Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In case you were wondering what kind of 7th grader I was

Today in music class (which I love I lurve! If you have a kidperson and a Music Together franchise near you, t-r-y it) the teach started by asking what our favorite tracks on the CD are. Silence, silence... As usual, I try to wait so I'm not the first one to answer. And...nothing.

Okay fine.

"We love track 23, the City Blues song." (In my head: I list off our 4 or 5 other favorites.)

"Yea! We'll be doing that one today. Great jam." (Oh yes, he says things like this.) "Any other favs?"

Silence. (In my head: My brain explodes. These suckas aren't listening to the CD at home? It's, like, the whole methodology of the class! Deep breaths deep breaths.)

He gives up and talks.

" favorite? Is the train song." (Starts to strum it on his guitar. Ooo! This is my other top favorite.) "I love it because it doesn't sound like a children's song. It's so soulful."

(In my head: Surely, he's going to explain how it's not a children's song, really? How it's an African-American spiritual about the Underground Railroad?)

Nope. Keeps strumming and changes over to the welcome song. The other moms sigh relief sighs as they realize they're not on the spot anymore.

(In my head: Another brain explosion. This teacher is great -- the best kiddo instructor I've yet met -- but c'mon! A perf time for a mini-lesson and nuthin! Not even sure he knows what the song is, which makes me sad. And the other blank faces around the circle let me know they're clueless, too. Blergh.)

And off I go, singing our songs and dancing our moves and ignoring the grey matter leaking out my ears.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Harps gets contacts

So Harpsmeister has been pretty cranky these past couple days. Not awful cranky, Normal good times and then just ah! Please hurry home from work, cc! I need to have 5 seconds off from negotiating with toddler person! (Over "one mo' *insert anything desirable but not appropriate for dinnertime-almost-bedtime*)...

I mean last night, we seriously had a real altercation over her wanting to play with eggs from the fridge. "EGG! EGG! EGG!" (All said with this weird guttural oomph she gives "egg" and "apple" and a bear growling.) Did she want me to cook her one, which I'd have done gladly? No. Just hold it and fondle it and break it and no. Ah! Go to bed! Stop asking for everything and really wanting nothing! We've been together for 13 hours ah!

(In her defense, she may be coming down with something. We'll know in the morning. As tonight we spotted some...spots. Oh my please no.)

But then, well...then she does stuff like this. Finds my contact case and pretends she's me. All remnants of frustration poof poof away. (Till tomorrow evening, alas...)

(And my apologies that cc makes me turn down the Huey Lewis. I mean....yeah. I know. Some people!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

School days

Sunday blues anyone? Mine are a lot less severe now that I don't work anymore and cc doesn't hop on planes every Monday morning. But still...weekends are a nice time, ay? 

We walked to brunch on Saturday, spent a lot of time crunching newly yellow leaves outside, ate 12 million portions of the veggie lasagna I made, caught up on all the delish TV that started this week. Sunday: slept in (me) while my two got brek and did a Target run (he brought me home a bag of Pumpkin Spice Dunkin Donuts coffee and fresh beignets from Lucille's ah WHAT), and then all three adventured on a long bike ride around Wash Park... stopping to feed the ducks some goldfish-knockoff-bunnies and slide down the slide. (And crunch more leaves.) Wrapped up the evening playing with shaving cream on her little table and meal. Whew. 

Snapped a few pics of H sammich partaking in her new hobby. Obsessive lettering. (That's what I'm calling it because is it reading? No 'course not. It's...letter recognizing and reciting. She knows 'em all! But doesn't love 'em all. O and M get major play time. Also T.) 

An action shot! "E" coming out those little cute lips...

Ahahhaha. Her "ba-pa" that was for school. Now just for...casual Saturdays?

Another action shot with her puzzle pieces. "R!"

She crazy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mostly putting this here so I don't forget it

I know exactly one Tori Amos song. No idea why it's this one (a BU friend, I think, frosh year introduced me to it -- Emily Strange, was it you?!) but I listened to it incessantly (on Napster!) and never branched out for more. And then could never remember what it was called. But here it is! I still love it love it love it. And want to choreograph a mad modern piece to it. (In fact, I am right now. The things this living room sees when she naps...)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This face is my breakfast lunch dinner and second dinner

Feel like I'm extra swoony over HJ lately... Avert your eyes if you're looking for a bag to yuck in, yo!

Also, I'm unable NOT to say "mummy's tiiiiii-red" to cc, multiple times after she's asleep for the night and we're vegging, eating ice cream under blankets. Nothing keeps the love alive like referring to yourself as mummy, people. (Also holey sweatpants, belonging to your brother 10 years ago.) Mummaymmmamay! 

I also need to understand how it's okay that Oliver-from-Project-Runway can speak in a British accent even though he's from Ohio and no one cares or comments?!

Oh and my favorite moment of today? (Other than toddler yoga, where we worked on her handstand weeeeeee!) Checking out at Whole Foods (I bought out all the cheese on this earth, making a lasagna for a friend) the cashier says to Harps: "What you snackin' on there, woman?"

It was awesome.

Aaaaaand scene.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flibbidy gib

"Love them or hate them? The big changes Facebook is making!"

So said the local anchorman on a commercial break from my beloved shows' season premiere night. (Weeeeeeee!) Quick q: WHY DO PEOPLE WATCH LOCAL NEWS?! I can't even deal that that sentence just came out of a "professional" newsman's mouth. As a fellow human, I do not know where to look.

(I don't even watch non-local news. I read it. Much faster and much less heart attack inducing.)

Didn't mean to go on a news vent.

Just meant to show ya this pic of Harper Junebug Ham Sammich Queen Bee. This face is so her.

Out on her walk. Examining hey-ho-knows-what in her grubby hands. Furrowed brow. Tasty cheeks. Deep thoughts. Rinse repeat.

She has been on this absolutely insane learning bender the past week or two. (And I mean, all babies the first few years are always learning learning learning of course...) But it's just kicked up a few hundred notches. She does not stop chattering (much of it her own weird language, but a good amount English too) and asking what everything is and getting so frustrated (read: lie down in the sidewalk and kick) if I'm not answering exactly what she's asking. And remembering weird things from days before and combining the ideas and concepts and never stops churning churning wheels grinding. I have to suck on lozenges all day to keep up with the level of (vocal) interaction she needs -- and hey, happy to do it... Just zzzzzzzzz. I should be falling asleep at 8 these days, not 11.

Whew. Toddlers. They are special little robots that make my heart explode.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One of HJ's walls

 If ya click on the picture, gets a lot bigger. (Apologies on the light glares -- blergh!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh, a few pictures and stories from my Monday

I meaaaaaaaaaaaaan the cheeks! The Kewpie hawk! The cleft-in-her-chin-from-cc! The rosy lips! I have to physically hold myself back from eating her entire face after she wakes up and looks like this. 


I'm really confused, but while looking for an orange crayon today, I found this lipstick I bought pre-pregnancy, at MAC in San Fran. The lipstick I've looked high and low and middle for the past two years. But then... it was in my junk drawer, a thousand miles from where I bought it? No no, of course. I'll probably never wear it again because I'm a wimp, but it made for a very fancy Monday afternoon. (And yes, I'm always tired.. but those dark circles have been on my face since I was 7. Blame the Lebanese in me?)

This is the pinkest picture ever, probably. Harps and cc's mom, hanging and reading in their jammies. Aw.

If I give you 12 (okay, probably 2) dollars, will you please come over and clean this for me? She's in bed and I really don't want to put the caps on all those markers and gather up the books and put together the puzzles and sweep the floors and put Big Bird back on the couch. I want to watch my stories and sip hot tea. Non?

Ni ni!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A handful of small letters

Dear Cotton Candy at the Fall Festival,
Thank you for making my baby so happy. And her face so blue.

Dear Insane Waitress at Potager Restaurant,
Thank you for providing us with a story we'll never forget, sista. You are either 100% socially inept and/or your dog just died and you wanted to take it out on us. Either way! You made me cry ugly tears, but now I just feel sorry for you. Later!

Dear d Bar,
Thank you for rescuing our night with your delicious cupcakes. I loved the yellow cake with chocolate frosting the mostest.

Dear cc,
Thank you for buying HJ this crazy huge Elmo balloon. She wants to marry it and that takes the pressure off real dating for a few years. Also, thank you for sleeping with the bad side of the comforter always. Also, you are really cute. Also, I love my new red mug.

Dear MIL,
Thank you for babysitting while we had our weird date. And thank you for all the long walks and baths and reading-of-the-books you did with Harps. Gave me a much needed break.

Dear salted caramel mocha from Starbucks,
Oh my God. No. You taste like my favorite drink in 11th grade from Cumberland Farms. Frown.

Dear legwarmers I'm knitting H,
I hope you turn out as cute as you seem. I guess I can always make you an arm warmer for me if you're not?

Dear mini Boden catalog,
Stop trying to take all my moneys! You are too scrumptious ah! Stop it.

Love and other indoor sports,


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Little House

Today is the lovely Krista's berfday, so when I saw Harps reading this book tonight (sent to her by Ms K), I quickly snapped a shot. It's one of her very favorites, one of her go tos for the manic reading fests she gets into.

I love when she starts a self-play sesh, because for 10 or 20 sometimes 30 minutes, I can kick back with some knitting or tea or even talk on the phone for a bit while she's happily occupied (usually talking to herself in this teeny tiny little voice, saying whoknowswhat). Mama bliss!

And hey no, thought I'd get this out of the way -- I didn't send Harps to school today. I tossed and turned some last night, but woke up this morning knowing it wasn't happening. If she were 3, 4, or 5 and I was really "not sending her to school" I'd brace myself for judgment, but I'm hoping peeps just realize she's a little babe still (19 months!) and it was supposed to be a treat for me instead of something really developmentally necessary for her. (Girlfriend is right on track socially, gots no worries there.)

But.. lesson learned I've gotta get her comfy with me leaving sometimes. And I do still want some time during the week to take a yoga class or get my hairs did; but I'mma start slower. This way had her tossing and turning for a week straight (crying out "no! no!" in her sleep) and desperate for me when I left to use the bathroom. Which I can't have! I must have those solo play sessions or I die! Plus, she didn't sleep straight thru 11 hours (her norm) till last night. It was like newborn lifestyle for a week! Heck no. Mama needs her rest and peace of mind. I know she'd eventually adjust, but psssshhh. Not into it.

And so, well rested at last, we stayed in our pajamas all day. Had some friends over. Ate treats on the couch together, Skyped with my mom, snoozed at the same time, went to the park with a coupla other pals and slid down puddle covered slides, colored (our arms), made dinner with Raffi in the background. Cozy sauce.

Tomorrow cc's mom cruises into town = Harps will soon have a full time servant. (Or so is my plan.) Looks like some luscious fall weather's en route as well -- hope for you as well. Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My pensive teen

I wonder if he'll call...

Along with books, tofu, pushing-her-stroller, the red monster, Huey Lewis dance parties, and climbing inappropriately high things, Harps is obsessed with jamming out to tunes in my car. In the front seat. While I drive super fast. (While it's parked.)

We walk past the Subie and she starts to ask for it and if it's not too hot out and if I'm in the mood, I'll open 'er up and start up the tunes. She sits and listens like so if it's a good one, or flips through until she finds one to her liking. If I let her, she'd keep this up for hours. May I ask when she turned 15?

In other news... GUYS my teevs finally snagged the episode of Family Ties where Tom Hanks guest stars as an alcoholic uncle jonesing so bad he has to chug a bottle of vanilla from the pantry. I saw this when I was 7 or 8 and have been intensely haunted by it ever since. And it is so intense and well acted holy woot! So what I'm trying to tell you, is a dream has come true for me tonight. Let's hug.

What else what else...

I think the hardest part about solo parenting is when night rolls around and I have no one to smooch all night. And by smooch I out to Dairy Queen and buy me a mini chocolate blizzard with cookie dough. I s'pose I'm supposed to make do with hot chocolate, but that just makes me frown.

So I'll be over here, wishing my hot chocolate had a huge dollop of Fluff on it, and looking embarrassingly forward to the start of music class fall sesh tomorrow. (What will be on the new CD???) Dorkpants out!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh I'm so happy, so very happy to be on this couch/home/drinking a juice box

Small person! Giant chair!

Hey, guys? Whenever I'm feeling blue on myself, please remind me how incredibly kick ass I am at traveling solo with a toddler and lots of bags and creating dinners from stale Starbucks offerings and also looking sorta cute as it's happening? (Um yes! Of course those stares were because of my hotness, not my complete-losing-my-noodle-should-we-rescue-her?-ness).

Because while our trip out to Sun V was with both parental units, the return trip was me and me alone. And my sidekick. cc has a work trip and so ladies night! For a couple nights! And a plane ride? (I'm delirious right now, I think?)

But by the end, 7 hours after saying bye to cc, as she's happily sucking down her weird supper, I'm pulling my suitcase and her pack 'n play in one hand and her-inside-her-stroller in the other... I was like hot damn sauce I'm awesome. I wasn't even crying! Well, maybe a little.

Oh but our trip! Our trip was fun. It was beautiful out there in Idaho, with the chilly mornings and all the deer and the wolf (WOLF) that ran in front of our car the first night (we drove 3 hours that first night after our flight, arriving at  at 1 amz. Harps was awake the entire time, which was actually mostly hilarious instead of annoying for some unremembered reason). We were really just there to hang someplace pretty with our friends Jon and Steph (the ones Clay married! and the ones who were in Missouri when I went into preterm labor stuff...and she continued to check my cervix after we got home because she's a midwife holy hell that's friendship) who we adore adore adore. And I don't really adore a lot of people, so! Fun.

I NEED to post a picture of cc in his waders (waders? waiters? waterz?) because he and Jon went fly fishing and ah! The hilarity and cuteness. Kill me dead. (Steph and I ate brunch out with Harps and then talked for 12,000 hours on the couch with cups of tea.)

Are you wondering how I'm feeling about Harps' school stuff? Me too! Meh. I'mma play it by ear. I think (know) whichever way I roll, girlfriend will be fine and sweating it too much is borderline insane.

I think that's it outta me. I'm loving this couch I'm on so hard. And the rain pounding down on my roof. And the cozy bed with the soft sheets awaiting me upstairs. And the silence down the hall from my sleeping toddler who was a complete angel on the flight with nothing to entertain her but a Sky Mall magazine and two dum dum pops.

Hearts, my loves.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sun Valleying

Back tomorrow! (Thanks for all your words re: Harps and school; feeling better about the whole thing...remind me not to get so emo before a few deep breaths ahem...)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

So'd you like school?

My pretty treat after a teary drop-off.

 And her answer would be...not so much, guys! Not so much.

Girlfriend was not pleased when I left (nor was I, truthfully) and when I picked her up 4 hours later, she was...crying. And: "Mumamamammamamamaaaaaaa!" I think part of that was hearing my voice outside the door, but the teachers did report she was on/off sad the whole time. Kind of makes me pukey to hear that, but I wasn't exactly surprised and hey, I know she'll adjust. (I guess?) Blergh.

Still...she was so happy to see me and so into her sandwich (hunger strike during school, apparently) and just so pleased to be back in love again, it made me feel like I'd subjected her to medieval torture instead of a delightful little play day with graham crackers and teapot sets. Double blergh.

I don't know. I'm feeling sadder than I'm letting on... because she wouldn't nap all day and now she won't fall asleep -- she's too scared to be away from me. She's screaming and sweaty and anxious and clinging to me and I'm not even a little bit annoyed. I'm just guilty and ... sad. Just sad. And thinking she just might not be ready for this.

I know most everyone will tell me it's an adjustment and she'll get over it, but my heart is heavy tonight. I'm proud of my mothering; I work really hard everyday at creating a life for her that is peaceful and creative and silly and happy. It's my job. So when she's feeling just the opposite of those things, it makes me feel like I'm failing. And I can't always see what's happening just yet -- are these growing pains or is this a mistake? Is this a path to better things for us both or the beginning of bitten baby nails?

It didn't help that my friend from playgroup picked her son up at the same time and? The teacher handed him over with: "Not a tear! Not one!" What the flip? How? I love this friend, tho, because she was zero smug. "He'll have his days. I know he will." Maybe...or maybe not.

But what did I do during my time off? I got a treat and then I ate it on my couch. I took out the trash and folded some of her clothes. I played Car Talk loud on the speakers (those guys make her nervous) and plucked my eyebrows. I put on mascara. I went to therapy. (Go me for scheduling a session during a decidedly emo time.) I perused expensiveyugly boutique clothes and then I bought a sandwich. And then it was time to pick her up. It was nice. I didn't wring my hands or cry in the fetal position; I actually relaxed and had a fine time.

Post eyebrow fixing and mascara applying. Ha.

I sure looked a little prettier with some solo time.

Tomorrow my little family boards a plane for a long weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho. I've never been to Idaho! Whose a 'ho? It will be fun to see our friends and get fresh air and kick up our legs. I'll try and take some fotos.

And now, my newly-arrived-from-Portland-Maine chamomile and lavender tea awaits my mopey mouth. Smush.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Um that up there? That's my baby, doing downward dog on...a placemat.

I was unloading the dishwasher when I looked over to see her rooting through my basket of dirty cloth napkins and dishtowels. Clay had put a little pile of placemats on top and she'd uncovered them. The rectangularness and little tiny ridges must have reminded her of a yoga mat and she went. I wish so hard I'd had a video going, tho. "Om. Om. Om." I love that weird little nugget pants so hard.

Tomorrow is her first day of "school" and I alternate between being really excited and ready for those few hours to myself and panicked. I'm glad today was what today was, tho. She was fussy and tired and wasn't interested in her usual interests and kept asking for "Elmooooohhhhhh?" after she'd had her allotment and got her brand new shoes soaking wet 5 seconds after stepping outside and took forever to fall asleep at nap and then perfectly put on the charm whenever dada was around (lunchtime kisses and then dinnertime Ghostbuster dancing).

I was so tired today; my legs were lead each time I sat/stood during diaper changes and when I had a break, I could only stare into space. And I talked to uno adult: The crazy checkout lady at Target who, after wishing me a good morning, started talking about how much she's dreading the 9/11 anniversary on Sunday. "Is it going to be as hard a day for you as it is for me?" There's no right answer, lady.

So yes! Long and tired day with my be-lov-ed banana. Followed by, hopefully, a semi-scary but easier one tomorrow... Keep ya posted.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

7 Post Meme

The lovely and salty (truly a sista-from-another-mista) Laura, over at Navigating the Mothership (one of my favorite flavors on all the Internets), nominated me for this 7 post Meme -- and by gum, I'mma get 'er done! Tonight! (I never do these things, so accept this as my love letter to you, L.)

The whole idea is to get a bunch of bloggers from all over the 'webs to look back at their archives and share old (and maybe forgotten) material. It's a fun way to remember all the crazy things you've written about and to introduce parts of yourself peeps might not know about.

1) Blogger is nominated to take part
2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
- Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of
3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
5) And so it goes on!
6) The site Trip Base is sharing the best posts from participating bloggers on their blog and everyday on Facebook and Twitter at #My7Links

Here's goes!

Most Beautiful

There were a few -- mostly to do with Miss H pants -- that I thought of, but for some reason I really like this one. I just remember that day so clearly. The drizzle on my face, the quiet of the early morning, feeling her kick as I walked, treading slowly in my green boots, picking out little treats, looking out at the water and taking deep breaths.

Most Popular

My most comment-heavy posts are definitely Harps related, but none more so than when we found out she was a she! It was such a fun day (I will always find out the gender of babes in my belly -- I just lovedloved knowing) and I remember cc was posting little hints in the comment section and teasing people. Here ya go.

Most Controversial

I hardly write a controversial blog, friends. I think if I had millions of readers and they really dug into the archives, they'd find something to get angry about (I used to say terrible things about San Francisco's Chinatown, for example), but these days especially I'm pretty tame. However! Upon starting this little challenge, I remembered that way back in my first months of blogging (5 years ago!) I had this reader that hated my nuts. Read every post and said something horrible afterward. I'm guessing it was someone I knew? But after a few months, Anonymous Pants left me alone...Anywho! Here's an example. 

Most Helpful

I'm no Pioneer Woman. I think I've posted one recipe (yogurt, recently) and have I even ever done a tutorial on cloth dipes or traveling with a baby or anything? I think no? So this one was hard to come up with. I'm going to go totally random and link up a post that still makes me laugh -- and claim it's helpful because...maybe you'll know what to do if you go into early labor in rural Missouri? Uh.

Whose Success Surprised Me

This is funny, because I think Laura's pick for this was also hair related... Who knew people cared so much about my bangs? (And yes, I got them and no, they didn't look good.)

Didn't Get the Attention It Deserved, Dammit

What a funny concept. Why didn't you all LOVE THIS POST MORE?! *sob heave sob* I chose this one because I reveal how I met cc and it didn't get uno comment. Which was a little surprising, I s'pose. Tho really I'm just grasping at straws here because this category makes me uncomfortable. Excuse the weird font stuff -- I was in an Experimental Stage.

And finally:

Most Proud Of

A month before I got preggers and we moved to that apartment in the sky and it pretty much sums (I didn't get ANY this year. Tragedy!)

And she's done! Now I'mma tag a few of my favs to do the same...

1) In high school, we once had the conversation: "'re the Mary and I'm the Rhoda!" The too gorgeous and makes-me-spit-out-my-tea when she says stuff Nikki over at The Bra Factory.

2) One of my most favorite and kindred spirits I've met through the Internets. Her family and life are a delight to read about: Mandy over at The M. DeWilde Family.

3) Miss Kalen Pants over at Momfish. We go way back in cyber years and I love her (and her dimples) in a real way. (I wish she'd access her old bloggy, which had some definitely spicy/controversial stuff -- but alas, I fear it's gone...)

4) We once got drunk and hid inside a wall to escape the "police"... She also has amazing fashion sense and the best bum I've ever seen. Michaela over at My World in a Paper Cup.

5) This girl is so effing funny. We went to acting school together and girl is good. She's about to have a baby boy any second now... a home birth hurray! I can't wait to hear every single insane detail. Kimberly over at.. Over It.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Quite happy tomorrow is already Tuesday and you?

I'm working on a lengthier post -- I was tagged to do a 7 post meme -- but it's taking Her Slowness awhile to pull it all together. So for now, a few words on the weekend.

Poor Chesney was sick for part of it; some weird stomach bug took her over for 12ish hellish hours, but then as quick as it came it quick took a hike. This made sleep (and being alive, frankly) a little bit wonkyjanky for us all, but I made up for the hard nights with massive naps on all three days. Which felt awesome.

Clay got a bee in his man bonnet and became a tornado of decorating/organizing/amazing'ing. Like, hours of cleaning and pitching and sorting and then solo Ikea'ing and picture hanging and furniture assembling. Bananas! Our place was still rough around the edges, but they're much smoother now. We've got some rull cute things going: will post pics soon.

Mural at Watercourse Foods. Love love love.

We ate a delish late lunch at our fav veggie place. Harps wasn't happy in the booster seat till we whipped out the crayons. She drew secrets under the table in a little notebook I found in my bag.

"I heart..."

And then she inhaled most of my salad. Well, mostly the mushrooms off it.

 Afterward, I tried an iced soy latte and found it nutty and delish who knew ah who am I becoming?!

We shopped at dada's work's annual majorsale thing. H scored a jacket and a winter hat, which -- tho in the 80's -- she wouldn't take off.

Today we did more house stuff and lounged and walked the 'hood and danced to Huey Lewis. And when the temps cooled, had over cc's cousin, recent Texas transplant, for some homemade portabello burgers and sweet potato fries and (oh yes, I went there) vegan cookies. My first attempt at vegan baking and pretty taste, methinks. (Tho I'll cut way down on the sugar next time. My teeth sort of ached during cookie #2). He was a good sport about the meatless meal and we had a nice time catching up with the young dude.

And now? Now I pat my cookiefull belly, pray for HJ to sleep through the night, and dream of the juicer en route in the mail. (Beware: Adventures in juicing coming soon to a blog near you and you and you!)

What'd you guys do?

Friday, September 02, 2011

This morning

She woke up too early again. I'm blaming teeth, but at some point it's just her new wake time, I fear.

We read books in bed with dadpants after eating our oatmeal.

Put on our checkered Vans (gift from last year) and took 'em for a walk into the chilly (yes!) morning. Still too big. Bum!

Plan on cleaning up the living room and kitchen before playgroup arrives at 10...

Plan on taking a bath before people see my hair look like this...

But for now, halfandhalfheavy coffee and the Sesame Street crew singing a strangely delightful tune.

Happy (hopefully) long weekend, peoples!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Veggie life: work in progress

Here's an example of something I made for dinner this week.

Spinach salad with yogurt dressing. (Homemade yogurt + curry + salt + pepper.)
Quinoa with currants and chopped onions.
Carrots roasted with evoo and salt/pepper.

It was tasty. (And pretty!) But not filling enough for dinner. Needed more protein (and more fat, honestly.) I'd bought some soy nuts and forgot to put them on; they would have helped. Mixing some beans in with the quinoa and adding some avocado would have, too -- as would tofu or one of those other weird textured proteins I'm having a hard time making peace with.

I had better belly-filling-success with the goat cheese/mushroom quesadillas I made the next night, a bowl of black bean soup on the side. And tonight will be whole wheat spaghetti, marinara sauce, fresh basil from our creepy hydrogrower thing, and a bit of cheese sprinkled on top. Need to use up the spinach, so I'll make us eat salad, too. (Yes, I'm relying on cheese too much for fat/protein. Blergh.)

Oh oh but my funniest meal was last night. cc had a work dinner and I was starving at 5:00. HJ doesn't really like boxed mac 'n cheese (crazy), but I had some Annie's in the cupboard and I was feeling otherwise clueless. Whipped some up in the saucepan and then sauteed down a head of kale in the skillet (with evoo, s + p). Then I mixed it together and ate it? The kale was chewier than I'd like and hard for her to eat -- thoughts on this? I love the taste and flavor combo, but felt like a cow.

And now, I must attend to her Highness.