Monday, March 31, 2008

easter candy sale happening now!

please don't worry about me consuming my third box of 12 cent peeps. i'll be just fine. the marshmallow may chemically react with the acids in my gut and cause an internal explosion, like a bird eating rice, but i'm young and robust and i'll pull through. rest assured, if this does happen, we won't throw either rice or peeps at our wedding.

oh, and the tahoe trip was good. the house was filled with wooden beams and spiral staircases and a central fire pit thing surrounded by cushions. we should have donned turtlenecks and brandy snifters and thrown our keys in a bowl, but instead we played poker and guitar hero and broke our butts snowboarding. i also ate a lot of guacamole. but back to breaking my butt. when it's not so recent, remind me to tell you a good story about that. it's a real knee slapper.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

dear people,

i'd like to raise my hand and ask the it manager at my old job to please turn off my email account? as much as i love knowing that there's leftover hummus on 6 and lost keys on 2, i've moved on to bigger and better things. namely, the corn dog cooking in my microwave.

i'd also like to thank my neighbors for putting up with my recent habit of dancing to the entire new britney album. i can't help it, people, the whole thing makes me shake it.

next i'd like to say goodbye to chikezie, baby. i liked you, pal! but i didn't vote for you, so i guess i didn't like you that much. upon greater reflection, you remind me of a creepy guy i went to theater school with, who wore tights and talked like a newscaster. so nevermind. i'm relieved you're gone.

and lastly, i'll be signing off for a few days while we frolic in the peaks of lake tahoe. yet another bratty san francisco activity we're adding to the repertoire. seacrest out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

well, first off

david cook's rendition of billie jean last night was just about the best thing to hit idol ever.

he makes me want to throw my undies.

you're gonna win it all, dawg!

but then let's not forget the original, which is also, obviously, amazing.

just being honest with myself

sometimes the best way to narrow down what job you should do is to start with what you shouldn't do. also known as, things you're bad at.

this will be a running list, but we'll start today:

1. running fast
2. watching shows about world war 2
3. not talking
4. seeing a 3D shape unfolded flat and guessing what shape it is folded up
5. hip hop dancing
6. putting things away correctly

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i just found this

and i love it. the end.

ur so kewl

whenever i'm on a flexible schedule, i start to think i'm 13 and my parents are away and it's time to party. no matter my levels of fatigue, i just start staying up later and later. like last night. just for kicks, i stayed up until 3. i watched some matlock, read some kazuo ishiguro, cracked my knuckles? i still woke up at 8:30 because i had a nightmare about the dishes in my sink joining forces to eat me, but still.

in unrelated news, can i tell you my least favorite interweb feature of all time? yahoo answers. the hell? you enter a harmless question into your search engine and up pops a link with posts from the 12,000 morons who "answered" your question. usually with a combination of "UR sooo STOOpid why ou AskIN me that" or "follow ur <3 and u'll kno". i want it OFF my computer now.

okay, must do stuff.

Monday, March 24, 2008

day one

of Time Off

i've already enjoyed a sunny walk (alamo square park! you're so adorable! i will visit you daily!) followed by a salty salad and some meandering through the paper store. i went with a friend, also in the midst of Time Off, and we discussed the curious reactions one receives when in her twenties and Not At Work during the day. are we in college? housewives? jehovah's witnesses? i just raise an eyebrow and pretend i'm very important in my yoga pants.

the real story is: because i'm not entirely sure what i want to do career wise and because the wedding is rapidly approaching, i'm taking this time to figure and plan.

i know i'm very (very) lucky to be able to rest for a little and focus on the stuff i want to focus on without the pressures of finding/maintaining a full time job. mr. clay flies all over and works the live long day to make the bacon/donuts. and for that i am eternally grateful. for that, i will don high heels and an apron and present him with a roast and apple pie. or in his case, quinoa and some sorbet.

to ensure my time is productive, i plan on scheduling my day into units, ala About a Boy.

a) editing my book
b) planning my wedding
c) career research
d) meditation
e) exercise
f) cooking/cleaning
g) stuff that is fun

oh and!

h) blogging

i'm going to try and write a post mon-fri, to keep it real. (wha? totally inappropriate usage.) because as with NaNoWriMo, when i publicly let people know what i'm working on, i'm a helluva lot more likely to get it done. i don't do well with shame.

and so! you can look forward to a constant stream of drivel from yours truly as i frolic through this city by the bay and feign importance.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

steve guttenberg

is on dancing with the stars this season. it premiered last night, to (bja's) rave reviews.

i'm personally invested in his involvement after viewing this movie over christmas break. i'll never get those 3 hours of my life back, but i've come to terms with that. it was just so many things, most of them non-good, but the whole debacle was kind of saved by steve-o and his chipper rendition of a scorned man. he also showed his naked bum!

but back to dwts.

never has a show induced so much frantic smiling on my part; my face actually hurts when the hour's up. i can't help myself! it's primal or something.

and never has a contestant induced such a complex mix of emotions: joy/pity/love/confusion/lust/embarrassment/mania.

i'm already hungry for more!

Monday, March 17, 2008

living life, etc.

one of my favorite treats in this little world is new york's look book feature. i recently bought a subscription because i wanted a hard copy of all the ridiculous things amy larocca finds people on the street wearing and saying. but i still check it online first.

i'm quite pleased with this week's find. while the outfits themselves are nothing special (although I am becoming more and more enamored of black lace-up boots), the things these girls say are ridiculous and amazing.

check out the first quote in particular. i bolded it for you, thanks. seeing that my last work day is friday, i'm getting a lot of WHAT'S NEXT WHAT'S YOUR PLAN WON'T YOU DIE WITHOUT YOUR CUBE? i'm going to word for word use her response. and then stare at them in uncomfortable silence.

Eglantina Zingg and Elisa Estrada, Travelers

What do you guys do?
ELISA: Right now I am living life. Because I can. I’m living, and I’m enjoying. I collect art, I collect fashion. I can’t lie to you, I love it. At some point you follow a type of life with a schedule, and I kind of said, “You know what? I’m going to take a hike for a while.”
EGLANTINA: I was just in the Amazon. My father has a farm there. I was doing some work that was ecofriendly, planting trees. I study drama in London too.

Where are you from?
ELISA: Ecuador. South America. Far away and beyond … but I like to travel. When I get sick of seeing the same thing, I travel. I have to go many places, I live many places.
EGLANTINA: I am from Venezuela, the most beautiful country you can ever see. But lately I haven’t spent much time there. I live between Miami and L.A. and New York and London and Italy. But don’t think that I’m just a jumping fly—I come to every place with a reason. I don’t just come and sit and scratch my tummy.

Tell me about your outfits.
ELISA: The fur is Fendi, the hat is like a Rasta type of hat, and I don’t know where it is from, but it is a great hat.
EGLANTINA: My coat, it is vintage. I love getting dressed. It’s my favorite thing, getting dressed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a couple big things

1) i quit my job.

the hell? i know - it all probably feels a little abrupt. i guess we all just have those moments when it's time to make like a tree. and so i'm leaving.

my senior year of college, i took 100 pieces of paper and hung them up on our living room wall to represent the last 100 days of school. every day that i survived i drew a big x thru. it helped keep me stable when shuffling around at 3 AM writing about rats. you'd be wrong to think i haven't created a similar such installment.

i'm leaving on perfectly amicable terms to explore more...altruistic professions. and i'm in a pretty good mood about it. i'll miss my pals and all the free muffins, but i won't miss the stress that led to the jaw grinding that led to my broken teeth and cost me 3 million dollars to fix. snap!

2) we bought a vespa.

i held off writing about it for awhile because i knew the parental units would throw a fit. and i wanted to be sure i liked it before i exerted any energy defending it. which i now do. it's cute and bright red and looks old-fashioned/european, which is always a good thing with me.

i wear my tall boots and the most enormously huge helmet known to man; i'm pretty sure i could create my own biosphere under there. san francisco is teeming with scooters and it's really the perfect city for them. you can park just about anywhere (even our lil gti has trouble finding spots most nights) and you get up close to the bay, the ocean, the golden gate and those big, coughdroppy eucalyptus trees in a way you just can't with a car.

if you're worried about my safety, most of the ride is spent tooling around at slow speeds on small back streets, smiling back beatifically at all the people who beam at us and our cute little buddy.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

things mr. o'loughlin never told me

my mom used to have these cards she'd use with her speech students; each jolly illustration depicted a jolly little person acting out a profession. the students would guess what the job was, they'd tell story about it to to practice vocab, and so on.

one night i was helping her laminate the cards. i was amused by the fifties-esque portrayal of each job. nurse = snappy lady in white. engineer = man with striped cap riding a train. etc. but then i came across two cards i found rather troubling.

1) showed a man in a full feather headdress, beaded necklace and leather tunic.
2) showed a man, covered in dirt, carrying a stick with a sack attached.

my guidance counselor had really led me astray! not only could i be a biologist, a dentist, a teacher or an accountant - i could also be an indian! or a hobo!

i now had to wonder: could bu offer me the classes required to become an indian? if i decided to choose the hobo path, would there be opportunities for advancement? the vacation day package alone had to be stellar...