Sunday, November 30, 2008

i never feel so yankee

as i do after a trip to texas. i can't pinpoint exactly what's different except - i definitely am. i talk a little too fast, can't pronounce pecan (i say "pee-kan" instead of "pah-cahn"), and i still don't understand football. i worry for the day we've got kiddos to bring 'round, because wow those southern babies are done up so cute. i'm fairly certain ours will be clad in onesies + barefoot + koolaid mustache.

but dang those texans can cook! yams with brown sugar, sweet rolls, sweet tea, sweet potato pie (noticing a theme?), cheese grits, green bean casserole (i could eat this everyday, all day), ham, cheesy rice, turkey, gravy, buttermilk pie, red velvet cake, and oh my god ---- potato chips sprinkled with chocolate and caramel. geen-ius.

later on in the week, we ate cajun (red beans + sausage + rice + banana pudding) then bbq (beef brisket, mac and cheese, cole slaw, toast: a wedding flashback!) i hurt myself/jammed myself with all the choosings. and don't feel a bit bad about it. power yoga x 7 days = start now.

tomorrow it's back to my dry pita sandwiches and grape juice eaten quietly at a quiet desk. self-pity binge swapped out for a food binge! a low-cal option fo sho.

Monday, November 24, 2008

cc's on the road again

so i took him to the airport this morning. this was our little routine when i was unemployed: wake up early, enjoy a nice ride together, he flies off into the sunrise, i drive back to a soundtrack of npr then sleep for 3 more hours.

now that i'm working, i'm a little nervous for the crash that's going to happen around noon (or nine) today. i'm fortified with caffeine and the knowledge of a short week, but that can only take a girl so far. if i'm going to be a teacher one day, as i'm seriously considering, i'll have to get used to earlier hours eventually though, right? do you think it's possible to rewire your natural body rhythms so that waking up early is actually enjoyable for a night owl like myself?

because i can really see the benefits of it if i could make it work: up before anything is clamoring for me, traffic is none, fog's creeping in, a cup of tea and a couch. maybe a walk and some oatmeal? i would like that.

but to swing that i'd have to be asleep by 10, which doesn't quite compute with my brain. that's when dirty jobs starts! oh but wait, amy, wait. these timings are not relevant to your life anymore, silly girl. have you forgotten that you and your hubs-band have embarked on a cable-free adventure soon as they turn off our box? (we've canceled, but are milking it for all its worth.)

too much caffeine = i talk to myself.

you see, now that we've got netflix streaming into our xbox, which brings us tons of stuff with just a click (awkward phrasing i still use after doing ads for comcast, brain = poisoned.), i feel a lot less nervous than if i'd just signed up for me + aladdin on vhs. we'll have plenty to watch, just no commercials and less channel surfing through dumb things (parking wars anyone?) when i should be writing/reading/cooking/pumping iron. weeeeeeeesh us luck!

Friday, November 21, 2008

as much as i pee

my new coworkers most definitely think i'm puking up all those string cheeses. the ladies room locale is very un-feng-shui. it's right near the lobby and front desk so both guests and receptionist are privy to my frequent visits. it's also directly across from a glass-walled meeting room, always filled with senior types. and i have to walk from the way back to the way front of the office, passing every single person's desk on my journey.

and now, i go even more frequently because of my new addiction. yoga in the stall.

i get so sleepy and cramped at my desk and as much as the english breakfast tea and npr podcasts help, it's not enough. so i sneak into the handicap stall and do a bunch of poses until i hear the outside door squeak and i saunter out to wash my hands. a must after downward dog on a bathroom floor. disturbed that i'll do that but won't use a sponge? so am i.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm always delighted after our laundry is done


a) not fun!

but mostly

b) i realize oh! i kind of have clothes!

because you see, before going out to sushi with the hubs or brunch with the book club ladies i have lots of mini nervous breakdowns when i look in my closet. i can't find anything i like or anything that fits or really anything at all.

but then i throw some tide on top of things and my raincloud dries up. (or, really, just moves along to something else - like seeing all those dead pigs piled up inside that same truck in chinatown every morning. and you were jealous of my commute.)

this whole america's-po'-now-so-try-shopping-in-your-closet thing is a mind-blow. combine my recent much-needed staple acquistions from target ( i used a gift certificate + $34 of my own dollars, don't hate!) with my current stash and turns out i've got black leggings and skinny black stretchy pants and blue jeans and plain tanks and tanks with stripes and basic dresses for layering and a few colored cardigans and stretchy/soft turtlenecks and even some accessories. i won't say i'm rocking my dream wardrobe or anything, but after all is washed and folded - i'm not mad at what i got.

(except comfortable black ballet flats for everyday wear -- any recommendations!? i'll spend as little as a penny, as much'ty?)

add to this my rabid library usage and my store-brand spaghetti sauce purchasing and it looks like i'm one step away from making potholders out of old jeans. my family should be getting very excited for their upcoming christmas presents.

Monday, November 17, 2008

doesn't everyone think i need one of these?

your heart just stopped for a minute, right?

i found an online quiz that analyzes your lifestyle and matches you with your perfect breed.

apparently, a bulldog is:


"a couch potato"


"very good with children"

"appreciates a lowkey daily outing"


"prefers not to exercise"

in other words, me.

will you help bat your eyelashes at cc for me? thaaanks.

Friday, November 14, 2008


if a thief hadn't thiefed us, i would take a pic of my new 'do. i'm hard at work on a pinhole camera, but until that's complete you'll have to use your imagination. i'm happy with the new look, although my stylist cut the bangs a little too long - which is better than too short of course, so i'm not crying. i can wear them down and completely straight across - my preference - but then i'm stuck blowing hair out of my eyes all day. so i'm wearing them down and straight across but also sort of pushed over a little. i think the whole thing looks especially cute when my hair is up; sort of ballet-dancer-from-1977-ish?

wow. this is boring even to me.

i might as well start typing what i ate today. (cinnamon swirl oatmeal and english breakfast tea in the morning + sweet and sour chicken with an iced tea for lunch. i'm making chicken enchiladas tonight. the end.)

in summary: i like them, cc is adjusting, i think you'll dig, and at my free bang trim in two weeks i'll get them cut shorter.

i'm sort of short on other news. except that it's 78 degrees and sunny here in san francisco and my internal thermometer is very confused. holiday starbucks cups + tank tops?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i don't feel well

but i needed to tell you about my new favorite show.

if you enjoy/enjoyed mystery science theater 3000, you should watch whatever martha (on the fine living network.) martha stewart's daughter alexis and her friend jennifer sit on couches and watch old episodes of martha's show together. they make witty quips and talk over the narration and try to make the crafts along with her and make fun of the mom jeans. it's genius.

okay i'm dizzy and nauseous and stuff. carry on.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

he could have just opened the door

just as i was flapping my yapper about how pretty and lovely and smart this city is, cc and i woke up to a broken-into car. sad face, upset tummy. some bad guy used a key (?!) to get into our lobby and then our garage, spotted our schmancy nikon camera strap only sort of hidden underneath a sweatshirt, and bashed in our sweet little v-dub's back window to grab it. he also found my new not-schmancy-but-still-loveable camera tucked into a side pocket. he must be a photographer.

the frustrating part (aside from the fact he got into our building uninvited and took our things) was the car = unlocked! the glass-bashing, which will run us about two-hundy to fix (thank you cc for hunting down the deal), was completely unnecessary, and made my car look all undignified and frumpy. ack.

the locks will be changed and we'll be extra-careful now about a) letting anyone non-tenant into the building and b) leaving anything in our car, but it's still creepy and unfair. ah, city living.

in happier news, i'm debuting my cooking skills tonight for non-family-members. we'll sit around our little white table by the window and enjoy the view of the bay, visible through the small space between two mansions. would you like to hear the menu?

tomato and basil (homegrown!) soup
garlic bread for dipping
green (spinach pesto i'll make in my processor) gnocchi
homemade ginger snaps (amy sedaris recipe)
pumpkin pie ice cream (cc is in charge of this one, "as long as you buy me the ingredients")

nom nom nom, says cookie monster.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

looks like my uk passport will stay dusty

a) didn't the air smell better today? everything just seems a little different and i hope it doesn't stop. 1000% thrilled and happy and inspired. !gobama!

b) shame on you, conservative californians. as cc said this morning, we can only hope someone doesn't arbitrarily decide to take our marriage away.

c) i just made hot chocolate from scratch and added cayenne pepper. do this and thank me later.

d) yoga in the a.m. helps sleeping in the p.m.

e) showing around visitors (cc's dad and stepmom - hi guys!) always makes me heart this city even more. it really is one of the coolest (and prettiest and smartest) places on the map. i'm a lucky gal.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

quick question

while i'll eat a doughnut off a dirty floor, wash my hair only when i remember, and wear the same t-shirt five days in a row, i have a really weird germ-a-phobe thing with sponges. as in i really, really don't like using them.

i feel like i'm just wiping around e coli and salmonella and dead skin and egg yolks every time i swipe the counters. they stay perpetually damp and smell strange and i can’t imagine they’re actually making things less germy than they were to begin with. i have a scrubby brush thing i use for the dishes, but when it comes to counters and stovetops and every single one of my bathroom’s surfaces, i just cannot find anything acceptable.

i know (i know) it’s horrible to keep using paper towels, but sponges make my brain explode. cc tells me i just need to have separate sponges for separate purposes and squeeze them dry and air them out and all that. and i know those are all good ideas. just, ahem, maybe not the best ideas?

and so i’m here asking you, dear reader, for different suggestions: more eco friendly than paper towels, please, but thoughtfully removing any mention of sponge, spongy, spongee.

bja and her sidekick, ocd, thank you kindly.