Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy fourthy

I'm proud of this photo because my hair is clean.

I'm tiredpants. Cleaned all day (things weren't in a good place to begin with) getting ready to host playgroup (holy gods, I hate hosting playgroup) and then only 2 people came (it's a summer thing) and they're sort of in a fight and it was alternately tense and dull. At 5 on the dot, I started making rice in the kitchen, giving them the not-so-subtle hint to, uh, leave. I don't even feel bad about it.

And Harps napped too much today (I let it happen because I needed to clean and work on a guest post and watch Family Ties) and so she didn't fall asleep until 10:15 tonight. I...have no words. I'm certain she'll be awake by 6, so tomorrow morning should be a delicious crab fest.

We might take one of our famous last minute road trips tomorrow, just to do somethin fun for a couple days. Steamboat Springs, perhaps? I don't even know where or what that is, but it sounds old timey so sign me up!

Delirious = me = bedz!

Happy fireworks! <3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I just flossed

And it made me almost euphoric. Huh.


I...have no idea.

Tomorrow, we start a new music class session. We have a dude teacher, which should be interesting? Harps loves little boys and teens (I kid you not, there's a few guys in our 'hood that ride around on their bikes shirtless and every single time, she stops what she's doing, whips around and stares with a little smile...) but men she's wary of. I don't exactly want to overcorrect her on this one (creepos abound in this world, sadly), but I also don't want her bawling whenever a friend's husband enters the room. You's know?

Okay, I'm in bed and too sleepy to think of anything else. Ni ni, lovers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Monday things

Mondays are weird as a stay at home ma. (Did I tell you that Harper mostly calls me "Ma!" these days? I mean, she'll do mama still when she's feeling kind...but if I've turned the corner to do, well, anything she yells "Ma?!" I'm trying to see it as a cozy, Laura Ingalls Wilder type thing instead of a smoking-five-packs-a-day-wearing-a-house-dress-and-curlers type thing.)

In that, everyday is basically the same, so MONDAYS dun dun dun aren't really all that intense. The weekends are better, yes, because I can sleep a bit more and I've got extra hands and such, but let's be honest here. My main job duties are still in full force. It's cool -- I said at the interview I was cool with weekend hours and I'm not one for bailing on a promise.

Today's a doing things kind of day. I've got a docta's appointment in a couple hours and I'm hoping to get some solutions to the crazy wrist pain I still feel (from snowboarding...two years ago) and the weird hand pain I thought was pregnancy related, but I'm not pregnant? (Really, I'm not.) Then we need to fill our cupboards with provisions. Then we need to survive the hours 4-bedtime, which just shouldn't exist. And then, I'm going to hot yoga. It's kind of modified hot yoga, actually, as they keep the room in the 90's but not 105 or whatever those traditional Bikram folks do. Makes me feel all flexible and detoxy, but not nauseous and questioning my life.

The inbetween hours will be filled with...avoiding the sun? But ultimately failing and going out and then both sweating all our organs out and collapsing inside again with a sippy of milk/mint julep. I'm not quite sure why I'm such a whiny b during Denver summers. I actually don't mind heat and I've traditionally been a huge summer fan...It just has to be the devilish, high altitude sun, blazing blazing blazing into my delicate flesh. It's so intense I can't stop talking about it, even to the natives in my playgroup who look at me like I'm loco pants, pass the jam, ignore that sweaty girl with the sweaty ears.

Ideas on what to do that's not-outside? We're starting music summer session this week, do our toddler yoga class, and like the children's museum. Then there's always the scary indoor play structure at the mall...Thoughts? Ideas? Should we just roast and smother our skins with marshmallow/choco/graham crackers?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This one goes to my baby daddy

Just realized she's missing a shoe? Also, I don't know what that expression is -- but I want it.

Harps and ccdada after our lobstah dinna in Maine (I miss you I miss you!) last month. She was in heaven -- running around, trying to dive into the ocean, rocking her skinny mini jeans.


Today was busy, lots of back-and-forth and all around the city in my Subie. (Or should I call it a 'Ru? Some people call it that. I think maybe I can pull it off...) So tomorrow, Harps and I have put on our calendars: Book reading and toast (toe-ahst) eating. Maybe a little cornmeal mush making. (Please tear me away from my new veggie cookbook and its strange, strange ideas.)

Oh, but right -- my point was to give a little high five shout out to my boo. He deserves it.

And happy Friday to y-o-u!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Okay, you plant people

What in the what is this thing?

I know it's hard to ignore the candy to the left, but...focus to the right.

Our landlord (who actually lives next door and would just tell me if I asked -- but that's not fun, duh) explained to me early on that our front yard was landscaped to be a no-mow, low-maintenance, desert type look. When I got back from my trip, a lot of the elements had started to grow and bloom.

We have tons and tons of lavender (if I get my act together, I'll try and make something yummy tasting/smelling with it) and roses (I can't see how those are low maintenance, but okay?) and other things I don't understand, but are clearly supposed to be there. Then there's the thing up above.

There are huge, huge spurts of it and it just looks weedy to me. Maybe because it's grown so quick and there's just so much? And maybe because I've only seen it in one other person's yard and that person's yard was a little overgrown? But on the other hand, it's a pretty color and the leaves smell really delicious. I have a feeling I'm being really nimwitty about this one -- it's either a super obvious weed a la dandelion or a super obvious real plant like a nasturtium. (I actually know what those look like, somehow.)

So! Tell me, tell me. Am I shaming my family by keeping these suckers growing? Or am I a totally awesome gardener lady. And....go!

*edited to add* Alright, I was just out in the garden on our morning walk and saw a teeny tiny maybe-purple thing showing up one on stalk...could THIS be lavender and the other thing just a pretty purple flower that looks just like lavender, but isn't? Because, I mean, this one really does smell delish and the other doesn't...I'M CLUELESS. Bye!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday morning

Sitting here, more than a little damp, after a morning "wa! wa!" through the rain. Because it gets so flippin hot and sunny here once it hits 11ish, I'm trying to skew our outdoor time to the a.m. She's picked up on the routine (after a diaper change and some milk, we grab our shoes and hit the tough streets) and doesn't want to let it go now, even when it's monsooning.

I guess the thing is, why not get a little wet and soggy when there's nowhere else to go and nothing else to do? She just looks so dang happy, splashing in the puddles and eating the garden...

And of course, I might be suffering from just a tad lump of guilt, after leaving her screaming with the sitter last night so we could go enjoy a delicious din and then rock out to Rock of Ages, starring oh yes -- my long term beloved -- Constantine Maroulis. I was worried he might not show, since the leads often rest up for Sunday performances, but oh my! He was there and scrumptious and if it hadn't been for the crowd between us and my husband beside me, I might have thrown some undergarments.

Ah but excuse me, I'm getting all sweaty and off-subject. Point is, she was m-a-d when we left and as good a time as we had, my heart was a little heavy knowing she was sad. According to the sitter's report, she eventually simmered down and watched some Elmo ("Elm! Elm!") before falling asleep hard. And she appeared to have forgiven all when I scooped her up and smothered her with sugars this morning... But an early morning splash on the sidewalks definitely didn't hurt.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My (formerly) nomadic eater

Before our trip, I was in a bad place with Harps' eating habits. In the manner of a few weeks, she'd gone from happily eating in her highchair to only eating little small amounts as she ran around naked. And I was so burnt out/fretting about her eating enough that I'd chase after her, putting little pieces of string cheese or broccoli in her pie hole. She was constantly grazing and never sitting and always making my house a huge mess. I knew it wasn't good, but it had all changed so fast and I wasn't sure how to bring it back.

Ze new chair in action. (My mom made that bib -- design shout out!)

When I had a second to catch my breath (and, ahem, get a bit of a schooling from my mom), the rules came together and she went with it. But it quickly became clear she'd only go with it, if "it" was in a chair. (Or my lap.) I hemmed and hawed and looked up a million different seats and read reviews and wrung my hands over prices and finally landed on the Stokke chair. I shuddered at the price tag, but it adjusts all the way up to an adult chair, it's really cute/slim and blends in with our stuff/style -- and we do plan on having another kiddo person one day.

And it's working it's working! People! She sits and eats! (And looks so dang cute doing it. Like today, when we shared a coconut/pineapple scone from the bakery-down-the-street and just shared giggles and crumbs like a couple'ah girlfriends.) It's not as secure as a highchair (tho it does have straps), so I can't like do a load of laundry while she's in it. But it forces me (and dada) to sit down and eat, too -- which I don't do enough of throughout the day and which helps shape the fam habit I'd like to keep. (Eating together, same time, not-in-front-of-the-TV.) Win win!

Stoked about Stokke = me. (Sorry.)

Happy Friday, sista!

A little vacay recap

A day that will live in infameeeeeeee.  

Okay, so first thing's first. I completely forgot that the pregnant lady across the aisle snapped this shot 5 seconds after H had cried so hard she just collapsed onto me (I wish this better captured her complete look of sad clown, although maybe not since it really was heart wrenching) and 5 seconds before we touched down and she bolted awake, screaming for another 20 minutes. It was an awesome 10 seconds of peace! 

(Side note, said plane photog was a couple months away from her first baby. She spent a good amount of that time telling me how much labor was going to be a natural and easy kind of pain and how back labor can be "easily soothed" in the birthing tub. Wow! If only I'd known this simple trick, I wouldn't have suffered so! I desperately wish I could be a fly on her birthing room wall...)

Moving on!

I like how there's a cute little bib bow in the back. Fashion first, ladies!

 We already know about the love triangle that is Harper + T + guitar, but who couldn't use another shot? Look at them hold hands! (She might have been trying to steal his pick...)

She wrecked a good amount of these measuring cups, via shoving them down the disposal.

Next up, sink baths! For some reason, H was scared of my mom's bathtub. (We think it was the drain, which is a little louder than ours, maybe?) After a couple days of sunscreen and sweat and toddler filth piling up, we tried for the sink bath instead. And then she was utterly obsessed. She'd ask for one throughout the day and sometimes, ohwhatthehell, we just gave in. She averaged 2.5 a day.

Tried my best to hide the naughty bits.
Aside from the out-of-character tub protests, my baby is a water baby. Hardcore. Mom lives walking distance to the ocean (heaven!) and so we'd trek over there and let naked baby go crazy. She was absolutely fearless, storming into the sea without a second glance back. And that stuff is chilly, yo! Thanks to my dad for the water shoes, she could keep her footing throughout her little nautical adventures. I love how brave that little nut is!

I look like a giant! It was the shoes, unfortunately.
And lastly, here's a weird and ghostly shot at Becky's Diner in Portland. Four generations of ladies rocking out after supper! I loved watching H play with my Gram -- she absolutely loved it when she'd kiss her little fingers.

And that was a mini-shot of Maine, m'dears. I've got some good Texas pics on the real camera that I'll upload soon -- didn't forget about ya, oulaws-of-mine!

Breakfast time for me, made by me. Turns out my mom's not here anymore to make me tea. Blergh!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home plate

Alright, so. Yesterday was hard. At times, really really hard. The first half of the day was totally and completely fine. She'd just come off her nap and had a dose of Advil for her teeth and milk in her belly and the first flight was short and we shared a burger and fries and lemonade in a booth in Cleveland. She pushed her stroller up and down the floor and watched some Caillou on the apple device thing and flirted with every man in sight.

But then...the layover went on and on. There was no afternoon nap. The Advil wore off and I didn't have more. She didn't eat enough to stay full. The second flight was long long long and we were jammed next to an enormous man person. People were judgey and face-makey around us. Soon, it was 3 hours past bedtime and after a long, long day of being a sweetie and sitting in my lap when she wanted to run and humoring me with toothy giggles at my same old jokes, she just lost it. Lost it lost it lost it can't be found it is lost. By that time, I was starving and my back felt broken from all the carrying and bending and hauling and I wasn't allowed to wear my glasses because it threw her into even worse screams and my fear of flying was creeping in and well, only deep breathing and realizing this couldn't last forever kept me un-crying.

And then hey, look! It actually did end and cc was waiting for us at the gate and whisked us home and ran out and bought me my favorite Cafe Rio salad and all three of us cuddled in close (well, she in her crib with Woof Woof) and fell hard asleep the end.

So there's some new rules for traveling with Harps. No layovers unless absolutely totally has to happen necessary. And if there is a layover and a long flight and sleep issues, she will get her own seat. (Which they don't legally need till 2.) And I'll wear contacts. And bring more treats. And possibly drug her with Benadryl? And probably drug myself with something a little harder. Don't tell the baby police.

Today went surprisingly smooth. I thought I might weep in a puddle on the floor, but I really did get refreshed/revived/rejuvenated on my trip and felt ready to take on my real life and all its full array of real life stuff with calm and happy. I've realized that while I'd like, in my perfect little fantasy, to be living on a farm in New England with my own chickens and a hound dog -- we're just not there yet. And there's no point pining for things that aren't, when we can be living in what is -- and soaking up all the good we've got.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

(About to be) a basketcase

Best toys are not toys, duh. And hello, bumble bee jammies I love thee.

Our morning ka-tivity a couple days ago was...the laundry basket. Seeming endless entertainment for my bumble bee bum and her newly blonded locks. (I've got a seriously golden skinned and haired lady on my hands; playgroup babies won't know her. Sorta like how I grew 7 inches over summer break once?)

And: sob sob sob, H and I are hitting the skies tomorrow, heading back to the Rockies and our little bungalow. My mom has given me a M-A-J-O-R vacation these past bunch of days and hoooo boy, did I need it. I'm feeling much more ready to take back the household tasks and toddler duties and such, that had me oh-so-burned-out a few weeks ago.

Please send up a prayer to the baby Buddha for my baby Buddha and me as we endure a loooooooong a%s day of travel tomorrow? Muah!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

H and T

Staring into space for a good 20, completely mesmerized.

One of my fav things about this trip is watching my little bro and Harps get to know each other. She was nervous around him at first, but soon started pointing and coyly chirping, "T-t!" Asking to be picked up and grabbing his shock of dark hair.

But once he busted out the geetar, forgetaboutit. He became a full-on rock star.

She felt the love last year, too, but just totally gets it now. Last night, instead of dancing like a mad woman per usual, she wouldn't stop fussing until he played AND held her. You could tell she was loving actually feeling the music vibrations of the strings and his voice and instantly went into a semi-hypnotized state of baby bliss.

Pretty much a full-on heart 'splosion for me, too.

Monday, June 06, 2011

4:15! Wakey wakey!

Hey guys? Whenever I get the urge to merge again and have nĂºmero dos, please remind me how delightfully insane my toddler is? How she's currently waking up at 4:15 for the day (a vacation sleep thing, I'm praying) and rarely stops moving thereafter? How yes, she's hilarious and too smart and such a ham, but with that, super independent and strong willed and thinks she can drive a car?

And did I mention IS WAKING UP AT 4:15?!

But vacation rolls on and Grammy takes second shift now score yea woot snore!