Monday, August 13, 2012

I just walked to Whole Foods in the dark to get cc some ginger snaps

So I'm running low on batteries. We also started this morning with Harper requesting a robot costume (which we produced), so. Busy day.

But because I'm realizing more and more this ol' blog is to document for me, for my family, our days together -- I didn't want to forget to remember the little summer supper picnic on the beach I forced upon my two favorites. A vision quest complete!

I bought some sammies and chips and pickles and iced teas and peaches. I put out the red blanket and handed Harper some low budget beach toys (two cups). The ocean air was still warm, but not chilly yet, and we ate our foods and then made sand castles and then I snuck away to swim a bit solo while they played. Joy!

And then I scolded cc because didn't he want to take pictures of his two ladies playing? Hello! We're adorable.

(And now summer may come to a close and fall may bring along not-burning-like-a-fire temperatures and deliciously spicy chais.)


  1. No two are adorable. And such a sweet picture kissing. Pictures of the robot costume?? Your audience can be demanding, I know. Wish we had some coolness in the air here in the oven of the nation. Thanks for documenting.

  2. Marnie12:16 PM

    Precious pictures :)


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