Tuesday, August 31, 2010


1) Dudes. My bubsband is, like, totally famous. Scroll down to the second-to-last paragraph on page uno. Ooo let's go makeout, hottiepants bi'nessweek man! (But what's so him is I found out through someone congratulating him on his FB page.)

2.) Bebe clothes on clothesline.

3.) Sonic. Cherry limeade. At happy hour for a dollar.

4.) No comment.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby no nappy pants

I will stare you down. You will nap first, momz. Not me.

Harps napped a cumulative 30 minutes today. Half of which was in her stroller en route back from the liberry, where we picked up Madeline. And I somehow resisted a peppermint ice cream cone.

I'm lucky in that, even when sleep deprived, she doesn't really get too crabby. Just...clingy. So my arms are barking right now. Wait.

(And yes, she's cuddling a mouse in that picture. Which I guess makes me a hypocrite. Mea culpa. Also -- let's never discuss mice on here ever again, mmmkah? *shakes head in confusion*)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The elusive gigg

Ah, and almost-Monday rolls around again. All in all a productive weekend. Cooked/baked my face off: a Pioneer Woman's pasta recipe, slow cooker oatmeal with cranberries and vanilla, ginger snaps (used Alice Water's recipe - meh. I'll go back to Amy Sedaris's margarine-packed one, thaaaaaaanks), lemon/blueberry pudding cake, black bean soup, corn muffins and...I think that's it. I wanted to make a few batches of bebe foods, but realized my freezer-storage-systems weren't quite ready. So later this week, I'll give Biscuit a thrill as I puree pears and she looks on in horror/delight.

There was also regular laundry, cloth diaper laundry/line hanging, lawn mowing, floor scrubbing, weeding, and...mouse trap setting. Yes, it is true. We are living amongst some tiny furry friends. I cannot handle seeing another one waltzing around my feets, so -- certain death awaits. I kind of can't handle the sound they're about to make while I'm watching my programs. Choke.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is another clip of our best friend chuckling it up. She smiles all the live long day, but laughing? Still a rare treat.

(I love how she pauses inbetween laughs to stare down the camera.)

(I have no excuses for what I'm doing in this video.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crazy toes for crazy mamas

Manj and I left our baby birds with their daddyos and got ourselves some icy cold Cokes and pampered footsies.

I came home to find H and cc napping together. Dun't get better than that, guys.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy birthday to my baby daddy

We love you oh so very much. And forgive you for sort of waking up the Biscuit this morning because you wanted to play with her before work.

We started eating the cake before you got home. Sorry buddy and xo to infinity!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sew whut

This was Harper's reaction when I told her I want to learn sewing skillz.

But...MOMZ.  Remember sixth grade Home Ec? When the teacher had to finish your stuffed animal project thing because you started sweating buckets and threw a fit and couldn't get the stitches straight? Yeah, I thought you remembered. And still? Still you want to try?

Yeah, Harps J. I do.

Because I need to sew you a Halloween costume, dudette muffin! Duh.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair azz

In a nearby town to the one I grew up in, stood a salon named...Hair Azz. It haunted my mother and me for years because why? Why why why. Was it supposed to be some play on the word pizzazz? Or...jazz? Or? Please offer any suggestions you may have. We'll be standing patiently by.


I thought you might like an update on the Cowan ladies' hair situation.

1) Harps is rocking an amazing mowawk these days. We call it the Kewpie Hawk, for obvious reasons. I fear it's on its way out, though, as her lil peach fuzz grows longer and starts to weigh it down. I will cherish our every minute together until then.

2. Remember how all my hair fell out? Yep, that was funz. Well, just this weekend I noticed the baldness was starting to unbald. A good thing, right? You'd think? Except that when you grow hair back from scratch it goes through a majorly awkward awkwardness. Check my new bangs! Hot, no? You love it! And so do I.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekendzone recap

Though our natural habitat is...inside, the Cowanz clan decided to escape the heat of the valley this weekend and head to the Rockies. We ate elk sausage and blueberry pancakes in Estes Park, then found our way to Bear Lake -- this delicious little clear circle of delicious. We big peeps weren't allowed to swim (sigh), but there didn't appear to be any signs about No Baby Toe Touching.

Look how miniature her feet are! Look how short my shorts are!

I want to live in that water. Harps might not have felt the same.
Guys, guys. I'd like you to meet someone pretty okay -- my momz.

I enjoy this because it looks fake in the background. Also because those two are tasty.

So Saturday was full of mountains and driving around curves that made me nosh and crackly NPR broadcasts while we sipped coffee. Today, we kept things a little closer to the homezone. Piddled around vintage stores on Broadway, tried a new brunch joint, then headed to a yarn store I've been dying (dyeing? har har) to scope. As we walked in, I heard Clay say, "I think she might be a little sleepy..."

Fabric makes me EXHAUSTED.

You guys push it. You really, really push it.

And then...we came home. Snuggled in and got ready for the week to come. Zip zip!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A handful of things

1. The downsides of cloth. Little piles of pee-soaked bundles all over. Also? We just started some serious nighttime leaks. I might have to resort to -- choke gasp die -- 'sposies for sleep. I know, I know. You're totally mad at me.

2. Teavana's mint cacao black tea is making my mornings worth living. However, if next time I go in (because now I have to go in again -- I've tasted true love) their salespeople try and upsell me with some "you need a special canister" bullsh*t? I will end them.

3. My Subaru is unregistered. I drive around like I'm ze Fugitive, one eye always swiveling around.

4. I chose a playgroup member with a Jesus fish thing tattooed on her ankle to make the comment that "This playgroup is cooler b/c not everyone is so religious!"

5. If you tell me/imply to me that I carry my baby too much, I'll probably hate you on some level. Heads up.

6. When idiots discerning literary critics say "Team Jacob!" are they serious? They're really reading the books for anything other than Bella turning into a vampire and having vampire sex? I'm confused.

7. Six.five months in and I finally like nursing. Long road, peeps.

8. I basically can't take pics of H with my iFone anymore because SHE WANTS IT, LADY, NOW.

9. Tea time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big day

Swimming and sammies and naps with Manj and her Beanman. Quick zip to (new, mucho better) playgroup with other bubs and cooler-than-home toys. Drive to Starbucks for mama's vice. Zonktown, USA.

All in a day's work, peeps.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time to throw away the bouncer

About to topple over, reaching for the computer cord.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My mantle

Colored glass bowls, wedding love, toofragileforme orchid, vintage bluebird needlepoint, vintage Vertigo ad.

I'm getting obsessive having fun these days finding little things here and there to spice up the new pad. We usually hang a big pic over a fireplace, but we're enjoying this hodgepodge mix at the moment. (If that orchid is dead the next time I take a photo, blame Clay plzthx. It's his green baby -- not mine.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

She works hard for the mo-- er, milk

People ask me how I stay at home with a baby all day. Looking at those thighs, I say how could I not?

Not afraid to get her hands dirty. (Also: I think she might be flipping momz off?)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Like a little Italian baby bird

She spots Clay, from across the room, walking with his handy dandy green bottle and? Her mouth pops open like a hungry chickadee.

Death grip.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy s&*t I'm tired and covered in paint

Fussy gfri had zero interest in napping today, but mucho interest in mama painting the archway.

Working in her office al fresco while grandmom weeds. I like to make people work when they visit.

Stress eating lemon bars. Too eggy. Still helped.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Every evening, around 6:30, HJ and I sit on the side steps and wait for Clay's truck to pull up. She knows what's coming and starts to smile.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday homestead

New shirt. Think it should be a uniform for all nursing mamas, if you catch my drift. Dirty mirror courtsey of Baby McTouchyPants.

Our bedroom in the morning. Plus one Chesney.

Spent 12 years cleaning off our wooden table this morning, stuck with chunks of pureed peas and prunes and peaches and puke. Picked up a new tablecloth because -- no thank you. Also, our backyard tree's purple flowers in baby food jars. And my favorite kitchen accessory -- a lil ceramic holder that keeps my butter warm and special.

Monday, August 09, 2010


From now on, I'll be: sharing in a different way, locking down my Twitter account, only reading the blogs that happify me.

Here we go!

After picking up the third book in the Twilight series War and Peace at the library, before the afternoon thunderstorms struck, I put H in the swings for the first time. She dug it.

Sophie bit the dust at brunch the other day and needs a good scrub before H can munch on her giraffey legs again. (Anyone else unable to keep their sink empty?)

Cutoff jorts. L.L. Bean elf slippers. Chicken legs.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Self-enforced timeout

Found this just-slept-12-hours picture. I used to be well-rested, guys. Wow.

Ze internets have been driving me batshitbonkers lately. And I'm trying to figure out why/what/how. There are blogs I read that make me feel good and blogs I read that make me feel, well, notgood -- and same goes for bloggers and tweets and Facebooky nonsense and all that. Since this isn't exactly "real life" it seems ridiculous to let any of it upset me, no? I only want to write stuff and read stuff that makes me feel better and connected in a healthy way. So I'm taking a wee step back to figure out what I can do to make it fun again.

Be back in a week or so.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

6 months.

Our best girl.

So tomorrow (or today, depending on when you click here) little Harper Junebug is six months old. Half a year. A bunch of days. It's surreal typing these words, because where did the time go? Didn't we both just celebrate our February birthdays and take rainy walks up and down San Francisco hills?

Dude. I love this baby.

Six-month-old Biscuit loves it when I sing and dance for her, hates when I leave the room (a new and, uh, interesting challenge), adores Pellegrino straight from the bottle (thanks, Clay!), lives for nakie time, no longer uses a binky, eats all foods like there's no tomorrow, is obsessed with all things technology, cuddles her baby mouse at bedtime, has the most delicious thigh rolls you've ever seen, twirls and tugs my hair while she nurses, is happiest when both mama and dada are home and smushing her like the bug she is.

I'm torn between sadness that her baby year is halfway done and excitement at everything that comes next. Sometimes (most of the time), I stare at her and just wonder at her 110% awesomeness. I want to bottle it up and use it to heal ... everything. It's that awesome, her awesomeness.

I feel real lucky I get this life.

Thanks for watching us go through this whole baby-mama-dada-lovey thing together. <3

Tuesday, August 03, 2010



So I gave in and signed us up for Gymboree. If you're not familiar, it's sort of like baby ...preschool/gymnastics/music lessons? I'd heard good things from other mamas and I'm always looking for stuff to do during the day, so I gave it a go. And even though the whole thing sort of weirded me out (creepy sing-song teacher who refused to speak in a normal voice plus the other parents didn't make eye contact plus Harps chewed on this toy and blue ink came off it), I signed up for it after our free trial. Because...I'm crazy? No, because I did like the songs and routines and developmental stuff it teaches and because it kills time and seems safe in a we-make-sure-pedophiles-don't-get-near-her sort of way.

But then. That postcard up top showed up. Telling me Gymbo (their...mascot?) says hello. And, well, that sort of made me die a little inside.

The back had a lovely (?) handwritten note from the sing-songing elf, telling us she looked forward to seeing us again soon. Clearly, this wasn't her idea and then the scary awful doll was on the front and *shudder* -- I just no likey.

And then. This morning I went to story time at our (within walking distance!) library. And it was great. Lots more babies, lots friendlier caretakers (lots were nannies -- but that's another post for another time), there were songs and books and...free! Free free freeeeeedom. Oh and no clowns. An unexpected new prerequisite for all our activities! Who knew.

Ready to fall

Those...cheeks...are...deadly. And resistance is futile.

It's August? What? How? Mom?

It's been fantastic having a real summer for the first time in a long time. Flip flops, ice cream without accompanying scarves, evening baseball games, blowing bubbles in the shade. But for the first time...ever? I'm actually looking forward to fall. Because turns out summer is...hot. And sweaty and bright and buggy. Those things don't mix with babypantspeople, so there's a lot of indoor time. Which, hey! I'm cool with the indoors. I was made for the indoors. But we're also in this great neighborhood with a park and a library and all these things and getting around is uncomfortable. Fall will mean longer walks, maybe some mountain hikes, apple picking, bundling up instead of stripping down. It also means pumpkin everything, one of my reasons for living this life.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Happiness is

My clothesline. In the Colorado sunshine. Hanging cloth dipes. Under a pink-and-purple-flowered tree.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Da Cowans hit da club

I've never partied so hard! Let's do this every night! Let's dance! Let's - zzzzzzzz

Or maybe we ate some spaghetti and played a board game at our friends' house? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

Yesterday (and today) we were slammed with housey things. Unpacking boxes and organizing the laundry room and planting plants and sanding/staining/varnishing furniturez and setting up the grill and firepit and new pantry thing and my clothesline and and and ..... apoewiurpeaoirear. Exhausting, but also wholesome-ly fun? Turns out apartment living is a lot easier than house living, but -- also not as exhausting. I mean good.

Luckily, we had an invite yesterday (we had PLANS, people -- it's a Christmas miracle!) because it put a solid, finite end stop to our projects. Since it's 9:06 pmz right now and we're still rolling (me cleaning the handles of the old bureau with salt and lemon and baking soda in my huge laundry sink, Clay putting together this massive kitchen storage...thing) -- it's good we had an enforced break last night. Was lovely to see other adults, see a gorgeous mountain view, get whipped at a strategy game I didn't understand wasn't very good at, and eat food not-cooked-by-me.

Only downside? Realizing those days of bringing-Harper-everywhere-at-all-hours-and-expecting-delightful-behavior are coming to an end. Girlfriend needs a babysitter (nooooooooooooo) because she's a real baby now, with a bedtime routine that must be stah-rictly adhered to dum dum DUM! So instead of slowly drifting off to sleep in a bouncy chair, while we chatted with friends and ate peppermint ice cream, she screamed bloody murder until Clay picked her up and let her party with the party people. Then? Then she was all smilez. Though she didn't do much to help her mama understand what the hell was going on win.