Sunday, July 15, 2012


Can I just give a shout out to the iPhone? If it weren't for that sucker, I'd have a million (and a half) newborn pictures of my kid and nothing else. Hearts.

This has nothing to do with the nakie raspberry pic above, but remember that book He's Just Not that Into You? (Of course you do.) (I actually went to a taping of that guy's show because a friend was on it and I was her guest? A story for another time.) Do you think he'd mind if I made a similarly themed book about mom friendships? I'll pay him a few of the dimes, maybe.

It's just that I've uncovered so many different rules/themes/hints while I navigate these rocky SAHM shores and maybe I need to share them with the world. Or maybe I'm not quite ready yet, seeing as I'm always scratching my head at the weird things that are always happening.

Had some pretty blue days last week, moping about a couple friend things and feeling oh-so-sorry for myself... and today I feel a galaxy away from how I was feeling then. Because once you realize all o' the sudden "oh! she's just not that into me!" you can just relax and move onto the nice peeps who are into you, with the nice emails and get-together offers and so on and so forth.

Sometimes I fight too hard to make friendships work that aren't even that awesome in the first place. I get this idea that we're meant! to! be! buds! because maybe we had a few fun times and meh. It doesn't always work like that. As cc once said to me about a bumpy friend situation (that lasted much too long - I need to give up much sooner!): "She might be your best friend -- but are you sure you're hers?" Tough to hear, but mighty true.

It's hard, tho. Just like in the romance world, it's hard to find an even mom match. Someone will be super into me and I'm lukewarm. Then I find someone who's (seemingly) perfect and they'll already have 12,000 friends and 4 kids and just don't need a new pal. Wah wah.

But bottom line, I feel so much better tonight. It all seems kind of silly now -- the sighing and tearing up and head shaking. Not sure why I go through these cycles now and again, but it feels good to come out the other side kinda laughing at myself. Hearts!

(btw, my husb just linked to this very insightful NYT article about the difficulties of making new friends as adults. How timely for moi.)


  1. hahahahha omg. i just flashed back to a time i have tried, oh so hard, to forget. LOL. thanks, ames. hilarious though, because i actually JUST sent your blog over to Shelby, my other "guest" hahaha! oh man, let's hope those tapes are lost somewhere in a north korean vault.

    I've been catching up on your blog over the past couple of weeks and am so impressed with your dedication to it! You've inspired me to post more than once a month lol. Keep the Harper updates coming, and my mom and I would love to see you guys soon! It's been forever.

    oh, and I'm definitely sending you some of the photos i have of us at harp's age. twins, you two, i tell ya!

  2. Story of my life.

    It takes everything for me not to reach out to this mom that I hung out with quite a bit during the school year. She keeps sending me emails saying we should get together and i reply with "Just tell me WHEN!" But it doesn't work. Still no plans and I mope.

    However, I had a lovely afternoon at a country club with a mom and her friends. She's been inviting me over and over again, but I was so hesitant since their life is just not at all like my mine. I was so surprised by how comfortable is was and how absolutely doting they were on my boys. I guess it just means I shouldn't close my doors to everyone without giving them a chance, too.


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