Sunday, July 29, 2012


Summer is so nice. Let's keep it summer longer.

cc has summer hours on Fridays and can be with us for much of the day, so our weekends are feeling longer/lusher/lovelier. Friday we went to the ocean and flew our kite and swam, we all went shopping on rainy Saturday (Harper no joke LOVES to shop... dangerous), today there was pool swimming/ice cream eating/sushi slurping/walking-along-the-watering. (Oh and! America's Funniest Video watching. So 1990s Sunday night family bonding of us.)

She's so worn out by the end of the day, I can get her to sleep at 7:30 if I pull my act together. Magical.

("Wow! Insta-Hang! Wow!" is what cc's saying re: an infomercial right now.)

Oh! I also forgot we watched the opening ceremonies (Opening Ceremonies?) on Friday night and delighted ourselves with our "I thought Abe Lincoln was American?" etc. commentary. And Bob Costas/Matt Lauer's North Korea joke killed it. And sure, of course doves should ride bicycles. We were also WTFing about the huge Ralph Lauren logos on the costumes. (Costumes?) Harper just kept asking where all the "running and jumping" was.

Oh! I also got to watch a former high school classmate (played soccer "with" her, too tho -- mostly that entailed camps and tryouts/conditioning every summer, since once fall started I was JV'ing it up hardcore on a different field and she was dominating Varsity...) race on the women's Olympic cycling team this morning. She made a real play to medal (came in first for the Americans, but we got beat) and it was so crazy to see her chatting with interviewers pre-race and then speeding along on camera all zip zip. My town's super small, yo! So that was fun.

And now my dog's asleep and cc's trying to talk me into buying a house on an island, and I need some Mexican chocolate ice cream all up in hurr.

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  1. Take it from me, riding is bicycle is the most fun there is - I still can't wait to get on my bike every morning of ever day, rain or shine.


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