Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sometimes I take it a step too far

Harps is on a massive, massive arts 'n crafting kick. There's collaging, there's making-costumes-from-construction-paper, there's covering-her-body-in-facepaint, there's gluing-of-puff-balls, there's crayons and markers and stickers and yarn and yow. I have total oversensitivity over Not Being Good At Art, so I'm really letting girlfriend go crazy with all this.

At 5 tonight, with 3ish hours till bedtime, and cc not coming back (no idea where he is) (kidding, he's on a bi'ness trip and we're joining him tomorrow), I needed to get something going to get through the evening. It was gorgeous outside and I'd already pulled out the materials for a bizarre project earlier. Seemed like the perfect time.

Opened an old can of sweetened condensed milk, poured out little divisions, then swirled in food coloring. She was all "Oh wow! Looka that purple! It's so fancy!" And seriously? It kinda was. The colors were super bright mixed with the, uh, milk and it was fun watching them pop.

Then I stripped her down nakie, pulled out a big piece of paper, handed her some q-tips (she's not always into sticky hands) and she went to town. The milk painted smoothy and shiny (would look neat on wax paper for a stained glass situation) and she got all Pollock on it, jumping up and splattering and sure wanted to draw a lot of fruit. "These grapes are so tasty!"

A fun mom would be all "Take a taste!!!" but I figured that would just confuse matters for, oh, the rest of her life when every other paint is not fo' eating. Also... that can was mighty old.


Tomorrow we're off on a big 10 day trip to Boston, then NH, then Maine. Will try and post a little here and there (I can never stay off Instagram), but I need an Internettles detox in general so. Kisses!

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  1. Like, Like, Like. Yes, please keep us updated as best you can. Firecrackers next week? Thinking the Cowans will see some beautiful displays over the bays.


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