Sunday, January 28, 2007

That's Almost 25 and That's Almost My Mid-Twenties

I've been thinking. But a few years ago, I used to live in Allston across from condemned houses, sharing an apartment with four other people that would make any Real World household pale in a diversity comparison. I wore felt clogs, (men's) thrift store clothing, had my roommate cut my hair with blunt scissors at midnight, and drove a rusty Subaru. I owned one tube of mascara, no tubes of lipstick and ate some form of cheese, bread, or pasta for 85% of my meals. To be fair, this last part hasn't changed much, but as I approach my 25th birthday (February 17th for all you eager shoppers), I've been taking stock of some of the ch-ch-ch-changes that have transpired over the past few years.

1) Except for some underwear that I've been begged to part with, most of my clothes are hole-free and were bought new, by me, worn only by me.

2.) I now have an entire (small) drawer of makeup. I don't really wear most of it unless I happen to wake up more than 15 minutes before it's time to leave, but it just makes me feel like such a girl to open that drawer and see all those blushes and brushes and glosses. Sometimes I just stand and stare.

3.) I own designer denim. Anyone who has taken the first bite of this forbidden and delicious fruit knows what a slippery slope this is. Don't get me going on this or I will never stop.

4.) I pay attention to cleaning product commercials. Especially dusting products. I love dusting products.

5.) I read the Wall Street Journal.

6.) I live in Pacific Heights. Before this I lived in Beacon Hill. The word "preppy"? A staggering understatement.

7.) Layers, lowlights, highlights. I'm not even sure what my real hair looks like anymore.

8.) I wear sunscreen.

9.) Sometimes I make porkchops. Yesterday I bought a whole chicken.

10.) And finally, but most significantly. Today I co-signed (with a heterosexual boy) for a new (new) Volkswagen. Granted, it's a GTI and superfast and two-door and tiny, but I'm a little worried for when my Yankee family finds out that it has...heated leather seats?! A moonroof?! A navigation system?! Just throw in a yappy accessory dog and some Marc sunglasses and the transformation is complete.

But. My dream date is still Peter Parker, I eat Toaster Strudels for breakfast, and use 30 nickels to ride the bus. Which I'm about to sprint to in $12 cowboy boots. Not all is lost.