Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday friday fridayyyyy

Weird week over here, wrapping up... Clay's been gone since Monday and won't be back until tomorrow, my Internets are only working through my stinky phone, and things are definitely Lonesome Town around here.

But it's forced me into starting a new writing project and a shirt repurposing/sewing adventure and lots of reading. And Harps sure is enjoying the extra Elmo I'm allowing...

Here's to a peaceful weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Internets are busted

So I can't really post a real post. Tho I'm eternally grateful for fakey phone nets...

Monday, July 25, 2011

A vid.


A few words on this:

1) Yes, unfortunately I really am that strange.

2) I'm saying "off with your head" while throwing a piece of paper? No idea.

3) This was over a month ago and she already seems so much bigger than this. Heavy sigh.

4) Her hair!!!!!!!!

5) I mostly needed to capture her saying my favorite thing of all time forever and a day. "One more?" with the little hand gesture. Kill me dead I'm dead dying.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In chronological order

Saturday morning, I slept in (joy of joy of joys) while Harps and cc hit up the hoppin early morning Denver scene on a brekky date. (I love how he always takes her out in her jammies.) She ate a big bowl of berries and picked out all the mushrooms in his omelet and I snored.

Now, hopefully only like 3 people from Denver read this and none of them are parents of toddlers? Because I'mma tell you what I've discovered: the Children's Museum on the weekend is superunbusy. It's the perfect thing to do with her when the heat is unbearable and we're still lots of hours away from naptime. Above? That's us in the "Apothecary" asking dad if he'd like some apothecary things.  

This last pic is one of my favorites in a long while. Sums up the...weirdness of being a toddler mama. What's happening? We're out to brunch (we really like to eat out OKAY?!) at this veggie place I want to live inside and we've been waiting a long time. And she's beyond hungry and we've already had to take away the crayons (munch munch crunch) and hide the salt/pepper (pour pour pour), but she somehow grabbed the sugar shaker and dumped a bunch out. As I'm cleaning it up, I drop a little on her tongue. She's so into it, and finally happy after many moons of being restless, that I just hold out my hand for her and let her... eat sugar. Mother of the year, guys.

(Oh and my nails? A delicious purple called "I'm a Belieber" because maybe Justin Bieber did something to it? No idea, but I love my nails.)

That was our little weekend, frands. Sweet and simp and now, as we pair up lonely hearts socks and sip herbal teas, coming to a sleepy end.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Oooo eeee these summer days are long, my friends! And not necessarily in a good way! I kiiiiid I kid. We're actually having quite a bit of what the kids call "fun", but dude -- it takes orchestrating. I alternate between pulling my hair out over her tantrums and impressive constant stubbornness and crying real tears because I love her so and ohmyno she's not my baby anymore and slow down, time, slow dowwwwwwn!

After her nap today, I pulled off her jammies and dipe and handed her a ripe peach out on the back deck. Her little naked self running around and giggling and gurgling and patting her chest "baby baby baby" and the juice dripping down her round belly and the wet kisses... Oh, it was just 100 million percent why I spend all my hours with her face. To live inside those moments and add them to my brain to come back to again and again and again and forever.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank you, Veronica Mars (yes, I'm only now watching season 2)


1) Having THE BEST theme music of all time. And I know and love a lot of themes. It's like, I want to dance and then kick ass and then be awesome at life and then kick more ass and also it somehow perfectly evokes the Southern Cali vibe.

2) Just being incredibly smart and creepy and snarky and emo.

3) For perfectly timing (on ... my DVD playa?) an episode about wanting to get even with another girl for doing something shitty, but rising above it. Because I battled so fiercely with that today. (Hi, girls! You read this blog! Stop talking/emailing shit behind people's backs! What goes around comes around!) And it almost taught me a lesson.

4) Logan and Veronica aka EYE CANDY CENTRAL DOT COM.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have lost track completely of the days

 So I wasn't going to blog because I thought it was Saturday? But no, it's Tuesday. Hi, Tuesday! Been nice knowing you.

 Moving onnnnn. Remember when I mentioned we succumbed to the pressures of toddler begging back in Steamboat? She desperately desperately desperately wanted these:

Nothing gets between me and my Muppets.

 And since I'm technically a Mean Mom and she's not exactly overflowing with toys (and specifically not recognizable, brand-y ones), we (Clay) gave in. She was beyond overjoyed. As in, she kept looking at us and literally saying "thank you thank you thank you" while she hugged and kissed and chatted to them. And now, she sleeps with Grover (and Woof Woof and Lamby) every night and takes Big Bird on walks or to brunch. (He's a major star when we take him out. Most kiddos are toting around Elmo, methinks, so the old school stars get lots of love from the general public.) 

So yeah. It's pretty fun to buy your kid stuff when it's not always and they really dig it. 

My next apropos of nothing thing is how much I'm loving sun tea these days. I found this glass jug at Goodwill and I fill it with water and 6-8 tea bags (usually just Lipton, since I have an overabundance, but sometimes I put the fancy stuff in) and then let it steep for 2-3 hours on the back, blazing deck. Adding sugar makes it insanely scrumptious, but I'm trying to lower my sweet stuff intake, so not this round. Cool it way down in the fridge, pour it over ice and glug glug glug glug. Perfect antidote to these insane summers.

What else what else? Oh, I have so many delicious books to dive into right now. Three from the lib and a couple from Amazon used and a couple loaned from a friend. I haven't been taking note, really, but I've actually powered thru quite a few reads this year even with all the craziness. And only some of them trashy chick lit! Bravo!

I've been in a mood mood mood these past couple days, so I'm grateful to this little blog for keeping me talking about the happy stuffs. And now, for a cup of chocolate milk and some snuggles.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

As the week begins

This is what my baby lady looks like when she's sick.

And all that purple? That's what our mystery plant became. Not bad!

Hope you had a nice weekend, people pants. I liked ours: Buncha meals out in our little 'hood with a well-behaved todd, long walks around (and around) the block while H pushes her stroller, sun tea on the back deck with mint from the garden, fresh lettuce dropped off by a neighbor who had extra, eucalyptus salt baths, and sleeping in while my loves had a date.

The week ahead probably won't be a super fun one, but the weekend has properly refreshed me to take it all in stride. And I'll make sure to plan some treats along the way, of course. Here's to rollin with it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baaack in the Rocky Rockies

First off, thank you mightily for all the condensed milk suggestions! I want to make key lime pie and put it in my coffee and spread it on my toast and make shortbread and little dried fruit candies and. And and. A few extra cans/cases might now be in order.

One of my true, true loves in this world: Crissy Field.

So SF was great. We got away from the blazing Colo sun and hurdled into the cold and wind and fog. We caught up with old friends, ate the food we can't get here (La Boulange! Barney's burgs! Salted caramel ice creams from Bi-Rite!) and took in all the looks/smells/sounds (holy mother, fog horn -- you were out of CONTROL last night) we miss from our perch in this mountain town.

En route to a spaghetti dinner with our boys in the Castro.

We went all super touristy and stayed down at Fisherman's Wharf. Which honestly? Was semi-rad. I loved being away from Union Square (where most hotels are) and smelling the water and hearing the aforementioned fog horn. I loved looking back behind us, up the hill to Pacific Heights and all its mansions lit up at night. And I l-o-v-e-d walking to Trader Joe's. (Not a one in Colo?!?!) So did Harper.

I words.

Of course, four nights sharing a room with your toddler is less than ideal... And there was a lot of sitting around, silently in the dark, while she napped or slept. So I'm more than okay being back in our own beds and cribs, with my housey and yardy to let her run wild and free (and wild).

But yeah. We miss that place (and its people) (and its foods) sumpin fierce.

xo, SF.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

While ma slept in a bit

cc and hj hit up the croissants in North Beach.

Friday, July 08, 2011

A few for Friday

My fav little summer dress. A very Harps moment right here.

Helping cc's mom water the garden.

- A couple Tejas pics I've been slow, slow to upload.

- Last night, Manj and I had a really fancy date. We ate dinner at Chili's (this was genuinely exciting to us both) and then a late (10:30 -- who am I?!) showing of Bridesmaids. Oh em gee, was it hilar. Neither of us could remember the last time we really belly laughed at a movie. Tho the two other people in the theater with us were silent...? Inexplicable.

- The "song" section of Caillou makes me want to die. I could write better "songs" in my sleep and I'm pretty sure I do.

- Tomorrow, we leave for SF thru Wednesday. Semi last minute trip, tagging along with cc who has a work thing. I'll get to see friends and walk along Crissy Field and sip a spicy hot chocolate and wear long sleeves and hopefully visit Billy the Doorman. We definitely miss the BayArea and my heart is panging just thinking of it.

- What should I do with a can of sweetened, condensed milk? I randomly bought a can the other day and now it keeps taunting me.

- Sleeping from 1-6 is not enough for me anyzmlerj zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sometimes I come upon a picture like this

(from a little pool party in our backyard)


Carry on while I cry.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Long weekend recap and now I'm spent

Happy America Day! Tonight we headed to the 'burbs for some eats and fireworks with our 'burbs friends. Last year's 4th it was pouring rain and we had a tiny babe and I'm pretty sure we just sat on the couch and watched Keith Lockhart be dweeby. So things are on the up and up! It can be a pain to pack up the babe and hit the road and all that, but I'm glad we went; she had such a blast almost-getting-trampled by all the big kids and eating watermelon and watching the little fireworks go off in the backyard (I thought she'd freak from the sound, but she was wholly delighted) and chasing a balloon around and around. Girlfriend is so busy and brave and outgoing -- we have no idea where her personality came from (seriously).

But backing up a little.

We totally pulled our acts together on Friday and were leaving the city by 1. 1! Drove to Steamboat, a little ski/resort town up in the Rockies. I didn't know much about it, but dude. Dude. It was really, really beautiful out there. Mostly undeveloped (except for the tres cute/very out-Westerny downtown), a fetching combo of mountains (with snow still!) meets farmland meets rivers and deer running around. Felt so different from the city, just a few hours away, and not all schmancy icky like some of the mountain resort towns in Colo.

Our hotel room was nice, with actually a very lovely mountain view and balcony, but no little alcove for H's pack 'n play. So...we put her in the bathroom? I felt semi-guilty about it, until the first night when we closed the door and she was silent (not one protest) and asleep in under a minute. And slept till 7:15 the next morning. At which point I started deciding how we'd fit her home crib into our home bathroom... (I kid. Mostly.)

Here's cc and me, hamming it up on the balcony, while Harps slumbered next to the toilet.

The next day we ate brekky at the hotel (Harps ate and then squashed every other blackberry in her bowl, while watching the crazy trampolining nut jobs at the festival out the window) and then headed up the mountain in a gondola.

Harper hamming in said gondola:

Why must sunscreen turn her into a ghost?

 Then we got to the top and ah, beauty! We ran around in the yellow sunshine and blue sky and green grass and felt like we were in a coloring book. There were a bunch of neat hikes up there, but "hiking" doesn't really happen with toddlers. Maybe in one of those backpack things, child doesn't do backpacks. So we went down a trail for a little bit and we picked some flowers and kept saying "Ah, beauty!"


Wait, sucka! I'm just a kid!

 Oh and...this:


And then we went baaaaack down the mountain, ears a'popping, and took some naps. (Some of us next to the shower.) Then! Back in the car for some hippie sandwiches downtown and some shopping at the old-fashioned drugstore. (I'll tell the story of what we bought her/her reaction in a future post. Oh, the sweetness of that squish.) Next, a little drive to Steamboat Lake State Park. More beauty, etc! I pulled up my skirt bottom while Harps waded (deep) into the lake and successfully dodged teenage boys' watergunning and stole another baby's shovel and had a grand old time. Until she pooped. Then it was bye bye water... We changed her and then let her hang topless for a bit, while she ate some pine cones and picked dandelions.

May I help you?

 We wrapped up the day with a dip in the pool and a pizza party over Caillou (he's just a kid who's four!) in bed. She fell asleep hard again, while we ate some BBQ corn nuts and chocolate cake and tried to spy on our neighbors and watched a show about Gypsy weddings in the UK. It was actually fairly romantic.

Well, and now my contacts are really crunchy in my eyes and the fireworks have finally stopped pounding outside and my bed is smelling really good. So I'll wrap this up... We ate a huge a%$ cinnamon bun and coffee in big green mugs at a cute diner for breakfast the next morning, then zipped home, HJ snoozing most of the way back, us quietly listening to podcasts and enjoying the green green green of everything outside our window.

It's crazy how 48 hours away can feel like a real little holidee when the weather's right and the scenery's gorge and the company's fab. So glad we went..and I think cc and Hmoney are, too.