Sunday, July 22, 2012


That's my kid trying to sit inside a bowl.

Good weekend over here. Visited the big as$ library sale a couple times and scored some treasures, had an old HS friend spend the night and chatted it up, ate sushi and Magnolia cupcakes and Shake Shack, did manymanymany crafts with Jones and blew bubbles and chased my dog around. Watched cc and HJ leave on a bike ride, discovered the best grocery store in the world probablydefinitely (Fairway, you have my heart forevermore), slept in, played Just Dance 3, almost hit cc in the head a few times whacking whiffle balls he pitched me. He just doesn't ever want to admit my intense athletic skills, people. (No fine, I don't really have them -- but I do want him to admit that I'm, surprisingly, not particularly unathletic either.)

I didn't do much cooking this week and want to make up for it this. Got cc to bookmark a million things in my Ming Tsai book and that should help me choose some new stuff. We've got a couple music classes, maybe a playdate or two, a few hours of babysitting, and hopefully some ocean time.

Still jonesing for the citylife a couple times a week, but I think I'm getting into the rhythm of this place. Happy weekaweek!

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