Saturday, August 30, 2008

warm weather

has finally hit san francisco. because here in our lovely city by the bay, the sun doesn't hit till september and october. just in time for me to not wear all those scrumptious corduroys and boots and tights in every store/catalog/show. but i'll shhhh because why in hell would i complain when my dreams finally came true?

today, we celebrated the weather by taking a long trip on the vespa, side-by-side mike and rachel, who also rock a scooter (i tell you, people really clear out when they hear our rough gang cruising by). we drove through pacific heights, the castro, noe valley (must! move! there!), and ended up in the mission.

our end spot was a lunch spot - the st. francis fountain - that mike discovered recently. check out the picture below - a real, old-fashioned diner with a lunch counter and a fountain that makes malts and a glass display case selling gargage pail kids! my heart swoons for places like these - gems nestled in hidden neighborhoods, not too overrun with hipsters, and full of old timey stuffs. we sat outside, people watched and chit-chatted, treated ourselves to cheesy goodnesses, and sipped our caffeine in sunny splendor. sometimes it seems plain crazy that we ever consider moving from here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i'm on a real kick lately

of trying to create things at home that i usually buy. it started with chai lattes, because after years of overly sweet, not very spicy cups from all my neighborhood coffee stops (i'm excluding you, la boulange!) that existed in stark comparison with the real chai i fainted over in india, i was done. my lovely friend manjari heard my plea for help and brought over these tea bags, which i treat like gold, purchased from an indian food store and created by flavor angels. dropped in a saucepan filled with boiling milk (whole tastes best, but i usually do skim, argh) and a couple teaspoons of sugar and bam - spicy satisfaction, complete with milky film post-pour.

today, i re-created pinkberry for cc's berfday. (happy 3-1, buddy!) tangy, plain, full-fat yogurt + twoish teaspoons of honey + 1/3 cup of sugar + 15 minutes in the ice cream maker + raspberries and mangos on top = yumtown. perhaps we can finally stop making those 11:00 dashes down fillmore on the vespa, to pay $4.00 for 4 minutes of tasting?

up next? the grove's kc's salad. mustardy dressing and cranberries and pistachios and grapes and mystery ingredients. i. will. crack. that. code. so. help. me. god. (and my wallet.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what is it about

luke perry, age 25 (playing 16), drawling: "my name's dylan mckay and i'm an alcoholic" that's pleasantly/strangely goosebump-inducing? sorry, new 90210, you don't stand a chance.

Monday, August 25, 2008


today, at my overpriced neighborhood gourmet market, after being assaulted at every turn with "did you bring your reusable bags?!" signs (and yes! i actually did suckas!), i got stuck behind a toothpick thin, diamond-baubled woman and her 5-ish year old daughter in the produce department.

toothpick: "want to pick out the broccoli for tonight's salad?"

rugrat: "okay. how about...this one?"

tp: "well. this one has brown spots on it. do you like brown spots?"

rr: ""

tp: "that's right, you don't. try again!"

rr: "how about this one?"

tp: "this one has broken leaves on it. do you like broken leaves?"

rr: "no i don't?"

tp: "you don't! exactly. try again!"

as i snuck past, grabbed a bell pepper and moved the hell out, i heard the mom say something about "overly rounded florets" and i almost yelled child abuse! at the top of my lungs. but then i saw this really big m&m cookie and got distracted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i used to wear

my sweaters inside out and cut out the collars and poke a hole for my thumb and all this lunacy that i was certain made me look artsy and interesting and very busy. i also liked to cut slits in the side of my jeans and sew in extra fabric - because, well, i was insane.

i eventually came to my senses and stopped with the scissors, and i think things have really made a turn for the better. that is until this morning, when i tried on a pair of tights that felt a little too, well, tight. i could practically feel the light bulb appear over my cartoon head as i ran to get the scissors and cut off the elastic band.

the whole operation fell to the floor around my ankles, threads unraveling and underwears showing, and the neighbors yet again got a peek at my white, white flesh. now you'll have to excuse me, i've got a project runway app to fill out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tsai love you

in high school (and college and now) i had a ming tsai obsession. his cherubic little face, his somewhat halting speech pattern, his husky arm mixing things i wanted to inhale. he had his own show on the food network - east meets west - and i loved it, watched it every night. i specifically recall a chorus trip to toronto when i was 16, begging my roommates to change the hotel tv off of mtv so i could get my fix. the ignorants thought i was kidding.

a few years back, cc picked up on my desperation and surprised me with a birthday dinner at ming's restaurant, blue ginger. dee-lish.

but then, one day, mr. ming took a powder. vamoosh, out of my life! no goodbye, no postcards, no nothing. i was stricken and no, nobody could take his place. yes, i love alton, yes i love bobby. but our love was...different.

but then! tonight! following a particularly ka-ching episode of antiques roadshow (4 different people with items over $25k wha?!) pbs ran a quick promo for...wait for it...simply ming! holy hell, the gods have heard my prayers, people. dvr set. bliss underway.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

we should have taken pictures

but we were too busy rocking. we had one of our favorite couples over last night to play a serious round of rockband. we did best with me on drums, cc on guitar, rach on bass and mike singing, but we decided "best" was getting old, so rach moved to drums, i moved to vocals and the guys strummed. there were still some shining moments, sure, but me attempting the vocal stylings of bon jovi in combo with throwing the newbies into difficult territory...we'll just say it sounded "interesting" - in the words of my father when i showed him art projects during my childhood.

i loved every minute of it, though, and happily downed a big dose of cc's homemade peppermint ice cream (that. stuff. is. crack.) afterwards to ease my bleeding throat.

in fact, i've gotten so inspired by the whole thing, that i done went and bought myself a real geetar last week. youtube teaches me chords and scales and all that, and soon i'll start lessons down the street. my fingertips are numb and my strumming is...interesting. but i really want to stick with it, so i'm going to post about it here to keep me honest with my practice. and along those same lines...i've got a book to finish. gottago!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

why won't tim gunn say

"make it work" anymore? did he get sued for trademark infringement or something? captain picard thought he was saying "make it so" and got territorial? i don't understand. he keeps throwing these weird alternatives our way and it's not okay:

"do it."
"make it good."
"go to work."
"make it happen."

no. no, no, no.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


i was simply attempting to do a little late night denim perusing. that's all. i thought there was a good chance entering "" would take me to the jean store that's treated me so well these past years. and for a second, i thought they'd done a major branding overall, because here's where i got rerouted.


Monday, August 11, 2008

i had a monday night date

wif myself. still tbd whether i'll get lucky.

i strolled down the street, ate a light sup over a magazine, then headed next door for a movie. i live for old, one-screen theaters, so it's pure stupidity that over the past two years i haven't gone to a film at the clay theater - which is just that. and called the clay theater. and five minutes away. in my defense, the movies they get aren't usually my exact cup of chai and when they are, they seem to disappear after two days.

this time, when a good one popped up, i was determined to make it. and gold star for me, i did.
the french thriller tell no one (hello! the times made similarities to david lynch - it must be good!), stars an actor (francois cluzet) who looks so much like dustin hoffman at age 45 i spent much/most of the movie impressed by the rain man's aptitude for foreign languages. don't believe me? check yourself:

right? i know. adding to the confusion was cluzet's fantastic performance - maybe not as good as the hoff in marathon man ("tom...creepy. it's the creep."), but not far off. the whole thing was spooky and twisty and satisfying. and made me salivate over french style. those messy chignons, those scarves, the red lipstick, the croissants. er, did i mention it was only a light din?

i'm officially in love

with netflix's 'watch it now' feature. the fact that i can cue up this fine man, speaking upper crust nonsense in his british tongues, burberry trench flapping oh-so-debonairly behind him, with simply the tap of my finger and the kick-up of my legs is, well, frankly, life changing.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

to tide us over

our photographer posted a few of her favorites online:

a v happy day.

Friday, August 08, 2008

i don't want to alarm anybody

but last night some dude was stabbed in front of our apartment. this might not be a shocker if you live in...other parts of the city, sniff. but pacific heights? cereal? we're made of old men and their small dogs. we simply don't do crime, you see.

just as we'd drifted off to sleep, all these sirens showed up right below our window. the building across the street has an issue with false fire alarms, so i usually ignore it. but this went on for a bit and they just kept coming so i ran to get my glasses and stuck my head out the window. five or six cops/emts were leaning over someone lying down (just taking a nap, i'm sure!) on our corner. they hefted him onto a stretcher and, er, it didn't look good. off the ambulance went, leaving behind about 10 cops and the two guys who saw it all happen.

from what i could hear, this was a "219" - but before i could wiki that, the cop explained into the radio "he was stabbed"...which, really defeats the purpose of codes, no? also, all they seemed to have figured out, which they kept repeating and pointing to was: "the suspects went left." um? and then they'd stand in a circle and take some more notes. where was the hustle? quite honestly, i've seen my ups man run faster. (though in all fairness, he is an above average ups man.)

if i were monk or magnum or matlock i'd have been out there gumshoeing it up, but it felt very chilly outside and all that watching made me very hungry. i ate a bowl of mini wheats and hit the sheets. jb fletcher, i am not.

Monday, August 04, 2008

a small window into my life


murder she wrote'ing. this series reflects my absolute delight with tom selleck guest starring on a "recent" episode. jb fletcher and thomas magnum in the same room?! could life get better? answer: add matlock and then, no. (also: new couch prominently featured. love!) (also: white bindi prominently featured: post-wedding zit killing ops.)

in the name of comfort

i'm writing this from our new couch - and when i say "new" i mean "old"...but free! our neighbors down the hall moved out this weekend and, during a hallway scuffle trying to get the thing down the stairs, offered it up to us. the price was right, we both approved, and so it was done. the former couch (now displaced to a cozy alcove) was too short and too white and the cushions were always sliding down and separating and, along with the roar of passing motorcycles, made me rage against existence.

but our new golden oldie is nap-tastically long and has one cushy cushion that can't separate when two people sit on both ends and runs deep and it's unstainably brown and worn in and lovable. the real hallelujah of the situation, though, is that cc actually likes something that's comfortable - usually a four letter word to him. this is such an achievement that i vow, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, to carry this couch on my back wherever in the world we may go.