Friday, December 31, 2010

Chappy new yearz eve!

To another year full of rainbow stripes and rosy cheeks!

The Cowanclan has arrived home safely from the right coast -- cozy in their new sweaters and socks, under a snowy bungalow roof. The trip home was vunderful and truly relaxing (especially for mama who got caught up on lots and lots of zzzzz's.)

We returned home to piles (literally) of beautiful packages for the bugbug. Present people! You are too kind and we love you muchmuchmuch.

Excited for the year ahead. I've got lots of specific resolutions (I always try and avoid the "eat better!" ones) that I feel good about. (Including things like read - at least - 15 books by year's end and sew a sweater for Harps.)

I see 2011 as a special little year for me -- only one baby, who finally is on a pretty good schedule and not dependent on my bod for food anymore. Should Will give me some time for MeTime, which might not happen much once our family grows. (not yet not yet not yet!)

And on that note! Back to my tea and Ina ep before the other two peeps awaken.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe and cozy new years eve! Muah.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

70's sledding

Just picked up a pretty rad app (8mm) for the ifone -- makes all those vids I take look old-fashionedy. Yum!

Here's the divine Miss H sledding (on a pink blowup raft) with mummy and grammy in the front yard. Clay waved from the warm family room.

Monday, December 27, 2010


This is...the best day of my lifez. 

A yummy Christmas around these here Maine parts. Kept it pretty simple and homemade and full of fruit salad and cookies and baby giggles. And now it's a full-on blizzzzzard! And my Chesney's up from her nap! Hope everyone had a lovely day -- muah!

Harpchelz sizing up her handmade doll. In her sweater knit by Gramzone.

Stocking slinky!

Grabbing her knit caterpillar (with a bell in the tail, yo.)

Attacking her "magnet man" as her cuz labeled himself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A way with words, he had

Home = finding and looking thru old yearbooks.

Aw = this dude dumped me for an older woo-man (15 to my 13) and I was saaaaaaaaad.

Awesome = knowing now he later spent our senior year trying/failing to date me.

I wish I could say that didn't fill me with tiny joy buckets. But it does. Falallalalaaaaa.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Philly is behind us and we're rockin around the Christmas tree in Maine. HJnugget is jetlagged as hell and dada is missed, but other than that - good stuff all around.

And now. For another quart of Dunkin Donuts...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Party in Philly! Our place!

Harper. Vast white hotel bed. Dirtiest onesie maybe ever. Girls night!

(Stuck in city of brutherly love without my bruther or muther or, well, you get it. Fingers crossed for Maine tomorrow?!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I spend much of my day trying to get her the hellz away from the knobs and cords and buttons of our media center. But sometimes I just let her go at it.

(she especially grooves to the disco and/or "urban" music stations DirecTV offers...)

(on a plane early Thursday morning for Maine! Solo with the babe! yeehaw! terror!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Plaid dress, as promised

Crackers. A main food group.

The only plaid photo in existence!

She'll probably rock that numba (along with her snowflake dress) over the next couple weeks. So soon you'll be sick of it.

In other news, I just saw a pair of her sweatpants on my bed and went to put them on. Because they looked really comfortable and maybe big enough?

Also, I'm drinking eggnog right now. My whole life I res-isted, but why oh why? This stuff is l-e-g-i-t.

And now! I knit. I knitnktnitnktntintktnitnktit. Holy knit am I behind on my knitting.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend recap

My kingdom! My kingdom.
(This buys me roughly 7 minutes on the computer.)
(Don't you love her shoulder puffs?)
(Yes, I eat a lot of Kit-Kats. And instant oatmeal.)

I was sick all weekend, so much of this was experienced in a strange and dizzy fog.

However! It was still a durn nice two days.

Long walk around the 'hood with whole fam. Swings and then feeding-the-aggro-ducks.

Open housing at a Victorian I want to eat with butter and sugar sprinkled on top.

The Bean's 2nd birthday party, complete with numz and cupcakes and Harps in a plaid dress.

A date! With a real sitter! And a super delish dinner at a hip localfood place. (And may I add that with dinner I drank something made from cardamom and cream and soda water? And that dessert was hot chocolate with almonds and pepper? And a homemade oreo that was cold and tasted like icebox cake? YES I MAY ADD.)

And then today cc took the early shift. And there was another lil birthday party. And I got a solo trip to the yarn store for bought, well, yarn. And then forced myself to grocery shop and now we have foodz for the week!

*curtsies to the crowd*

Chu have a nice coupla days?

Thursday, December 09, 2010

(Do not) feed me I'm yours

Her lips! Really are that pink!

So just like she said 'no thanks!' to nursing last week, she now refuses any food via the spoon. Doh! I didn't think this would bother me, except I used to be able to shove lots of good things down her gullet without her really knowing.

Now each and every item that passes through those little rosebuds is inspected crossing-the-border style. It must touch her hands first and also be either fruit or vegetable or grains. Or drinkable yogurt. (Or formula.)

Meat? Eggs? Cheese? She will place them in her mouth and then ... spitspitspitspitspispitspitspto NO spit. Like really, mum? You really think I'd fall for that joke?

It pains me to consider the flesh of an innocent chicken.

But Harps! Fat! Delicious deliciso fattyness!

No. It's winter now, okay sure, but bikini season is rightaroundthecorner.

I think I'm dealing with a vegetarian here? Potential PETA member? No fur outfits, plz! (I'm talkin to you, MIL..)

Any tales of my-babe-hated-animal-products-but-then-suddenly-loved-them-one-day?

*makes a tofu pancake with a side of alfalfa bacon*

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cupboard something something mother Hubbard


oh. there. sorry mum.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I think Prince William chose the wrong princess

Is you bowing? You best be bowing. 
My little barefoot contessa.

(Some people say WhatWouldJesusDo? Others, WhatWouldMarthaDo? But in my house/head, it's WhatWouldInaDo? She knows all. As does Harper.)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Here's to a better week, yo

Muma BJA could use one.

(Though it's never too hein around here -- not with those licoricelips to kiss.)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cupcake baby

The house was slow to warm up today, so we were playing in some winter gear.

A front runner in the maybe-the-cutest-hat-evar contest.

Cupcake hat, knit by my aunt Mef.

Look at that cherrrrrry on top!

In other news, I really need someone to tell me something gross/immoral about Chick-fil-a, plz? Because I have a serious problem and I need to be stopped. Clay forwarded me an article about chicken McNuggs a couple months ago that uncovered they're made with...ammonia?! So that halted that addiction.

Halp me people halp!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Some upsides

Current hormonal situation = this picture makes me weep.

Oooo eeee. Mah head is still crazytown from the rapid change in hormones (terrible, terrible word), but I'm slowly slowly adjusting. (Slowly.)

Little H is helping my fragile state by being insanely lovey. She's always affectionate and loves to be held, but is usually too busy for too much McLuvin. These past couple days tho? She'll come over and just sit on my lap and hug me for like...15 minutes??? And then smile and crawl away to eat some computer cords. I don't even know. And she understands "kiss" now, so I can say "give mama a kiss" and she'll immediately swing around and slobber me over and over. (Most used phrase in the Cowan household? "Harps, frenching is for grownups...")

And! She's (I don't want to jinx this, but whatev) finally sleeping straight through the night. Is...this a non-b'milk thing? Is...this what sleep smells/tastes like? I don't even know what to do with myself. I wake up before her and twiddle my thumbs/play a word on WWF. It's confusing.

So yeah. I'm sad, but well-rested and well-cuddled and those are pretty good tradeoffs. It's like she's giving me these little pats on the back to help me get thru it. Mah little angelzone.

Monday, November 29, 2010

On (self) weaning

A rare glimpse at the new chomperz.

So I just wrote this crazy emotional post about Harper self-weaning. And then I decided eek too personal and emo.

I'll keep it simple then. My little bug has decided, 2 months ahead of my schedule, she's done with her mama's milk.

I'm real sad.

But I meditated on it for awhile this morning. And realized this is her (crazy independent whathef**k are you going to college next?!) plan and I've got to roll with it. Because that's what we do as parents, yo. Dig deep and see the forest and roll with it.

Also? She just started saying mama. I'mma make it, frands. Fo sho.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas picture overload

Hey ya'll. 

'ts been a bumpy week around here (and there) for a few different reasons, but we're home and safe and getting our bearings again. Though it probably won't go down as Our Best Week Eva, it's always good to visit family and share around the goodness that is Harps. 

Still feeling a small bit grump and I have a bowl of Italian Wedding Turkey Meatball soup-in-the-slow-cooker waiting for me, so for now I'll just leave you with a bunch of photos from our trip. Crikey, we love that bugger. 

I know so many things. So many. (And please wipe my nose?)

We turned on a fan for this one.

Real menz wear purple. (I'm IN LOVE with the shape of her dewdrop head.)
Um guys? Have you ever seen a golfball before? Amazing.
Going in for a Great-Grandad Mickey smooch. 

He had this coming his way 2 seconds later. Luscious.
Grandmom took me around in this wagon get-up. I humored her. 

How big is Harper? 

Me and Grandmomz. 
Big cousin Connelly was my favorite. I mean GUYS. I LOVE HER. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home and happy

Thanks, Unca Lee, for the cutest hat maybe evar? We missed you on Toikey Day.

And now --- Time to sit still in one place! (!!!)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, "vacation"

Ze Cowans have landed in East Texas, worse for the wear and wondering why there's no pie yet.

(Except cc. He's not thinking about pie. He's puking. I guess Harps isn't either. She still only wants mom-milk. So fine. It's just me and the pie thoughts.)

Hoping everyone out there is lots less sick than my brood and enjoys all the awesomeness of T Day tomorrow. Muah! (Air kiss. Spreads less cooties.)

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

There is nothing sadder

[[ insert a really sad, hoarse, and pukesmelly but somehow-lovely-thru-it-all baby picture ]]

I repeat -- NOTHING SADDER than a sick baby.

Chestnut started getting fussy Friday evening and by Saturday morning (after a night chockfull of unsleeping), was full-out sick. Hurling her cookies, choking on her snot fountain, wimpering like a wimperfish. Each time she reaches a new milestone, I make an imaginary check! First barf? This weekend! Gooooooo Harper!

The most pitiful moment -- and there were many -- came last night. Cuddled up on the couch together, we turned on Toy Story 3 before bedtime. She was looking chipper and had even enjoyed a small little nibble on some toast. When all of a sudden (cue slo mo cam)

Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke. And then a break. Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuke. And then a break. Puuuuuuuuuuuuuke.

And each time we both thought it was over. But it wasn't. And we were equally horrified and soaking wet and pathetic. I've got a serious vomit phobia, but I only felt sadsadsadsad and slightly panicked and wanted to make it stop and make her laugh again. Which, by some strange miracle, after getting it all out? She did. Ten minutes later, she was crawling toward her dada, naked in her berfday suit and ready for more Buzz Lightyear. Oh, babies! You so crazy.

So that was our weekend, really. Last night we took her into bed with us to make sure she was okay while she slept. Which was interesting. She wouldn't fall asleep until she was spooning me, both hands AND mouth firmly lodged in my hair, feet pushing off my back. Securely tree-frogged, she drifted off. But over time, she somehow turned perpendicular to me? Making a T with her little small sweaty form. And I'd move her and she'd cry and we'd nurse and she'd sleep and then treefrog and then T and then on and on and on.

But! There was no more puking and I got some much-loved snuggles and I "slept" easier knowing she was  cozy with her peoples.

She still won't eat food (this is really saying something), but is slowly on the mend. Just in time for a plane trip to Texas in two days where there will be bountiful new germs to sucker punch us once again! I give thanks for the giving-of-germz! I do, I do.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We drove all over Colorado today

To the 'burbs for a playdate (and some Chick-fil-a; my sweet tea addiction is getting fierce and worrisome) and a killer mountain view.

Then home again home again jiggity jig for banana bread and a diaper change.

Then across town, dodging traffic jams and temper tans, for playgroup. Where H scooted around and ate a basketball and eventually found a cozy corner and a fancy periodical -- Beer Connoisseur. I'll probably get her a 'scrip for Christmas.

Tomorrow = chicory coffee and beignets with Manj and the Bean at a creole cafe we're trying out.

Weekend weekend weekend huzzah pants!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Was my first day off Twitter. Cold turkey, man. It stings.

Finished knitting one hat, powering thru the next. (Coincidence? Me think non.)

Headed out the door in my slippers. Realized it while opening the Subie door. Shrugged and got in.

Overcooked the pasta.

Got the fireplace pilot light turned on. Promptly turned the fireplace pilot light off.

Offered H her first taste of vanilla soy milk. She tongued it and then winked for more.

Battled a headache to end all headaches. It won/is winning.

Ate 5 peanut butter cups. (What oh what will I do about my eating once I stop nursing? Srsly.)

Yelled nooooooooooo when H bit me (2 new teeth grrrrr) while nursing. She laughed.

Sang Gaga.

Wrote a post consisting of Twitter-like twitters.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chapel Hill: the recap

It was a lovely weekend.

We'll have to try for window seats again. She loved looking out.

Highlights included:

This fastfood joint I'd never heard tell of: Bojangles? Yes. Yes please. Chicken biscuits all over my mouth.

Early early, cold morning walks with Harper to Starbucks. Feeding her oatmeal in our corner seat.

The beautiful UNC campus complete with sparkly foliage. Made me want to get my learn on, then throw a frisbee.

Glass upon glass of sweet tea. Really really sweet tea. I may have no teeth left.

Getting her crawl on. Spent a lot of time in this little sitting area near our room.

HJ being on her best behavior all weekend long. Happy and curious and flirty and pretty sleepy too. 

Watching cc conduct the ceremony. He really did a great job. And looked cah-yoot to boot.

Stephanie's beautiful dress. Jon choking up. Their letters to each other. Love!

Hanging with friends from all over we rarely get to see. 

Dancing to MJ and eating (chocolate and then vanilla) cake while Harps slept upstairs with a sitter.

Lots and lots of help from cc. Lots and lots of just-us-three hanging and being our fav little unit.


The wedding outfit. Cruisin the scenery.

She likes to let go. Because she thinks she can walk. She can't. (Yet.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Too tired and frustrated with iPhoto for a wedding recap post so

Here's me right now, jet lagged, full of weird candies, should-be-in-bed, after 12ish hours traveling:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapel Hillz

Oh did I forget to tell you? We're flying to North Carolina today (leaving behind the snow sprinkles as they fell) for our buddies' wedding. And who will be presiding? The good, atheist Reverend Clay Cowan, of course. I always wanted to be a preacher's wife!

HJ's been a champ so far. We're laid over in Kansas Cit-ay and she's snoozing like a buttery biscuit bum in my arms. And mmm this weird choco-bran muffin cc found us is goooood.

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


 Not feeling too chatty tonight? Maybe THE SNOW THAT FELL IN BUCKETS took away my voice.

Here's what life looked like mere hours before the Evil White Stuff appeared.

(It was actually kinda cool and cozy to see. I'm just getting nervous for the months ahead. Shudder.)

Holy shi$ so serious. Wanted to show off the new mox. And her new bagel love.  

Please. No photos. Okay. Just one more.