Sunday, July 08, 2012


I love her.

In other news, I'm sitting in the dark typing while Jones drifts off to Randy Newman on my iPhone. It's our last night at my mom's and so I'm just rolling with the bad sleep habits that have developed over the past week. I've got a few things to undo once we're back in the CT, but won't help to worry about that now.

The combo of a very vivid imagination + increased verbal skillz + 3 different sleeping rooms over 1 week + a scary recent event (to be explained in a bit)  = HJ waking up from a dead sleep yelling things like "Mommy! A ghost man is coming in my window! He said boo! He get me and I so, so, so scared!" Oh dear.

So yeah. Things were funky sleepwise already, but then on the 4th -- after a really nice/steamy day of parading and hotdogging and cousining -- a serious thunderstorm hit while we were all piddling around my gram's house eating leftovers. It was loud. Like, loud loud loud. The first big boom made us all laugh nervously and check in -- upstairs crowd yelling down to downstairs crowd. Then pause, pause, pause... Then a boom/crack/lightning flash that felt so insane, words can't really do it justice. Well, maybe they could if I weren't brain fried and hunched over in a dark room.

Harps was downstairs watching (of all things) America's Funniest Vids on my mom's lap and I was up a landing of stairs in the kitchen eating an omelette. She screamed and screamed and I sailed down the steps and grabbed her and ran back up the stairs. We all gathered in the kitchen, away from the windows. And then forced my cousin Ben out the door. To check on the burning smell and to see what in the hell just happened. Harper was terrified. Crying and screaming and shaking and inconsolable. I was so jealous of my cuz Amanda who could just start nursing her toddler. Instant tranquilizer.

Ben couldn't see anything, but when the rain finally stopped, Amanda and the babies and I headed outside to poke around. Sure enough, we found a deep hole in the ground -- 5 feet from the screen door opened to the room where Harps had been. Yep. She was 10 feet from a lightning strike! Weeeeeee! Also? Ben and Amanda's car (a couple feet from the hole) was completely wiped out -- computer dead, wouldn't start, vroooom F. And it had a flat tire. Did the lightning hit the car and go under ground and up thru the hole? Or through the hole and up thru the car? Let's call Mythbusters!

Super, super scary. We were all shaken and punchy for a long time after that. Oh and Harper has now developed a serious love thing for America's Funniest. She calls it the "Falling Down Show" and now requests it when she's feeling anxious. Doobie doobie doo!

So that was that.

It's been a very nice week, tho. Lots of warm weather and feet-in-the-ocean and ice cream (and coconut cake and an Ina peach/raspberry cobbler I made and handmade potato donuts and oh F I've got work to do at home) and relaxing and reading (my mom has the most impressive self-help library you can imagine -- I always delve into 2 or 3 tomes while I'm here) and strolls and porch sitting. I feel really rested and summerfied.

But! We miss cc and George and our little cottage calls us back tomorrow. Check ya on the flip, Maine.


  1. Always heard lightening can really mess up a "do."
    Just happy to hear that you are all safe and have had a great trip. Cute picture; she has the prettiest eyes!

  2. 1. Kiddos describing their nightmares is the absolute worst thing ever. You want to crawl into their brain and Mama Bear the heck out of the bad guys. Bowie had a series of dreams about evil robots. Oy.
    2. Holy hell lady, I am terrified of thunderstorms, have been probably since Harper's age. Your story gave me the heebie jeebies. Another reason I love SF, we hardly ever get that crazy here (weather-wise).
    3. Bowie loves AFV. Adores. We watch it as a family after long days when we could all use a good laugh.

    1. Oh, so glad to hear someone else even KNOWS that AFV still exists. Bowie and Harper should have a date someday and provide the commentary Bob Saget used to ;)

  3. i know it's kinda frowned upon but seriously you could make like a billion dollas if she were a child model. i mean, she IS a child model, no?

    so freaky about the thunder & lightning!! never seen/heard it that close...

    sad your lovely vaca is over, but i'm happy you'll be back on the blog circuit ;)

    1. Nik, Nik, you make me blush ;) Only a mama of a gorgeous gal like Lucy (and hello, handsome little man Freddie) could be so generous with the love ;)

  4. When I was 14 on vacation in Florida I was outside the camping trailer (metal shell) when the air started to buzz and my hair stood up all over my body, so I ran for the trailer (10 ft away) and just as I closed the door this massive lightening bolt hit. If I had been a bit slower you would not be here. Lightening has always liked me. I kind of accept it now.

    1. I forgot that story! Very creepy.


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