Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sitting next to my back-home-again-cc

Inspired by my dear friend Mandy, I've been giving Harps lots of outdoor tubbies in an aluminium bucket/bin (I'm missing the actual word here, but am too tired to care)... She's increasingly wary of the actual tub, so this is a seriously good solution to get the areas soaked and, at least partially, scrubbed. Good enough for government work.

What a ridiculously HOT summer, non? Thankful for our central air (never had that growing up), but bummed we have to limit most of our outdoor play to early morning raspberry picking and late afternoon soaks. It's just so steamy otherwise and there have been massive afternoon storms, too. George is not a fan.

Just ordered a book called The Preschooler's Busy Book for more ideas to keep us, well, busy inside. There's already lots of crafting and playdough and dance parties and such, but girlfriend is constantly asking "What's next?!" and I'ze gots to keep up. Whew.

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  1. hooray! one can never lose with the washtub! weather is pretty much the same over in these parts, minus the rain (some intensely crispy grass over here). lots of late morning and early afternoon board games, painting, karaoke, dress-up, playdough, housework!? (my kids LOVE to wash windows), reading (and performing), and just lying around on the floor staring at the ceiling stuff.

    please, please post some ideas when your book comes in! i'm hitting bottom-of-the-barrel too!


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