin' her letters.

Kitchen love.

Bertucci's! Where you been since 1999?

1) On Saturday we went to a bouncy castle/slide birthday party in the next town over. It was crazy cute -- but also brought up some pretty vivid flashbacks of sweaty afternoons at Roller Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire.

At one point, they turned all the lights off and the kids had glowy sticks and there were black lights and Beiber was blasting and hold up -- is HJ 2 or 12?! Hilarious. She wasn't super into the bouncy stuff past a certain point (the boys were getting a little nutso), but oh boy did she love the dark/lights/music. She danced and danced and danced and danced.

In the middle of all the dancing, this song came on and she turned to me and, so excited, yelled: "Just like Anni!" and shook her booty something fierce -- because her cousin Anni loves that jam and we had a dance party to it once. Oh, it was awesome.

But seriously. She's only 2... slow this ride down, kthx.


2) Sometimes Harps gets my phone handed to her when I need a quick distraction. (Long line at the DMV, etc etc)... And each and every time I'm astounded and scared by her activities. She starts Words with Friends games with people I haven't spoken to in years (and might even be kind of on awkward terms with...) When she plays the game I've got going with my mom, I'll hear about it from mom -- "Harps played her signature move: swapping all your tiles." Doh! She's also emailed people about cool things she likes on a design app (this is not a joke) and texted Clay. It all makes me laugh, tho the Words with Friends habit has got to stop.

3) She is obsessed with this British craft show for kids. It's called Mr. Maker. Ha! Tho she calls it Mr. Baker. I love her. No idea how we found it, but we did and she's over the moon. And now she's in this naughty habit of pretending to stub her toe or chin or skin and then saying "Feel so better with Mr. Baker?" Oh oh oh my. I'm onto you, sista.

4) I just found, via Wikipedia, that Samantha/Darren from Bewitched (oh, did I ever watch the hell out of that show as a kid) were supposed to live in Westport. This thrills me wa-hay more than it reasonably should. Also? The Ricardos (Lucy, Ricky, Babaloo) moved to the 'port after they left the NYC. Sure, those episodes were lame-o but hey! I'll take what I can out here.

Goo'night, lovelies.


  1. Roller Kingdom! Ahhh!

    I want to come over and hang out with you and the Harpsicord. Playing with sidewalk chalk and then having a dance party sounds ah-mazing!!!

  2. While she sits in the kitchen, the caption picture above her head, "I am so ready for the new ipad!" These are great pictures and insights to her personality...aren't the two's terrific and not terrible at all?

  3. Thanks for posting updates on Harpah! I am cracking up over the "feel so better with Mr. Baker?"! Ohhh, she's good!


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