Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Maybe my favorite picture ever.

Doesn't Harper look like the Princess in Super Mario Bros. 2? She's about to fly after that kite.

Tho when I call that her "princess dress" (she wears it for a chunk of everyday), she yells at me. "It not a princess dress! It a dress-up dress!" As my mom would say to her, "Don't be such a square, Harps." ("It's not a leaf, Grammy! It's a MAPLE LEAF." I fear the teenage years, people.)

So today was pretty great. We've got a new sitter who we met last week, loved, and started today. (And she's a preschool teacher. Dude.) She'll be coming about 4 hours a week (for the summer) and it totally blows my mind I have a few hours to myself. My-self!

I made sure the house was primed for success: Put out a special treat for HJ (crazy cookie sticks you dip into chocolate and strawberry frosting) and set out a craft (glue and Q-tips and dried pasta/beans for glueing) and made sure there were other delightful things sprinkled around. They were gluing as I kissed her goodbye and she literally yelled "Bye bye Mommy!!!!!"

Don't let the door hitcha!

So. First, I got a sweet tea. And I parked and sipped in cc's truck while I read my Anne Tyler book. Then I got my guts up (is that a saying?!) and went to a dance class at this studio literally within walking distance of my house (and nothing is within walking distance to my house -- except this place). I have no idea why I haven't gone before -- I stare at it everyday and obsess over their online schedule and really, really miss dancing. I guess it's just hard to make the times work and hard to take that first step (ha, step). Like -- will I have the right shoes/clothes/payment form. (Certified money orders only. Or maybe only coins.)

Some places are all real leotards and tights and sh*t. Some are sweatpants and no bra. You feel like an idiot if you're in your Groton-Dunstable Regional High School tee while everyone else is pulling on their Capezio. And vice versa. But I'd found a couple pics online and I Sherlock'd it out (yoga pants and a tank top) and brought along my worn-in ballet shoes. First class was free, so that was easy. And people were smiley and kind of old. Also a bonus! (There were high schoolers, tho, too. It was a bizarre mix. I blame it on the summertime?)

Anyways. Not to bore the non-dancers, but I had the time of my liiiiiiiiiife, Patrick Swayze. We did a warm-up to songs from Chicago and I had tears in my eyes I felt so at home. Pitiful! But then I became a normal person again and just had so much fun. And was really out of breath. And mad that society has decided chunky yoga pants should be worn for everything. Bring me some tights, sista!

Oh, dance. My firstest love.

*rubs Ben Gay all over and falls asleep at 9*


  1. lauren in the minneapple4:43 AM

    that photo is perfection and this post made me miss you so much. i'd totally go to that dance class with you, but i might insist on some trashy tv, a concrete window of crochet time afterwards and some yogurt-covered pretzels as a reward. i also might request some ridiculous tunes from ashlee simpson's horribly fabulous album from 2004-2005? so I could pretend i'm in a music video.. riiiiight?

    again, why does teleportation not yet exist?


    love to you all. and frame that photo for the house and clay's desk and your mom's house and for trevor and for maine cousins. seriously, xmas gift essential.


    1. I went down the Ash Simpson blackhole the other day!! It was such an insane nostalgia trip... I guiltily miss that girl!

      And definitely miss all our nights together, le sigh. Remember that summer I did summer school and would walk thru that dangerous alley to your place and we'd get chips/dip from Shaw's and sit on your front porch and then I'd fall asleep on that brown couch? Get invented, teleportation!


  2. That picture needs to be blown up huge and framed. Really great.

    And dance class sounds like fun.

    WOO HOO, four hours a week! FREEEEDOM!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about dance classes :) I've found a few in my hood (most are way across town) but they just don't do it for me. I have to say that the old lady and teenager thing is TOTALLY normal and not just a summertime thing. My problem is that I'm not really a joiner and they always end up wanting to do a "show" for a convalescent hospital or something- and I just wanted to excersize in the way I like. I run and then don't have the nerve to join back up. I've always been a pretty bad dancer, but studied for awhile. The best thing is being the best worst dancer in the room!

    1. Ahahh omg, the random shows, no! When I was in a dance company in HS, we had to do weird shows all OVER the place. Including a laundromat?!? Never again!!

      This place is great and somehow strikes the right note with picky ol' me. Hope you can find one, too!

  4. Amy...this is a fabulous picture; I love it. And the previous one with Harper in the blue bowl...sweet. Hope you can continue to do the dance class.


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