Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Funny of-the-moment Harper things

Because I love to look back on it:

- Lately calls cc "Clay Clay". Zero idea where this came from, since I almost never call him Clay... 

- Instead of the usual toddler "NO!" she likes to say delicately: "No, not quite..." 

- Has pretty amazing puzzle skills. We've got a set of 4 mini 12-piece puzzles (just loose pieces, not with a board) and she can do them entirely by herself, very quickly. I'm mostly impressed because she's faster at putting them together than I am. (I'm admittedly terrible at puzzles, but still.)

- Uses this really weird, high-pitched, sweet voice when she's asking for something she wants. "How 'bout a show?" 

- Turns lots of things down because they're "too" something. For example. We bought her a gross strawberry lemonade thing the other day during some travel. She took a sip and said: "No thank you. It's too tasty." Or we gave her some raspberry sorbet. "It's too raspberry-y." Or ice cream: "It's too messy." (I swear I feed her good things, too.) After an unfortunate bath bomb incident at my mom's house (we thought it'd be fun, but it turned the tub green and fizzled and she freaked out), she wouldn't take a bath the whole visit. "It's too painty!!!!" she'd yell.

- Mostly thinks of herself/refers to herself as "Baby"... She'll say Harper, too, and tolerate that. But nothing else. When she's in a silly mood, anything you say she'll correct. For example, my mom pointed out her new work and said "That's my new place of employment!" and Harper says "I not place of employment, I Baby!" 

- Along the same lines, if you tell her she's such a big girl she'll yell "No! I so little! I so small! I a baby!" It's pretty much the opposite of any other toddler. (Or at least ones without baby siblings.)

- Adores Finding Nemo. And rather heartbreakingly will narrate what's going on. "Nemo missing his daddy. Nemo in the fishbowl and daddy swimming with the turtles. Daddy so sad." 

- "I can't like it!" is a favorite one after trying some food. 

- Love her unique memory. On our trip to Maine, we popped in our new Music Together CD. This fun song (our first time hearing) came on while we were in a Boston tunnel and she lalalala'd along. We didn't hear it again for another week, when we were tooling around Portland. On it came and she yelled: "Just like in the tunnel!" 

- Will tell me "You're right!" after I say something obvious like "It's lunchtime" or "I'm tired." 

Okay that's it for now. Gots to run. 


  1. She's such a clever little cookie! It sounds like she has such a fun personality. It seems like a great age, even with the tantrums and sleep struggles :)

    1. Hehe thanks ;) She's got lotsa personality that's for sure -- by bedtime I'm wiped. i LOVE 2 (almost 2.5 sob), tho. I'm hanging with a real little person all day! You'll love it!

  2. "I can't like it!"

    ;lkjf;laskjdf;skfj laugh.

  3. This is hysterical. "No, not quite," is my favorite. How did you manage to raise a tiny British lady?!

    1. I want to say 'it's all the British tv I watch!' but she's never around for that! Maybe it's all the tea I drank while I was knocked up? ;)

  4. Oh my Lordy I just went thru like 99 emotions. So tickled by her!! Obvi you guys are doing a great job raising this little pumpkin.


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