Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday (how's it only Wednesday?)

I'll always love this picture because it will always remind me of the day we hung at the children's museum, most of which was spent in line waiting for a ride on their solar powered train. Of which Harper was obsessed with. 

The whole thing was really poorly orchestrated, so Jones and I had to wait almost an hour to get our turn, but she was such a champ. Running around a little, talking up strangers, drinking a juicebox, playing an impromptu dress-up sesh with random things in my bag.

"Are you sad we're missing the train, Mommy?"

"I am! I am." (I really was... I was much more distraught than she was. Maybe because I knew those thunder rumbles might take away our dream. Maybe because I have the patience of an infant.)

"Don't wu-rry! I'll find it!"

Love her buns.

Speaking of buns! Her first undies arrived tonight via the miracle of Amazon Prime and she is just deliciously delicious in them. What a lil lady.

Now! Let's just hope she can pull it togethah and not wake up for the fourth night in a row at 3:02 on the dot. First night she was upset about all the "hot water!!!!!"(?), the second night there was a bug in her blanket (no, there wasn't), and last night... I forget; my brain was leaking a little bit by that point.

So wish me luck gettin' through those wily hours? Thanks to you!

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